Chapter 230 – The old couple was destined to die!

Wei Rou didn’t know why she cried, just like she didn’t know why she came here specifically to see Xu Fanghua today.

She didn’t know how long she had cried, but eventually, Wei Rou slowly got up and left.

When she returned to the Yang family home, there was no one else there.

She guessed that Yang Zhiwen was in the fields and that Mother Yang had taken the child out.

Just as Wei Rou arrived home, an uninvited guest showed up.

“Big girl, your father and I are both sick, and we have no money at home. Give your mother some money so we can see a doctor.”

The visitor was none other than Wei Rou’s mother.

The Mother Wei standing before her had changed significantly since before Wei Rou got married.

Mother Wei used to be neither fat nor thin, but now, her body was as thin as a stick, as if she had a severe illness. Her complexion was lifeless, and she even walked and spoke weakly.

Even if she wanted to act arrogantly now, she couldn’t.

She was like a paper tiger finally pierced through.

Wei Rou sat in a chair, quietly observing this biological mother of hers, with no emotions in her eyes.

“Why aren’t you talking? I’ve said so much and been here so long, and you neither respond nor offer me a cup of sugar water or a seat. Wei Rou, just because you’re married, do you think you have the upper hand? Do you think the Yang family is still the same as before? What support do you have now?” Seeing Wei Rou ignoring her, Mother Wei felt her authority being challenged and became angry.

But her health was poor, and after such a long speech, she began to cough violently.

Initially, Mother Wei had strongly hoped that Wei Rou would marry Yang Zhiwen.

At that time, Father Yang was still a senior official in the village, and Yang Zhiwen had a job, making them very prestigious.

She even thought her son might benefit from this brother-in-law in the future.

If the Yang family were still the same, Wei Rou’s current indifferent attitude would be irrelevant. Even if Wei Rou scolded or shouted at her, she might still welcome it with a smile.

As long as Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen could help her son.

But in reality?

Father Yang had been arrested and executed, and Yang Zhiwenlost his job. Now, he had to work in the fields every day.

The Yang family had fallen into poverty overnight.

Their situation was even worse than the Wei family’s.

Since the Yang family had nothing to rely on, why should she be polite anymore?

Now, she regretted it.

She shouldn’t have pushed Wei Rou, this damned girl, to marry Yang Zhiwen.

When they got married, the Yang family promised a bride price of 200 yuan, but this 200 yuan had to be given back as a dowry. At the time, she had no choice but to agree due to the Yang family’s influence.

What kind of logic was that? As Wei Rou’s mother, in the end, she got nothing.

If she had known it would turn out like this, she might as well have married off her daughter to a wealthy old widower. At least then, she would have gotten the money.

However, the Wei family really didn’t have much money. Recently, both she and her husband fell ill for some unknown reason. They had taken numerous medications and seen many doctors, but nothing helped.

Seeing her husband lying in bed, seemingly hanging on to life by a thread, and herself, exhausted just from walking and frequently coughing violently, Mother Wei felt scared.

What if they both had a serious illness?

As the saying goes, the more selfish a person is, the more afraid they are of death.

Mother Wei certainly didn’t want to die, nor did she want her husband to die.

So, having no money but wanting to treat their illnesses, she had no choice but to come to Wei Rou and ask her for money for treatment.

Originally, Mother Wei came to ask for money, which put her in a weak position, and she should have spoken nicely to Wei Rou.

But with little sense and poor thinking skills, Mother Wei still maintained her former arrogant, overbearing, and aggressive demeanor.

She forgot that the current Wei Rou was completely different from the past Wei Rou. Or rather, Wei Rou had never been obedient; she just knew how to disguise herself in front of her mother, deceiving her. Now, she didn’t bother to pretend anymore.

So, when Mother Wei complained and exposed her ugly side, Wei Rou could watch calmly, with a cold smile on her lips, as if she were watching a clown perform.

“Mother, what does the Yang family’s situation have to do with you coming to me today?”

“Have you forgotten why you came to see me today?”

“Have you forgotten that you’re here to ask me for help?”

“Is this how you ask for help?”

Wei Rou’s words left her mother stunned. The words she had been about to say caught in her throat, stuck.

Her expression gradually turned awkward.

After a while, under Wei Rou’s mocking gaze, she forced a couple of dry laughs and said, “Hey, I didn’t mean it that way…”

“Big girl, your mother didn’t mean it like that. What I mean is that I’m your mother, and this is your maternal home. Your maternal family is what gives a married woman her confidence.”

“Don’t worry, no matter what, your brother and I will always support you.”

“Big girl, I admit, I didn’t treat you well before. I hit you, scolded you, and even withheld food from you, but that was all for your own good. They say children won’t turn out well without discipline. Look at any family, haven’t all parents disciplined their children?”

“What’s that saying? ‘Hitting is affection, scolding is love.’ Yes, that’s all love.”

Wei Rou watched her mother twist the truth, turning black into white, and found it utterly laughable.

In other families, parents might indeed hit or scold their children for their own good. But her mother wasn’t like that.

Why did she meet Xu Fanghua and become friends with her? Because once, her so-called loving mother almost starved her to death.

Wei Rou slowly stood up and said, “This is love?”

She laughed, tears in her eyes. “You claim it’s love when you almost starved me to death and wanted to sell me off to get a bride price for your son?”

“Zhang Ai’e, aren’t you ridiculous?”

Zhang Ai’e, Wei Rou’s mother, was left stunned. Wei Rou laughed loudly, wiping away her tears so no one could see her vulnerability and hurt.

But Wei Rou was tired and didn’t want to argue with her mother any longer.

“Go back. I don’t have any money and I won’t give you any. Even if you kneel before me and beg, my answer will still be no.”

“How can you say you have no money? What about the bride price?” Mother Wei, ignoring the disrespect of being called by her name, was enraged by Wei Rou’s refusal.

“Big girl, I am your mother, and the one lying in bed is your father. We brought you into this world and raised you. Even if we treated you badly before, we still raised you. How can you be so heartless?”

Wei Rou wasn’t moved by her mother’s words. She sat back down and calmly said, “I’m just…”

“I’m just treating others the way they treated me.”

Ever since that dreadful night, she had harbored hatred for her parents. Moreover…

There was no way she would spend money to save them now.

Besides, Wei Rou knew that given their condition, they wouldn’t get better even if they went to a hospital in a small county or a big city like Beijing.

The old couple was destined to die!

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