Chapter 226 – The Admission Letters Have Arrived!

Xu Fanghua and Song Yi returned a few days later.

At that time, they had already finished the college entrance examination. As for the results, they still had to wait, but judging by their relaxed demeanor, it seemed they did well.

The Xu and Song families didn’t ask much about their performance to avoid putting pressure on them.

After the exams, everyone began estimating their scores and filling out their college applications. Soon, the whole village entered a period of quiet waiting.

Though it seemed calm, almost everyone was anxiously waiting and hoping inside.

Every day, people would go to the village entrance to see if the mailman had come with the admission letters.

They waited and waited.

One day, a group of children was playing at the village entrance when a mailman in a bright green uniform arrived on a bicycle.

“Hey, do you know where Xu Fanghua and Song Yi live?” he asked.

The children looked up quickly and sized up the man. The next second, one of them seemed to realize something and asked, “Are you the mailman? Are you here to deliver the admission letters?”

The mailman was a bit surprised that the child knew.

He smiled and said, “That’s right, I’m here to deliver the university admission letters. Xu Fanghua and Song Yi from your village have both been accepted to Beijing University. I need to deliver these letters to them.”

It’s true!

The children exchanged glances, then ran into the village, shouting as they went, “The mailman is here to deliver the admission letters!”

“Sister Fanghua got into Beijing University!”

“Brother Song Yi got into Beijing University!”

“The mailman is here with the admission letters!”


The children’s voices were tender yet loud, quickly catching the attention of everyone around. People started coming out of their houses.

The educated youth at the educated youth spot also vaguely heard the commotion.

“I think I heard the mailman.”

“The mailman is here with the admission letters.”

“Someone got into Beijing University.”

“Beijing University, could it be me? I applied to Beijing University.”


Everyone stopped what they were doing and ran out to see.

“Where’s the mailman? Where?”

“Seems to be over there.”


The mailman hadn’t even found Xu Fanghua and Song Yi yet, but he was quickly surrounded by the crowd, with everyone asking questions at once.

The mailman understood their excitement and quickly said, “Everyone, please don’t worry. Today, I only have two admission letters to deliver, for Xu Fanghua and Song Yi. The others might come in the next few days. Who are Xu Fanghua and Song Yi?”

“We are,” a male voice called from afar.

Looking in the direction of the voice, they saw Song Yi walking over, holding Xu Fanghua’s hand.

Following behind them were the Xu and Song families.

Everyone had come out to see upon hearing the news.

Xu Jinning was naturally among them.

If the admission letters were for his elder sister and brother-in-law, it meant they had been accepted. The only question was, which university?

The crowd parted to make a path for Song Yi and Xu Fanghua to come through.

“Comrade, I’m Song Yi, and this is my wife, Xu Fanghua. Do you have our admission letters?”

“So, you’re Comrade Song Yi and Comrade Xu Fanghua. Indeed, young and promising,” the mailman said with a smile.

“Well, I’m here to deliver your admission letters. Both of you have been accepted to universities in Beijing,” said the mailman as he took out two admission letters from his bag and handed them over.

Song Yi and Xu Fanghua carefully received their letters.

Looking down, they saw that Xu Fanghua had been accepted to Beijing University, and Song Yi to Beijing Medical University.

They had both been accepted to their dream universities.

“Fanghua, we got in. We got accepted to our first choices. We can go to university in Beijing together,” Song Yi exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s wonderful,” Xu Fanghua replied.

Their words caused a stir among the onlookers.

“Oh my, they got into universities in Beijing.”

“Yes, one got into Beijing University and the other into Beijing Medical University. Those are some of the toughest universities to get into in the country. They are amazing to have passed.”

“I wish I could get into one of those universities too.”

“They’re really impressive.”

“So that’s what an admission letter looks like. It’s so beautiful. I wonder what mine will look like.”


“Mailman, where are our admission letters? When will they arrive?”

“Yes, are you sure there aren’t any more today?”

Everyone started asking the mailman about their own admission letters.

The mailman replied, “I understand everyone is anxious, but today I only have admission letters for Comrade Xu Fanghua and Comrade Song Yi.”

“If there are admission letters for the rest of you, they should arrive in the next few days. Don’t worry, if there are any letters for Qinghe Production Brigade, I’ll deliver them as soon as possible.”

“Alright, that’s good to hear.”

Finally, the mailman who had managed to leave wiped the sweat from his forehead. Despite having worked for several years, it was the first time he had been surrounded by so many people. Their enthusiasm made him very nervous.

However, he could understand; after all, it was an acceptance letter. Who wouldn’t want one?

Meanwhile, the acceptance letters for Xu Fanghua and Song Yi had arrived, instantly lighting up the Qinghe Production Brigade like a fire. The previously calm brigade suddenly erupted with excitement.

Everyone congratulated the two and offered their blessings.

Naturally, the Xu family and the Song family were also delighted.

This couple had both realized their dream of attending university. In the future, their prospects would only get better.

Xu Jinning watched her older sister and brother-in-law, who were nearly in tears holding their acceptance letters, and felt deeply moved.

It was truly wonderful that her sister and brother-in-law could achieve this.

One must know that in the original storyline, her older sister had no chance to attend university. She was manipulated into marrying Yang Zhiwen, humiliated, and subjected to domestic v**lence… she passed away at a young age.

And Song Yi, having lost his beloved, chose to live in solitude, constantly wearing himself out, and passed away in middle age.

In the original plot, their lives were tragic, but now they were extremely happy.

Given the choice, of course, the current life was better.

Lovers achieving their dreams together and heading toward the ideal realm of university—how wonderful.

“Ningning, thank you.” As Xu Jinning was lost in thought, Xu Fanghua suddenly turned to her, thanked her, and hugged her.

A tear fell on Xu Jinning’s shoulder.

“Yes, we should thank Ningning,” echoed the others, including Song Yi.

Xu Jinning blinked, a bit confused. Her sister and brother-in-law got into university through their own efforts; why were they thanking her?

“Big sister, if anyone deserves the most thanks for getting into university, it’s you,” she thought and said.

Xu Fanghua gently shook her head without speaking.

But in her heart, she thought: Silly girl, it’s all because of you.

If it weren’t for your help in changing our fate and waking us up, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

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