Chapter 234 – Murong Jing’s Origin

Wei Rou didn’t know if Siniu had listened to her, but she had said all she could.

After speaking, she left without any further delay.

As she walked out of the Wei family’s house, Wei Rou hesitated for a moment and looked back.

If she came again next time, it would no longer be the Wei family’s home.

The only people she hated now were Mother Yang and Yang Zhiwen.

No matter, she would deal with them one by one, slowly.

Sometimes, a slow knife cut was the most painful.

Since taking the banknotes back then, Wei Rou had never seen the woman named Murong Jing again.

She hadn’t experienced any physical discomfort, nor had anything unusual happened, so Wei Rou thought that perhaps what the woman said was true.

This matter really had no impact on her.

But was that really the case?

Some causes and effects had simply not yet appeared; even without human intervention, the way of heaven had its own arrangements.

As for Murong Jing, she indeed didn’t ask for any repayment from Wei Rou because the repayment she wanted was already taken from Father Wei and Mother Wei.

On the night of Father Wei’s death, far away in the ShengliProduction Brigade, Murong Jing was sitting cross-legged on her bed, eyes tightly shut, with a strange expression on her face.

She seemed to be talking to herself.

“Since I came to this world and took over this body, it belongs to me, Murong Jing.”

“You are not Murong Jing, you are an imposter. I am MurongJing. You are a demon, a ghost. Give me back my body.”

Murong Jing’s face was twisted, with various expressions—anger, indifference, anxiety—flashing one by one.

“Whatever I, Murong Jing, want, I have always gotten.”

“Go away, go away.”

No one knew that at this moment, there were two souls in Murong Jing’s body.

One was the original owner of the body, a 17-year-old girl named Murong Jing. The other Murong Jing was from another world.

In her previous life, she was a cultivator, specializing in the Path of Emotionlessness. From a young age, she had joined YuqingPalace, which was an all-female sect.

Murong Jing was a prodigy, having reached the Nascent Soul stage at a young age. She was also the designated successor, chosen by the sect leader.

Yuqing Palace was founded by Murong Jing’s grandmaster.

The grandmaster had once deeply loved a man but was betrayed by him, causing the destruction of her family. She was thrown off a cliff by this heartless man, and her appearance was disfigured.

The man believed the grandmaster had died.

However, she survived the fall and received an inheritance at the bottom of the cliff. When she reemerged, she was already a powerful expert at the Dividing Spirit stage, and she had regained a peerless beauty.

After returning to her original world, the grandmaster killed the man and established Yuqing Palace, creating a cultivation manual based on the Path of Emotionlessness.

This manual was meant only for women. If practiced from a young age, it would not only accelerate their cultivation but also enhance their beauty as their power increased.

The grandmaster then accepted many disciples, and YuqingPalace grew larger and more renowned in that world.

Because of her betrayal by a man, the grandmaster decreed that any disciple entering Yuqing Palace must remain emotionless and must not marry. Breaking this rule would make them a traitor.

Murong Jing was a disciple in this generation of Yuqing Palace, and due to her prodigious cultivation speed, she became the successor.

However, Murong Jing eventually faced her own tribulation—a man…

For this man, Murong Jing abandoned her status as the successorand the future leader of Yuqing Palace and eloped with him.

She thought she had found true love.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be another heartless man.

The man never loved her; he only pretended to in order to obtain information from her and to destroy Yuqing Palace.

Upon learning the truth, Murong Jing was heartbroken.

Though she had left Yuqing Palace, she had never intended to harm it or any of its members.

To her…

Yuqing Palace was her home. It was her master who found her as an abandoned baby and brought her back, giving her a family and a home.

In the end, to protect Yuqing Palace, Murong Jing self-destructed her primordial spirit.

Murong Jing originally thought she had died, her body and soul both dissipated.

Unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes again, she found herself in another world.

Without a body, her soul had possessed a girl with the same name as hers, the original owner of the body—Murong Jing.

In this new world, there was no spiritual energy, making cultivation impossible.

In this world, it was not just impossible to cultivate to the Mahayana stage and shatter the void to return and take revenge; she couldn’t even begin the Qi Refining stage.

However, Murong Jing discovered that her previous emotionless cultivation manual could be practiced in this world. Although she couldn’t cultivate spiritual power, it gave her some metaphysical abilities.

But Murong Jing also found that her soul was not stable in this body. If she didn’t find a way, she might be forced out and become a wandering soul.

If she remained a wandering soul for too long, she would eventually dissipate entirely.

This was because she had possessed the body.

The original owner of this body was fine.

It was only because they had the same name and birth details that she ended up in this world and this body.

Her soul was stronger, so in that instant, she managed to seize this body.

But it was not stable.

Since Murong Jing had already come into this body and had the opportunity to live another life, even if she couldn’t go back to seek revenge, she was unwilling to give up this body.

Even though she had seized it.

But how could she suppress the original soul and gain full control over this body?

The emotionless cultivation manual actually had an answer.

There were two methods. One was to use the spiritual power from jade to stabilize the soul.

Previously, Murong Jing had calculated that there was a cemetery in the hills behind the Dahe Production Brigade, which contained the jade she needed.

Unfortunately, she arrived too late, and the cemetery had been emptied, leaving nothing behind.

In this restrictive era, and without any money, Murong Jing couldn’t obtain other jade in the short term.

Of course, the manual mentioned another method.

That was to steal life force!

Simply put, Murong Jing was originally dead and had no lifespan.

To stabilize herself in this body, she needed to possess a lifespan.

Only then could she contend with the original owner.

This lifespan would naturally be taken from others and used for herself.

During this time, Murong Jing had been struggling with the original owner for control of the body.

If she didn’t acquire a lifespan soon, she might be forced out by the original owner.

It was around this time that Murong Jing accidentally encountered Wei Rou.

With just one glance, she could tell that Wei Rou was ruthless and smart. If they had been in her original world, Wei Rou would have been the perfect candidate for Yuqing Palace.

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