Chapter 232 – Consecutive Deaths from Illness

“How can I be sure that doing this won’t harm me?” Wei Rou asked, holding the paper money in her hand.

Murong Jing shrugged. “I, Murong Jing, despise lying the most. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. Anyway, the thing is already in your hands.”

After saying that, Murong Jing left.

Wei Rou watched Murong Jing’s back, falling into deep thought.

The next day, when Wei Rou’s father went out, he walked along and saw some money. Seeing no one around, he hurriedly picked up the money and put it in his pocket.

After a while, Wei Rou’s mother went out. Similarly, as she walked, she saw money on the ground. She quickly walked over, stepped on it, then pretended her foot was uncomfortable, squatted down, and inconspicuously picked up the money. Afraid of being seen, she directly stuffed it into her shoe.

Then she got up and left as if nothing had happened.

Neither of them knew that after they left, Wei Rou slowly emerged from a hidden corner.

Yes, Wei Rou had indeed placed the money there.

She had not only calculated the time her parents would go out but also anticipated that they would definitely pick up the money instead of leaving it.

Next, for Wei Rou, it was a matter of waiting.

As she waited, sure enough, she soon received news that her parents were sick, and their conditions were worsening…

So, that woman named Murong Jing really had some skills.

Thus, her parents, who had picked up the money, were destined to slowly move towards death.

Feeling no discomfort herself, Wei Rou breathed a sigh of relief. As for the rest, she didn’t care.

Wei Rou discovered that since that night, in front of Xu Fanghua, she would soften, and tears would flow involuntarily. But in front of others or facing other matters, she could harden her heart.

Or rather, she could become heartless.

Just like today, facing her mother’s complaints and learning that her father was about to pass away, she still felt no sympathy; instead, she felt a sense of satisfaction.

Perhaps, that night, Wei Rou’s heart and mind had already become twisted.

As for where the future would lead, she didn’t want to care. She just wanted to feel satisfied now.

Actually, Wei Rou and Wen Huihui’s situations were quite similar. Both tried to scheme against others but ended up being schemed against, suffering terrible humiliation.

However, the two made different choices.

Therefore, their futures were destined to be different.

It’s hard to say which choice was better.

But, ultimately, it was their own choice. Since they made it, they could enjoy the satisfaction and ease following their decision, but they also had to bear the consequences of that choice.

One month later.

Within just one month, Wei Rou’s parents both died consecutively.

Yes, they died, of illness.

First, half a month ago, Wei Rou’s father died of illness. Then, her mother died of illness.

Their consecutive deaths, though due to illness, still attracted attention and suspicion from others.

What kind of illness caused both of them to die consecutively?

Could it be some kind of infectious disease?

If that were the case, it would be terrible, and precautions would need to be taken.

After all, infectious diseases weren’t unheard of in Dahe Village.

One infectious disease could potentially wipe out everyone in the village.

So, when Wei Rou’s mother also died, people immediately called several doctors to investigate the cause of their deaths. They even went to the county to bring in doctors.

At first, the doctors were frightened upon hearing that it might be a deadly infectious disease.

Upholding their medical ethics, they reluctantly agreed to investigate, and were immediately shocked.

Wei Rou’s father had already been buried, but her mother had just died not long ago, and her death was horrifying.

First of all, Wei Rou’s mother was extremely thin, skin and bones, to put it nicely; to put it bluntly, she resembled a skeleton.

Moreover, her facial expression was haunting. Her eyes were wide open, never closing, filled with a sense of unwillingness.

Honestly, anyone who didn’t know better might have thought she was some vengeful ghost.

The village doctors and the doctors from the county examined her and found that Wei Rou’s mother didn’t have any infectious disease. Instead, the cause of her death was the degeneration of all her internal organs.

If Wei Rou’s mother were compared to a machine, the cause of her death would be that the hardware had aged and completely stopped functioning. When a machine stops, it can’t be used; when a person stops, they naturally die.

In fact, this was similar to natural aging and death, except Wei Rou’s mother aged much faster. In a short period, all her internal organs failed, leading to her death.

Later, the Wei family’s other members mentioned that Wei Rou’s father died in a nearly identical manner. Although it seemed incredible, the cause of death for both was the same, and it wasn’t an infectious disease, which put everyone’s mind at ease.

While people expressed regret that Wei Rou’s parents died so young, they accepted that birth, aging, sickness, and death are predestined and unavoidable.

However, the remaining children in the Wei family were pitiful, still so young and now uncertain about their future.

The young girls only knew how to cry continuously. The only remaining boy, though just seven or eight years old, should have taken up the responsibility for the family as the sole male, but he was just an immature child. Besides crying, he threw tantrums, demanding others to serve him food and dress him, insisting everything be done his way.

But others, even relatives, weren’t his parents. Without that parental bond, they wouldn’t spoil him or cater to his whims.

The only ones still indulging him were probably his sisters.

When Wei Rou arrived, she saw her younger sisters attending to her brother, Wei Hao, whose nickname was Jinbao.

Seeing her sisters being ordered around by Jinbao and willingly complying, Wei Rou realized that her sisters might be beyond help as well.

However, for someone as cold-hearted as Wei Rou, who could kill her own parents, her sisters were inconsequential.

Everyone has their own destiny.

She chose not to interfere with others’ fates, letting them live according to their own choices and accept the consequences, whether good or bad.

So, when the clan relatives asked Wei Rou how she planned to arrange for her younger siblings, Wei Rou said, “Although I’m their eldest sister, I’m just a girl myself.”

“And I’m already married. Given the current situation with the Yang family…”

Wei Rou paused and continued, “I can’t support so many people. Now the Yang family relies on Zhiwen to support my child and me, as well as my mother-in-law. We really don’t have the capacity, so…”

Wei Rou suggested that the clan relatives take in her four remaining sisters and brother.

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