Chapter 228 – Entering 1982

“Comrade, you’ve asked several times already, and I’ve searched multiple times, but really, there’s no admission letter for you here.”

“If there were one, I would have delivered it to your production brigade long ago.”

The mailman had a good temper, perhaps being understanding of the anxious anticipation of those taking the college entrance exams. So, even though Zhou Yinsheng kept asking and questioning, he patiently replied.

“How is that possible? I’m sure I’ll get in. Even if I don’t get into university, I can still go to a vocational school.”

“Cai Shumin got in; how could I not?”

That’s right, this was Zhou Yinsheng’s most tangled and resentful point. He believed himself to be smarter than Cai Shumin. How could Cai Shumin get into university, even one of the top normal universities, while he, on the other hand, ended up failing?

Moreover, during the exam, he felt he did quite well, full of confidence.

So, Zhou Yinsheng didn’t believe it.

“But Comrade Zhou, I’ve told you and checked for you, there really isn’t one. Please don’t make it difficult for me either.”

Zhou Yinsheng was stunned for a moment, as if he had figured something out, his eyes suddenly widened.

“I know, I know what’s going on.”

After saying that, Zhou Yinsheng ran back as if he had gone mad.

The mailman watched Zhou Yinsheng’s reaction and couldn’t help shaking his head.

If you don’t get in, you can always try again. Why make yourself look like this?

Meanwhile, Zhou Yinsheng ran back to the village. On the way, he suddenly saw Cai Shumin walking with Xu Fanghua, and he immediately ran over.

“Cai Shumin!” he shouted, reaching out to grab Cai Shumin’s hand.

Xu Fanghua acted swiftly, pulling Cai Shumin behind her and giving Zhou Yinsheng’s leg a kick, scolding, “Zhou Yinsheng, what are you trying to do, act like a hooligan or start a fight?”

Cai Shumin also looked at Zhou Yinsheng with a displeased expression, her brows furrowed.

Zhou Yinsheng’s leg hurt, but he didn’t dare to say anything in front of Xu Fanghua.

He turned to Cai Shumin, questioning, “Cai Shumin, I’m asking you, did you hide my admission letter, or did you take my admission letter and replace it with yours?”

“It must be you, you couldn’t get in, so you took my admission letter.”

“Cai Shumin, I never expected you to be so cunning and malicious, that’s my admission letter. Give my admission letter back to me, I want to go back to the city, I want to go to university.”

“If you don’t give it back to me, I’ll report you.”

“Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because your father is a village official.”

“Quickly give me back my admission letter.”

Indeed, Zhou Yinsheng believed that his admission letter must have been taken away by Cai Shumin’s father using his power and then given to Cai Shumin.

Otherwise, how could Cai Shumin get in when he was smarter than her? Zhou Yinsheng refused to believe that he was inferior to Cai Shumin.

He also didn’t want to see Cai Shumin living better than him after their divorce, even going to university, possibly having a better life in the future than now.

This was against Zhou Yinsheng’s self-esteem.

Zhou Yinsheng tried to grab Cai Shumin like a madman, but Xu Fanghua stood in the way, and his leg still throbbed with pain, so he didn’t dare to.

Cai Shumin furrowed her brows and stepped out from behind Xu Fanghua. “Zhou Yinsheng, have you gone mad or are you dreaming? Why would I hide your admission letter when you clearly didn’t get in? Why are you trying to blame me?”

“It’s impossible. How could you get in while I didn’t? It must be you asking your father to do something shady.”

At that moment, Xu Fanghua chuckled, her gaze towards Zhou Yinsheng filled with mockery.

“Comrade Zhou Yinsheng, where does your confidence come from, thinking that just because Shumin got in, you would too?”

“Do you think Shumin is not as good in studies as you?”

Although Zhou Yinsheng didn’t speak, his expression said it all. That’s exactly what he believed.

“Comrade Zhou Yinsheng, it seems you really don’t understand Shumin. Let me tell you, Shumin’s grades are very good, even better than you imagine. And after the divorce, she has been studying hard. Her admission to university is well-deserved.”

“As for you, who knows why you didn’t get in. Maybe it’s because you’re just a vegetable. Oh, ‘vegetable’ means lacking ability.”

Xu Fanghua learned the term ‘vegetable’ from Ningning.

Blaming others when your own abilities are lacking not only shows your lack of capability but also your lack of character. Fortunately, Shumin divorced you; otherwise, you would have been a burden for life.

“You, you’re talking nonsense!”

Zhou Yinsheng was stunned. So, Cai Shumin was such a talented person? He had no idea.

Faced with Xu Fanghua’s rebuttal, he didn’t know how to respond for a moment.

“Shumin, let’s go. Don’t pay attention to him. And Zhou Yinsheng, don’t bother Shumin again, or we’ll report you for harassment,” Xu Fanghua said as she pulled Cai Shumin away.

Left alone, Zhou Yinsheng stood there, questioning his life choices.

“So, I really am inferior to Cai Shumin.”

“So, I really didn’t get in?”

“Should I have not divorced back then?”

He muttered to himself like a madman, even crouching down, grabbing his hair, crying and laughing. People passing by were scared and avoided him.

No one paid attention to what happened to Zhou Yinsheng afterward.

Anyway, as the excitement of the college entrance exams subsided with the end of the year, everything gradually calmed down.

Those who received admission letters would start school after the Lantern Festival next year, so Xu Fanghua and Song Yi could continue to stay at home.

After the New Year, they would pack their bags and head to the city for school together.

With the resumption of the college entrance exams, everything seemed to be getting better and more relaxed.

For example, villagers could bring eggs to sell in the county without being caught.

For example, the black market, once hidden in darkness, became more transparent, with more people engaging in transactions there.

For example, one after another, policies beneficial to the people were issued.

Starting from 1982, every production brigade organized markets on the 1st and 15th of each month at the threshing ground, where people could sell or buy any agricultural products.

After the Lantern Festival in 1982, Xu Fanghua and Song Yi bid farewell to their families, packed their bags, and headed to the city.

Before leaving, Xu Fanghua said to Xu Jinning, “Ningning, you’ve basically finished studying all the knowledge you need. Now, it’s time to review well for the exams in June.”

“You need to study hard and get into Beijing University. Big sister is waiting for you there.”

Xu Jinning: … Big sister, that’s Beijing University. Just because you got in doesn’t mean I can.

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