Chapter 235 – Allocation of Land to Households

Unfortunately, she couldn’t return to Yuqing Palace anymore, so naturally, she couldn’t take Wei Rou to Yuqing Palace either.

However, she immediately noticed Wei Rou’s determination.

One of her determinations was that Wei Rou hated her parents, hated them to death.

It was also at that moment that Murong Jing saw hope.

She thought she could help Wei Rou.

She knew that according to the original fate, Wei Rou’s parents couldn’t die so soon; they still had a long life ahead of them.

But she could help Wei Rou by causing the deaths of Father Wei and Mother Wei.

And their original lifespan could then be given to her, allowing her to resist the original owner and gain temporary control of her body.

In fact, this method of securing her soul by taking others’ lifespans, although seeming simple, was not easy at all.

She couldn’t take away everyone’s lifespan.

Some people, with great luck, would be of greater help if she could take their lifespan.

But one wrong move could easily backfire, not only stabilizing her soul but possibly losing her soul altogether.

Those with great luck usually had the protection of the heavens.

But so far, Murong Jing had not seen anyone with great luck.

In the past, she could calculate it, but now, she had lost her abilities completely, not even having her own body. Therefore, she couldn’t calculate it at all unless that person came before her, then she could tell.

And taking someone else’s lifespan wasn’t easy, it wasn’t something done casually; it required the help of that person’s close ones.

It was also because of this reason that Murong Jing had not met a suitable person before.

And now, Wei Rou was the first suitable person she encountered.

As Wei Rou took the banknotes that had her curse on it, Murong Jing had been waiting all along.

On the bed, Murong Jing once again faced the original owner’s soul attempting to take control of her body.

Just as Murong Jing felt like she might be suppressed by the original owner’s soul, a red streak of light suddenly darted in through the window and entered Murong Jing’s body in an instant.

In just a moment, this streak of light helped Murong Jing stabilize her soul and regain control of her body.

The original owner was suppressed, her voice disappeared.

Murong Jing’s facial expression gradually returned to calmness, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“I didn’t expect that, at this critical moment, that lifespan would arrive.”

“Although it’s just one person, it’s enough for me to gain control of this body for a while,” Murong Jing murmured.

Indeed, at the moment Father Wei died, his remaining lifespan turned into a streak of light and entered Murong Jing’s body.

It helped her suppress the original owner’s soul and gain control of the body.

“Wait a little longer, in another half month, there will be another lifespan.” Murong Jing spoke of Mother Wei.

The reality was just as Murong Jing had expected.

Half a month later, Mother Wei died, and her remaining lifespan also entered Murong Jing’s body, helping her stabilize her soul.

As for the original owner’s soul, Murong Jing couldn’t force her out or destroy her; she could only let her fall into temporary slumber.

But this was also acceptable.

Even though she gained the lifespans of these two people, stabilizing her soul was only temporary.

To continually stabilize her soul, she needed to regularly acquire lifespans.


Unless she could take the lifespan of someone with great luck.

In that case, she wouldn’t need to take others’ lifespans anymore and could even destroy the original owner’s soul.


Where could she find such a person with great luck?

Murong Jing felt that such individuals were unlikely to exist in this small village.

Perhaps in a big city, in the capital…

Murong Jing quietly picked up a book and started flipping through it.

She planned to take the college entrance exam.

And she aimed for the best one, Beijing University.

She thought that maybe there, she would find the person with great luck she was looking for.

Although taking the lifespan of someone with great luck wasn’t easy, it wasn’t impossible either. Perhaps if she encountered one, she would have the means and methods.

Murong Jing quickly memorized the knowledge in the book, intending to participate in the college entrance exam this summer!


That night, Xu Jinning woke up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat.

Sitting on the bed, she gasped for breath continuously, fear still lingering in her eyes.

She had a nightmare.

She had forgotten the specific details of the nightmare.

All she remembered was that there was someone, a woman, who kept chasing her.

Intuition told Xu Jinning that the woman was a bad person.

She absolutely couldn’t let herself be caught.

So she ran desperately, running for her life.

Several times, she was almost caught but narrowly escaped by chance.

Until finally, Xu Jinning turned around and threw something at the woman, some kind of powder.

The powder landed on the woman.

Instantly, the woman exploded.

It was then that Xu Jinning woke up.

Even though she knew it was just a dream, Xu Jinning still felt lingering fear.

She had transmigrated here and had only had a few dreams so far.

Previously, occasional dreams seemed to have some sort of foresight.

But this dream…

Xu Jinning sat on the bed for a while, unable to figure it out.

She decided to stop thinking about it altogether and continued lying down to sleep.

She would deal with future matters when the time came.


At the beginning of this year,

Suddenly, the brigade captain announced an explosive news on the radio.

“The country has established the policy of allocating land to households this year. This means that in the future, everyone no longer needs to work collectively for work points. The land remains state-owned, but farmers have the right to use it. The village will organize the total amount of land and distribute it to everyone in a certain form…”

Allocating land to households means that each household will be allocated their own piece of land, and they will manage their respective land themselves.

You can grow whatever you want.

Even if you don’t want to cultivate it and want to leave it fallow or lease it to others, you can.

“In addition, the ‘Household Responsibility System’ has been established. This means that in the future, anyone can contract mountainous areas, land, ponds, etc., from the public for a certain number of years.”

Of course, this contracting will require money.

And there are certain year limit regulations as well.

After you contract the land, it’s like you’ve taken ownership of the land for the specified number of years.

You can grow whatever you want, raise whatever you want.

Of course, you’re responsible for profits and losses.

Oh, one more thing, starting from this year, the buying and selling of agricultural and sideline products are free.

For example, farmers who grow vegetables can openly sell them in the city.

If you grow grains and have surplus, besides selling them to grain and oil shops, you can also privately sell them to others.

Nowadays, all of this is allowed.

This means that the market is becoming more and more liberal.

Of course, large-scale hoarding and speculative trading are still not allowed.

But agricultural and sideline products are exempt from this.

“…Nowadays, the country encourages us to contract, plant, and breed, and also provides certain preferential policies.”

“For those who want to know more specifics, you can come to the office to find me.”

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