Chapter 231 – Special Banknotes

“Wei Rou, you heartless wretch, you b*tch, how can you be so cruel to the parents who gave you life?”

“Why don’t you just die?”

“You wh*re, you deserve to be used by thousands, a bed for ten thousand men.”

“If I had known you would be like this, I should have drowned you in the piss bucket when you were born.”

“I should have thrown you into the mountains to be eaten by wolves.”


Seeing the resoluteness in Wei Rou’s attitude and realizing that no matter what she said, she wouldn’t get any money from her, Mother Wei knew this wretched girl was determined not to help them.

Mother Wei’s demeanor changed instantly.

She hurled the most venomous words at Wei Rou, as if she weren’t her daughter.

Wei Rou let her mother spew her vile words, her expression unchanging.

In that moment, Wei Rou thought, if it were Xu Fanghua’smother, Aunt Ailian, no matter how much Xu Fanghua argued with her, Aunt Ailian would never curse her.

‘Is this really my mother?’

Wei Rou wished she were adopted. At least then, she wouldn’t have felt so heartbroken.

At least then, she would know that Mother Wei treated her badly because she wasn’t her biological daughter.

But in reality, she was Mother Wei’s biological daughter.

Mother Wei wasn’t incapable of love. She had seen her dote on that so-called family support, her brother.

She wasn’t incapable of love; she just didn’t love her.

Mother Wei’s health was still poor, but even while cursing and coughing, she persisted, as if she wanted to heap all the most vicious words onto Wei Rou.

As if she hoped all those venomous words would come true.

This made Wei Rou think that if she were to die in front of her mother the next second, her mother wouldn’t be sad or upset. She might even clap her hands in delight.

In the end, it was only when Wei Rou picked up a broom and tried to drive her out that her mother hurriedly turned and left. But even as she walked away, Wei Rou could still hear her cursing.

Wei Rou watched her mother’s departing figure, feeling an immense sense of satisfaction.

She was well aware that her so-called parents were seriously ill, possibly with a terminal illness.

How was she so certain?

Because she was the one who had made them sick.

Ever since she married into the Yang family and experienced that night, she had resolved that even if it cost her life, she would avenge herself on the Yang family and her wretched parents.

The Yang family was being systematically ruined by her.

Her parents wouldn’t escape either.

She made them ill, with an incurable sickness that would lead to their death.

People like her parents only brought harm to others. For instance, her sisters.

If her parents lived, one day, her sisters would be treated as commodities, sold off one by one.

The money from these transactions, the so-called bride price, would be used for her brother.

Just because he was born with a little more flesh, he was destined to be far luckier than the girls.

Her parents were already paving the way for him, even though he was just a child.

As long as her parents lived, his happiness would be built on the pain and despair of his sisters.

Why should it be like that?

Wei Rou was indignant.

Her parents didn’t deserve to live.

So, they should die sooner rather than later.

Early death would at least prevent more sins from being committed.

How did she ensure her parents got sick, knowing they wouldn’t recover no matter where they sought treatment?

Wei Rou remembered that woman.

The young woman, with a frosty face, whose body was alluring even in loose clothing…

She had met that woman by chance.

The stranger had stopped her abruptly.

“Wei Rou, I know you’re troubled.”

“And I know what’s troubling you. I can help you.”


The woman had exuded an air of certainty and power that made Wei Rou pause and listen.

Initially, Wei Rou had no intention of paying any attention to the woman, thinking she was probably a madwoman.

However, the woman accurately described details about Wei Rou’s life and even guessed her thoughts.

“Wei Rou, I can help you.”

Wei Rou was shocked but skeptical. She didn’t believe in free lunches.

“What do you want from me?”

“Nothing, just follow your heart. What I want will come naturally.”

Despite her words, Wei Rou didn’t agree.

After leaving, Wei Rou began to investigate the woman.

She found out that the woman’s name was Murong Jing, and she was from the neighboring commune’s Shengli Production Brigade. There didn’t seem to be anything special about her, and her background was rather tragic.

It didn’t seem like she had any extraordinary abilities.

Yet, the things Murong Jing had said to her were eerily accurate.

Although Wei Rou hadn’t agreed at the time, she kept it in mind.

Later, Wei Rou encountered Murong Jing again, and this time she asked directly.

“You said you could help me. How?”

Murong Jing smiled, not answering directly, and said, “Take out two banknotes, any amount will do.”

Wei Rou frowned but complied, taking out two one-cent bills.

Murong Jing took the two notes, muttering under her breath, then bit her finger and drew on the notes.

In the next moment, a strange red light flashed and entered the notes, and the drop of blood on them vanished as if it had never been there.

Wei Rou was astonished by this scene, her curiosity and apprehension about Murong Jing deepening.

She knew that Murong Jing’s actions were akin to those described in feudal superstitions.

“Done.” Murong Jing handed the notes back to Wei Rou.

Just as Wei Rou was about to take them, Murong Jing pulled them back.

“These notes will bring illness and misfortune to whomever possesses them. Use them wisely and only for those who deserve it,” Murong Jing warned.

Wei Rou hesitated, her heart pounding with both fear and anticipation.

“How can I be sure they will work?” Wei Rou asked.

“You’ll see soon enough. But remember, this power comes with a price. Use it sparingly,” Murong Jing replied, her tone cryptic yet firm.

Wei Rou finally took the notes, feeling a chill run down her spine.

From that moment, she knew her parents were doomed, and the mysterious Murong Jing had become an enigmatic figure in her life, both a benefactor and a potential threat.

“You should wrap them up in something and avoid touching them with your bare hands, or the bad luck will befall you instead.”

“Anyone who comes into contact with these notes will fall ill, their life force will be drained away day by day. Even the best doctors won’t be able to cure them. Within six months, they will die from their illness!”

“So, do you still want to take them?”

“Do you still want…” Murong Jing paused, “to give them to your parents?”

Wei Rou’s pupils contracted. She stared into Murong Jing’s eyes and instinctively stepped back.

“Don’t be afraid. I already know everything about you. I am here to help you.”

“So, do you still want them?”

As she said this, Murong Jing took out a piece of paper, wrapped the two banknotes in it, and held them out to Wei Rou once more.

Wei Rou looked at the two banknotes she had handed over. She knew they were no longer just ordinary notes; they had become death warrants.

Whoever received them would be doomed, whoever received them would die!


Wei Rou closed her eyes. Just as Murong Jing was about to withdraw the banknotes, Wei Rou grabbed them.

She understood that Murong Jing’s earlier appearance in her life was no coincidence, that she was part of a larger plan, a dark and mystical force.

Wei Rou’s heart raced. She didn’t know what the future held, but she knew she had taken a step down a dangerous path, a path that could exact a heavy toll on her soul.

With a resolute heart, she accepted the notes, knowing their deadly power, determined to see her vengeance through to the end.

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    Murong Jing appeared around that time (she was unnamed at that point) to find the mountain location where those relics were hidden, but got there too late to obtain the secret treasure hidden inside it. I believe she was supposed to be a cultivator or something from her original timeline, but considering she’s aware of the circumstances pertaining to key people in the various stories in this timeline, I’m not quite certain anymore. I wonder what her goal is help Wei Rou and how she’ll prey on others’ weaknesses to achieve her aims.

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