Chapter 229 ā€“ I hope you also live well

Big sister, Iā€™m a poor student.

Well, actually, after the time travel, it seemed like she wasn’t a poor student anymore.

In this life, her memory was better than in her previous life, and her ability to absorb knowledge and her logical thinking skills had also improved.

That’s why she was able to learn all the knowledge from elementary school to high school in such a short time.

Therefore, Xu Fanghua had the confidence to encourage her to apply to Beijing University, believing that her younger sister had the capability to succeed.

In fact, this was indeed the case.

However, Xu Jinning’s self-perception of being a poor student was deeply ingrained. Even though she wasn’t a poor student anymore, and might even be a top student now, she still held on to that belief.

Xu Jinning even started to doubt herself.

In her previous life, her memory was also good, and her learning ability wasn’t bad either. So why did her mind always seem muddled during exams?

It was as if her intelligence had been forcibly reduced.

Xu Jinning suddenly became alert. Could it be that her intelligence really had been forcibly reduced?

The more she thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.

But Xu Jinning didn’t dwell on it too much, as that belonged to her past life. Since her past life was already over, and she didn’t have much attachment to it, she decided not to care too much about it and focus on living this life well.

At least, since she had time-traveled to the present, life was pretty good.

So, Xu Jinning said, “Big sister, I understand. I will work hard.”

Yes, she couldn’t speak discouraging words. She had to strive for a better future for herself.

In this special era, getting into university was the best path for her now.

After giving final instructions to the younger sister she was most worried about, Xu Fanghua and Song Yi set off on the road to the county to catch a bus.

However, they didn’t expect that they would encounter Wei Rou from afar on the way.

Xu Fanghua recognized Wei Rou. It had been a long time since she had seen Wei Rou.

However, it was fine not to meet. Even if they did meet, Xu Fanghua had no intention of greeting her or getting involved with her in any way.

This time was no exception.

She was planning to leave as if she hadn’t seen Wei Rou at all. But unexpectedly, Wei Rou called out to her.

“Fanghua, can I talk to you for a moment?”

Xu Fanghua didn’t respond, just looked at her with a complicated expression.

Song Yi also tightened his grip on Xu Fanghua’s hand, furrowing his brow as he looked at Wei Rou.

“I won’t take up much of your time, just a moment, just a few words will do, right here, not going far. I promise I won’t do anything to you.”

In the end, Xu Fanghua nodded and walked over to Wei Rou.

“I’ll be right here. If anything happens, call me. I’m here, you don’t have to be afraid of her.”

“Okay.” Facing Song Yi’s instructions, Xu Fanghua replied.

Actually, the reason she went over was because she sensed that Wei Rou didn’t have any ill intentions towards her this time.

On the other side, Wei Rou watched Xu Fanghua walking towards her step by step, feeling a thousand emotions in her heart.

Actually, Wei Rou didn’t know why she had come to find Xu Fanghua, or even what she wanted to say to Xu Fanghua. She just stopped her like that.

In fact, as she watched Song Yi and Xu Fanghua walking side by side, Wei Rou suddenly felt that of the two, she cared more about Xu Fanghua.

As for Song Yi, she had always said she liked him before, always said that Xu Fanghua stole him from her. But in reality, now facing Song Yi, she felt no ripples in her heart at all.

Instead, it was Xu Fanghua’s every word and action that stirred her.

She thought, perhaps it was because Xu Fanghua was the only person in these years who had been genuinely kind to her without any ulterior motives.

Or perhaps, from start to finish, she didn’t really like Song Yi. It was just her jealousy and admiration towards Xu Fanghua, so she wanted to take everything from Xu Fanghua.

She, too, was too envious of Xu Fanghua’s life.

So, she often fantasized about how great it would be if she were Xu Fanghua.

But now, it seemed like she had let go of everything related to Xu Fanghua.

“What do you want to say to me?” Xu Fanghua approached, keeping a distance of about two meters from Wei Rou.

Seeing the caution in Xu Fanghua’s eyes, Wei Rou’s heart inexplicably felt a pang. She knew that she had ruined this friendship herself, and there was no way for her to salvage it anymore.

Wei Rou forced a smile, quickly covering it up, and lifted her head, saying, “It’s nothing, I just heard that you got into university, Beijing University no less, and I, I haven’t congratulated you yet.”

“And then?” Xu Fanghua asked.

And then? Wei Rou felt bitterness in her heart, it seemed like there was nothing more to say, and she didn’t know what else to add.

“It’s nothing, I’ve always known that you’re very capable. Getting into Beijing University doesn’t surprise me at all.”

“Fanghua, I wish you all the best in the future.”

Xu Fanghua looked at Wei Rou with a complicated expression.

She could tell that Wei Rou’s congratulations were sincere.

But this Wei Rou, she couldn’t understand her anymore.

What does this mean?

Does she still care about her?

But if she really cared, she shouldn’t have schemed against her in the first place, and even in their original fate, she would have lost her life because of Wei Rou’s schemes.

So, no matter how much Wei Rou changes, she will never forgive Wei Rou, nor will she ever be able to reconcile with her.

She originally thought that after such an incident, she and Wei Rou would not have any interaction, and she even considered the possibility of them becoming enemies.

But now, looking at it, Wei Rou doesn’t seem to think that way.

She couldn’t understand what Wei Rou was thinking.

Actually, not to mention Xu Fanghua, even Wei Rou herself didn’t understand her own mentality towards Xu Fanghua.

But one thing that can be said is, from start to finish, even though there was jealousy and admiration towards Xu Fanghua, she never hated Xu Fanghua, not even a bit, even though she was later deceived and married into the Yang family.

But she never truly hated Xu Fanghua, not even a little bit.

“Wei Rou, how is your life now…” Xu Fanghua originally wanted to ask, are you satisfied with your life now?

But then she remembered that Wei Rou would marry into the Yang family, seemingly not of her own will.

“You want to ask if I’m satisfied with my current life, right?” Wei Rou still understood Xu Fanghua after all.

Her eyes involuntarily reddened. In the end, there was only one person, Xu Fanghua, someone she had schemed against for so long, who would care about how she was doing now.

She raised her hand and quickly wiped away a tear from the corner of her eye with the back of her hand, smiling up at Xu Fanghua, “I’m quite satisfied. I will work hard to live the life I want.”

Even though the life she wanted, in the eyes of others, was obtained through scheming, even at the cost of lives, but that’s how Wei Rou was.

Love is love, hate is hate, once hatred arises, it’s relentless.

She, Wei Rou, will live the life she wants in her own way.

Xu Fanghua listened to Wei Rou’s answer and didn’t know what to say.

“Okay, I hope you also live well.”

In the end, considering their nine years of companionship, Xu Fanghua finally gave her blessing before leaving.

But apart from this blessing, there was nothing else.

Wei Rou watched Xu Fanghua and Song Yi’s gradually receding figures.

Tears finally flowed down uncontrollably…

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