Chapter 227 – Passing and Not Passing the Exam

However, they also knew that Ningning seemed unaware that they could hear her thoughts and see the images in her mind.

So, Ningning didn’t know.

But they, who knew, couldn’t help but be grateful.

People only have a conscience if they know how to be grateful.

In fact, they had discussed before whether to tell Ningning that they could hear her thoughts and see the images in her mind.

After all, no one likes to be kept in the dark.

However, as soon as they had that thought, a voice inside them told them, no, they couldn’t say anything.

Not saying anything was the best for Xu Jinning.

Some things had to be discovered by Xu Jinning as time passed.

So, they had to let go of the idea of telling Xu Jinning about this.

But they could change fate because of Xu Jinning. Ningning didn’t know this, but they couldn’t forget it.

Originally, both Xu Fanghua and Song Yi had passed the entrance exam for the universities in Beijing, which was already a very exciting thing.

However, they didn’t expect that in the afternoon, the county leaders suddenly arrived at Qinghe Production Brigade with various rewards and banners.

The banners were swiftly unfurled.

“Congratulations to our county’s student, Comrade Xu Fanghua, for achieving the first place in the province in the liberal arts category.”

“Congratulations to our county’s student, Song Yi, for achieving the second place in the province in the science category.”

These two banners were hung up, instantly causing another wave of excitement in Qinghe Production Brigade.

“What? Xu Fanghua and Song Yi, one is the top scorer and the other is the second? Oh my, they are so amazing.”

“I knew it, anyone who can get into a university in Beijing must be outstanding.”

“Comrade Xu Fanghua is really amazing. If only I had known earlier before she got married, I would have asked my mother to propose marriage. That way, such an outstanding person would have been part of our family.”


The county leaders, led by the brigade captain Xu Changyi, had already arrived at the Song family’s residence to announce this good news.

Xu Fanghua and Song Yi were surprised by this unexpected delight.

“We only found out about these results in the afternoon. We hurriedly had the banners made right away.”

“Comrade Xu Fanghua, Comrade Song Yi, you are truly excellent examples for our county.”

“We take pride in you in our county.”

The leaders praised Xu Fanghua and Song Yi highly, their eyes filled with pride in them.

After all, this achievement also counted towards their political achievements.

They quickly presented rewards to the two of them.

Although not much, it was still a form of encouragement, especially with the included bonus of 50 yuan each.

Although Xu Fanghua and Song Yi were not short of money, with subsidies from the university for their education, money is still money. Who doesn’t like it? Moreover, for others, this amount would be considered quite significant.

“Hope that after you graduate, you’ll contribute to the development of our production brigade and build a better and more beautiful country.”

Finally, after expressing their blessings and hopes, the county leaders left.

Because of this event in the afternoon, everyone was even more eagerly anticipating their own admission notices.

Of course, they knew their results wouldn’t be as good as Xu Fanghua and Song Yi’s, so they didn’t ask for much. They just hoped to pass the bridge of thousands of soldiers and horses and get into university; that would be enough for them.

As for Xu Fanghua and Song Yi, their story not only spread in Qinghe Production Brigade but also in other production brigades. Everyone admired them greatly.

The next day, many people were already waiting at the village entrance early in the morning, just to be the first to receive the mail.

And of course, the mail carriers didn’t disappoint them. In the following days, they brought good news one after another.

Fu Zhixu, Xu Ci, Cai Shumin, and others received their admission letters one after another.

Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci both got into Tiancheng University, which is a very good university, just slightly below Beijing University.

Meanwhile, Cai Shumin wanted to become a teacher, so she got accepted into a teacher training college, which is the best among all teacher training colleges in the country, located in Haishi City.

In Qinghe Production Brigade, there were around forty people who took the college entrance exam, and fifteen of them received admission letters in the end.

Although it seemed like only fifteen people, this was already a high ratio.

The admission letters only arrived in these few days. For those who didn’t receive them afterward, it meant they didn’t get accepted.

Without an admission letter, the mailman stopped coming.

Those who still held onto the last bit of hope were also disappointed.

“How could I not get accepted? How could I not get accepted!” Sun Meiwen from the Zhao family muttered like a madwoman.

“I studied so hard and reviewed for so long. I did well during the exam. It’s impossible that I didn’t get accepted.”

“My admission letter must have been hidden away. Yes, that’s it.”

Sun Meiwen said this, then looked towards Zhao Hongxing, who stood not far away, quietly watching her go crazy.

She seemed to have figured something out and rushed towards Zhao Hongxing as if going mad.

“Zhao Hongxing, it’s you, isn’t it? Did you hide my admission letter? Give it back to me, will you? Give it back to me!”

“We agreed, didn’t we? As long as I get into university, I’ll take you and Niuniu to the city with me. I mean it, you have to believe me.”

“Tell me, where did you hide that admission letter? Ah, tell me!”

“Sun Meiwen, can you please stop going crazy!” Zhao Hongxing shouted.

“No one hid your admission letter. You just didn’t get accepted.”

“Sun Meiwen, face reality. You simply don’t have the ability to get into university. Accept it and stay here with me and Niuniu, okay?”

Zhao Hongxing wasn’t lying. He didn’t hide Sun Meiwen’s admission letter, although he had thought about it before if Sun Meiwen had gotten accepted.

But the reality was, Sun Meiwen didn’t get into university, so there was no admission letter to be hidden.

Heaven seemed to be on his side.

So, Sun Meiwen going crazy was futile.

It was her own lack of ability. Whom could she blame?

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it. You definitely hid it. I will find it for sure.”

Sun Meiwen ignored Zhao Hongxing and started searching through everything in the house.

Zhao Hongxing left without paying attention to Sun Meiwen.

After all, there was no admission letter. Even if Sun Meiwen turned the house upside down, she wouldn’t find it.

And without the admission letter, Sun Meiwen could only stay in Qinghe Production Brigade forever.

On the other side, there was another person who couldn’t believe they hadn’t gotten accepted: Zhou Yinsheng.

“Mailman, did you perhaps miss my letter? Please look again carefully. I’m sure I have an admission letter. My name is Zhou Yinsheng, Zhou Yinsheng.” Zhou Yinsheng went straight to the post office because the mailman had stopped coming to Qinghe Production Brigade.

Zhou Yinsheng, who was fully convinced of his ability to pass but hadn’t received his admission letter, had to come to the post office alone to search for it.

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