Chapter 233 – His future was destined to be a tragedy!

Having four sisters and one brother all adopted by one family of relatives was definitely impossible; the burden would be too great.

So, they were to be dispersed.

The second, third, and fourth sisters were to be adopted by three different families within the clan, effectively becoming members of those families and even possibly changing their surnames.

The youngest sister, Wuniu (fifth sister), and the brother, Jinbao(golden treasure), would be adopted together by another relative.

The relative who took in Wuniu and Jinbao would also receive the Wei family’s house.

This was Wei Rou’s proposal. Once she presented it, everyone fell into deep thought.

Wei Rou was now 20 years old. Her second sister, a few years younger, was already 16.

Her third and fourth sisters were 15 and 14, respectively, each just a year apart.

This meant they were all at marriageable age.

And marriage meant bride price.

Although the adopting families wouldn’t receive anything immediately, once these girls married, the bride price would be substantial.

Even the youngest, the fourth sister, at 14, wouldn’t need much support before she could marry and bring in bride price money. It was an attractive proposition.

If someone could adopt the second sister, it would be an even bigger gain.

They might adopt her this month and arrange her marriage the next month, receiving a bride price shortly thereafter.

Some people were more interested in the house.

Adopting the fifth sister and Jinbao, both young, might seem less advantageous.

But there was the house.

The Wei family’s house was not small and not in disrepair.

Everyone knew that a house was always of paramount importance.

So, some people thought adopting the younger ones was worth it for the house alone.

“Daniu (eldest sister) has a point. She really can’t take care of all these children on her own. As their relatives, we should help. Let’s set an example. My family has only one girl, Junjun, and she’s quite lonely. So, we’ll take in the Erniu (second sister) to be her companion.”

“Then, I’ll take the Sanniu (third sister). I feel a special bond with her, like we were mother and daughter in a past life,” said another aunt, who had hesitated and lost the chance to adopt the second, thus settling for the third.

She hurriedly went to the bewildered Sanniu and embraced her tightly, as if afraid someone might take her away.

“Don’t worry, child. From now on, you’ll be with me, and I’ll treat you like my own daughter.”

Although she said this, her eyes were filled with calculation and a sharp glint.

“Then I’ll take Siniu.”

“Hey, Wei He’s wife, don’t you already have four daughters: Zhao Di, Pan Di, Nian Di, and Shun Di? Shouldn’t you be adopting Jinbao instead? Are you trying to gather five golden flowers?” someone teased, and the group burst into laughter.

Wei He’s wife didn’t care about the laughter. She placed her hands on her hips, lifted her head, and said, “Five golden flowers, so be it. I think it’s wonderful.”

Despite her words, Wei He’s wife laughed inwardly.

She definitely didn’t want to adopt Wei Jinbao. Although she was tempted by the Wei family’s house, her family didn’t lack a house at the moment. Of course, no one would refuse an extra house. She indeed had four daughters and no sons.

She was desperate to have a son.

She thought about it day and night.

But she wanted a son of her own blood.

She didn’t want someone else’s child, especially not Wei Jinbao, who was already eight years old and remembered everything. He wouldn’t be easily controlled, and she didn’t want that.

She preferred to take the fourth girl instead.

Since Siniu was already 14 years old, she would only need to be supported for another year or two before she could be married off, bringing in a bride price.

If she married into a family that was generous with bride prices, it could easily mean several hundred yuan—a substantial amount.

Who wouldn’t want a few hundred yuan for nothing?

Moreover, Du Jinhua was convinced that she would surely give birth to a son!

“I’ll take Wuniu and Jinbao then.”

“I want them too. I feel a strong bond with them.”

Several people began arguing over who would adopt Wuniu and Jinbao, their faces red with intensity. The Wei family courtyard became a noisy mess.

Wei Rou watched this scene with great satisfaction and remained silent.

This was exactly what she wanted to see.

She didn’t want any of her five siblings.

She knew what her proposal for relatives to raise her siblings meant. She understood what it meant for these people to step forward and claim her second sister, third sister, or Jinbao.

She saw greed and calculation in their eyes…

But this was precisely what she wanted to see.

As for what would happen to her siblings after they were adopted, she didn’t care, nor did she want to. It had nothing to do with her.

After a lot of arguing, the village head stepped in to mediate and finally decided on the families that would adopt the fifth girl and Jinbao.

The second girl, third girl, and fourth girl would be adopted by those who had spoken up earlier.

With the arrangements settled, Wei Rou saw no need to stay any longer.

As for her mother’s funeral, she, as the daughter, would participate, but it was not her primary concern.

Just as Wei Rou found an excuse to leave, Siniu tugged at her sleeve, looking up with red-rimmed eyes and asked, “Big sister, are you abandoning us?”

Siniu, the most sensitive and obedient among Wei Rou’s siblings, tugged at her heartstrings. Wei Rou struggled to suppress her softening heart.

“Siniu, it doesn’t matter if I want you or not. What matters is that you need to think carefully about how you plan to live your life from now on.”

“Maybe with our parents gone, you’ll have a chance at a different and perhaps better life.”

“Remember, Siniu, even biological parents might not always love their children. How much less can you expect from outsiders?”

“So, when you arrive at your new home and have new parents, remember, you absolutely cannot rely on them.”

“The only person you can rely on is yourself.”

“You need to stand tall.”

“You must understand that the most important person in the world is yourself, and the person you must love the most is yourself. No one should infringe on your rights. The most important thing is that you live well and comfortably.”

“Everything else is secondary and unnecessary.”

Wei Rou spoke at length, unsure why she said so much. Perhaps it was because the person before her was Siniu.

If it were anyone else, especially Wei Jinbao, she wouldn’t care about their well-being; in fact, she would find satisfaction in their misery.

She knew her parents were cruel, and though her brother was young, as a beneficiary of their cruelty, he was not innocent.

She harbored resentment toward her brother.

However, she wouldn’t take any action against Wei Jinbaobecause she knew that, given his personality, temper, and disposition, he would never fare well, no matter who adopted him.

His future was destined to be a tragedy.

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Zhao Di, Pan Di, Nian Di, and Shun Di, and Jinbao

If the first-born child was a girl, it was common up until the 1970s for parents to give her the name Zhao Di (招弟) —literally meaning “invite younger brother,” which indicated a preference for male children.

Pan Di (盼娣): 盼 (Pan): Means “to hope” or “to expect.” The name can be interpreted as “hoping for a younger brother.”

Nian Di (念娣) Nian (念): Can mean “to think of” or “to remember.” The name can be interpreted as “thinking of a younger brother” 

Shun Di (顺娣): Shun (顺): Means “smooth” or “obedient.” The name can be interpreted as “obedient younger brother” or “smooth younger brother.”

These names often reflect traditional values and desires within families, especially in the context of hoping for or welcoming a son.

Jinbao (金宝) translates to “golden treasure” in English.

金 (Jin) means “gold” or “golden.”

宝 (Bao) means “treasure” or “precious.”

The name implies something very valuable and cherished, often used to express high hopes and affection for the child.

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