Chapter 225 – Deprived Opportunity

Because he had never liked her, nor had he truly understood her.

Because he harbored malice, so he always thought about everything in a self-serving way.

So, Zhou Yinsheng naturally felt that this time Cai Shumin going to take the college entrance exam was just a joke.

Zhou Yinsheng secretly decided in his heart that he must pass the college entrance exam this time.

By then, he would be a college student who could be allocated a job after graduation, holding a stable position.

By then, let the Cai family and Cai Shumin regret it.

Thinking like this, a proud smile appeared on Zhou Yinsheng’s face.

On the other side, although Cai Shumin was talking to Xu Fanghua, she still knew that Zhou Yinsheng’s gaze was on her.

There was no way to ignore it because Zhou Yinsheng’s gaze had never shifted, and it was hard for her not to notice.

She felt that Zhou Yinsheng was really sick, always staring at her for what?

Did he want to plot against her?

However, Cai Shumin felt that Zhou Yinsheng seemed to have become ugly.

As a person who cares about appearances, Cai Shumin didn’t understand why she was so infatuated with Zhou Yinsheng at first. Zhou Yinsheng had done so many excessive things, yet she turned a blind eye to them, still thinking he was good and couldn’t be without him. It was really strange.

Cai Shumin felt that it didn’t seem like herself.

Growing up in a loving and united family, how did she become so humble and fawning?

Cai Shumin felt that her current self, confident, sunny, positive, and striving… that was more like her.

As for Zhou Yinsheng and others, she wouldn’t care, nor did she want to pay attention anymore.

She would set off towards her new life.

Fanghua was right; she still had an endless, even better future ahead!

Captain Xu Changyi counted the number of people.

“Everyone’s here, so let’s set off.”

With Xu Changyi’s command, the wheels of the ox cart began to turn, carrying everyone on board towards the road to their dreams… Along this journey, some people’s destinies were bound to be rewritten…

Xu Jinning also watched her sister and brother-in-law go until the ox cart disappeared around the corner. Only then did she, along with her parents, two brothers, and sister-in-law, go inside.

On the other side of the Dahe Production Brigade, another group of people boarded ox carts to go to the neighboring county to take the college entrance exam.

Everyone seemed fulfilled and confident.

However, although a wide range of people could participate in the college entrance exam this time, even those who were married, there were some who were destined not to participate.

One such person was Yang Zhiwen, who stood at the corner watching this scene unfold.

Due to days of working in the fields, Yang Zhiwen, who originally had fair skin, had become quite tanned.

His face was now even more drawn and gloomy.

His fists clenched tightly, then he punched the wall, his eyes filled with resentment.

Yes, Yang Zhiwen was the one who couldn’t take the college entrance exam.

Because of his father, Yang Zhiwen was inevitably implicated in his father’s actions.

Therefore, Yang Zhiwen was deprived of the opportunity to take this college entrance exam.

In the 21st century, a situation like Father Yang’s might have only prevented Yang Zhiwen from pursuing a government position in the future.

But in the setting of this book, Yang Zhiwen’s father’s situation destined Yang Zhiwen to be affected, not even allowing him the chance to take the college entrance exam.

Yang Zhiwen was furious.

How good would it be if he could take the college entrance exam.

Yang Zhiwen was able to get a job at the food factory initially because of his father’s influence and because he was a high school graduate.

He had strong academic abilities and graduated with excellent grades.

Therefore, Yang Zhiwen was completely certain that if he could participate in the college entrance exam this time, he would definitely be able to get into college.

As long as he could get into college, he could escape the identity of a rural person, no longer needing to work in the fields. He could have a stable job after graduation, better than working at the food factory.

No one knew how painful his days were working in the fields after being expelled.

So when he heard the news of the college entrance exam being reinstated, Yang Zhiwen was ecstatic, feeling that fate was being kind to him. His future was destined to not just stay in this small village, destined to not just be a farmer who could only hold a hoe every day.

But then, when he learned that he wasn’t eligible to participate, he felt immense sadness and anger, even despair.

Yes, despair.

He felt that since his father’s incident, everything that followed was like a web cast by fate, trapping him and the entire Yang family.

They could only struggle within it, unable to break free.

A predicament!

Yes, it was a predicament!

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t escape this predicament.

Now, it seemed hopeless.

What did he have to do to break free from this predicament?

Yang Zhiwen didn’t know; just thinking about it gave him a headache.

Looking at the people on the ox cart, how he wished he could be one of them.

But alas…

Until the ox cart disappeared from sight, Yang Zhiwen closed his eyes and turned away, leaving.

However, in a place unseen by Yang Zhiwen, after he left, someone quietly appeared.

That person was Wei Rou!

She had been paying attention since Yang Zhiwen came out and followed him out.

Now, watching Yang Zhiwen’s painful expression in secret, she was extremely pleased.



Yes, it was good for him to be in pain and despair like this.

‘If you’re suffering, then I can be happy.’

Upon learning about the college entrance exam being reinstated and seeing Yang Zhiwen’s excited state, Wei Rou’s face, hidden from view, twisted with malicious satisfaction.

She thought, is God really blind, standing on Yang Zhiwen’s side?

Even if Yang Zhiwen fell into the predicament she had set up, was there still a chance for him to turn things around?

If that was the case, Wei Rou couldn’t accept it, really couldn’t accept it.

After all, when she was so desperate before, no one came to help her, and God didn’t show her any pity either.

But when it came to Yang Zhiwen…

Yang Zhiwen was a villain, a pervert, why did he deserve such an opportunity?

Watching Yang Zhiwen study hard, Wei Rou desperately tried to think of ways. How could she stop Yang Zhiwen from taking the college entrance exam or ensure that he failed?

Even if it meant risking her life, she couldn’t just sit back and watch Yang Zhiwen climb the ladder of success through the college entrance exam!

Before Wei Rou could come up with a plan, news suddenly arrived that Yang Zhiwen couldn’t participate in the college entrance exam due to his father’s situation.

Not just this time, but also in the future, he couldn’t participate.

After confirming the truth of this news, Wei Rou couldn’t help but laugh out loud with relief.

It turns out, fate had opened its eyes after all.

It was still on her side.

Yang Zhiwen, you are destined to watch helplessly as opportunities slip away from you, opportunities that were once yours.

How wonderful, how wonderful!

During this time, Wei Rou watched as Yang Zhiwen tried to find a way, worked hard.

But in the end, he still couldn’t get a chance to take the college entrance exam.

Today was the day of the exam.

Yang Zhiwen was destined to watch enviously as those on the ox cart raced towards their dreams. And Yang Zhiwen, you can only suffer, you can only despair!

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