Chapter 236 – Should We Consider Contracting?

When the policies of “household-based land distribution” and the “household responsibility system” were introduced, everyone was shocked.

For many years, people had been accustomed to working collectively and distributing resources centrally. They even used to eat from a communal pot.

But now, resources were to be distributed to individuals.

And then, they would be responsible for their own profits and losses.

This was good news for those who were hardworking and wanted to strive for better.

For the lazy ones, it was not good news at all.

Previously, during collective labor, especially when resources were distributed equally, the hardworking people always did more work while the lazy ones did less.

But in the end, both received the same amount of grain.

This could dampen the enthusiasm of the hardworking ones and increase the laziness of the idle ones.

They would think: “Since I work so hard and only get this much, why should I work so much?”

“Since I don’t work much and still get this much grain, I should just continue this way or do even less!”

Over time, both sides would slack off and rely on each other. How could efficiency improve this way? How could the land produce more grain?

But now it was different.

Land was distributed to each household.

Hardworking people only needed to tend to their own plot of land. If they worked hard, they could finish early and go home early. If they farmed well, they would have a good harvest.

Additionally, under the household responsibility system, if they finished tending to their own allotted land and had extra time, they could contract other village land, mountains, ponds… for farming or breeding.

If they reaped a harvest from this and sold it, they made money!

Who wouldn’t want to make more money?

As for the lazy ones, forget about contracting additional land or mountains. To have enough to eat, they would need to become proactive and work diligently on their allotted plot.

“I think this policy is good; it’s beneficial for everyone.”

In the Xu household, everyone gathered to discuss the distribution of land to households and the household responsibility system.

Xu Xiangdong analyzed and concluded.

“Distributing land to households is indeed good, but should we consider contracting under the household responsibility system?” Zhang Ailian was unsure.

“Mom, Dad, I want to try,” Xu Xiangdong said.

He held Wen Yulan’s hand beside him, “You both know I don’t have much talent for studying. Going to college is a great path, but I can’t follow it.”

“But I have my hands.”

“I’m pretty good at farming, so Yulan and I plan to contract some fields or land for planting or breeding.”

Wen Yulan nodded.

“It’s good to have ideas and the desire to break through. I know your farming skills, and Yulan is also hardworking,” Xu Aiguo acknowledged Xu Xiangdong’s abilities, but…

“It’s just that this policy is new. We don’t know if there will be changes in the future or what might happen,” Xu Aiguo was hesitant.

“So, I’m not sure whether to support you in contracting…”

[Of course you should.]

[It’s a must, right away, right now!]

Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts burst out.

Everyone, hearing her inner thoughts, perked up, wanting to hear her opinion.

[Our Qinghe Production Brigade has excellent quality land, mountains, and ponds.]

[The land is very fertile; almost anything can grow.]

[The mountains are also suitable for growing medicinal herbs, which have high quality, good appearance, and strong efficacy. Medicinal herbs can be sold for a higher price than grain.]

[In the next couple of years, there will be a shortage of Tianqi and Fuling across the country.]

[Big brother, you can contract a piece of mountain land to grow Tianqi and Fuling. I guarantee you’ll make a lot of money!]

Xu Jinning couldn’t voice these thoughts; she could only say them in her heart.

She supported the idea because the plot of the book she read described it that way.

In the book, there were passages like this:

The land in Qinghe Production Brigade, whether it was fields, farmland, or ponds, was genuinely good. Unfortunately, not many people ventured into contracting, as they all harbored some worries.

Even those families who did contract only did so on a small scale, making minor attempts.

So, the villagers of Qinghe Production Brigade missed out on being among the first to make money.

Especially since the mountain land in Qinghe Production Brigade was perfect for growing medicinal herbs, it could cultivate any kind.

In the next couple of years, there would be a nationwide shortage of Tianqi and Fuling. If someone happened to plant these herbs in the previous one or two years, they would undoubtedly make a fortune.

[You must contract land, you must plant crops. Our Qinghe Production Brigade’s mountain land is reliable; as long as it is managed properly, it will thrive.]

[There’s no need to worry about selling the produce; the government will send people to purchase it, and the price will be five to six times higher than now.]

[Moreover, current contracting policies offer incentives, which might save a lot of money.]

[It’s best to sign a long-term contract, like for 20 or 50 years, to ensure prolonged use.]

[Once people experience the benefits of contracting, finding land to contract will become challenging.]

[So, you must act quickly.]

[Family fields can grow grain, mountain land can cultivate medicinal herbs, ponds can be used for fish farming, raising ducks, and more. Isn’t that wonderful?]

[The first people to contract land will be the pioneers in becoming prosperous!]

[So, Dad, you must agree with big brother!]

Xu Jinning was extremely anxious, fearing that her father might oppose the idea in the end.

She wished she could jump out and raise both hands in support, but she was restricted and couldn’t do it.

She could only worry in her heart.

Xu Aiguo listened to his younger daughter’s inner thoughts, feeling both amused and touched.

However, his previously hesitant heart was now firm.

“Alright, go ahead and try it,” Xu Aiguo said.

“Great, okay!” Xu Xiangdong responded immediately.

With his sister’s approval, he, who already had intentions of contracting, now had more reason to proceed.

He would pursue contracting diligently, aiming to be the first on the road to prosperity!

Moreover, hearing his sister’s inner thoughts and understanding the benefits of contracting, Xu Xiangdong formed a bigger plan.

Initially, he intended to contract a small piece of land for a trial.

But now, he planned to contract more mountain land and ponds, just as his sister suggested, to plant medicinal herbs, Tianqi and Fuling, and to use the ponds for fish and duck farming.

If possible, he would sign a long-term contract!

“Since it’s decided, don’t delay. Xiangdong, go to the office and find the captain right now. If you can sign the contract, do it,” Xu Aiguo said.

“Alright, I’m going now!” Xu Xiangdong didn’t hesitate. He got up quickly and hurried out, afraid of being a step behind others.

[Big brother, good luck!]

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