Chapter 237 – Even a pig can fly if it stands at the center of a whirlwind

“Little sister, do you think I should also try contracting something like Big Brother?”

After Xu Xiangdong left, Xu Xiangbei leaned close to Xu Jinning’s ear and asked.

“…No, you shouldn’t.”

“Second brother, I think you are suited for business.”

[Second brother, the situation is becoming clearer and clearer. In the future, business will be liberalized and legalized. With your clever mind, you should definitely go into business and start a company.]

[Especially after the reform and opening up, there will be opportunities and wealth everywhere. In the 80s and 90s, doing business will be like standing at the center of a whirlwind; at the center of a whirlwind, even pigs can fly.]

[Second brother, with your talent, you could definitely become a hundred-thousand-yuan household, then a millionaire, and then a billionaire.]

[We should aim to become the richest person.]

The more Xu Jinning spoke from her mind, the brighter Xu Xiangbei’s eyes became.

His heart began to beat faster, and his blood seemed to boil inside him.

Even his cheeks grew increasingly warm.

Legalized and liberalized business.

Opportunities everywhere!

Gold everywhere!

At the center of a whirlwind, even pigs can fly!

Xu Xiangbei’s excitement grew, and his entire being became more enthusiastic.

Hundred-thousand-yuan household!



The richest person!

So, this was what his little sister expected of him?

Did his little sister have such high expectations for him?

Did his little sister really think he had the potential to become the richest person?

Did she really hold him in such high regard?

Actually, Xu Xiangbei had never been that confident in himself.

After all, when it came to academics, he couldn’t compare to his eldest sister, who had now been accepted into Beijing University and undoubtedly had a bright future ahead of her.

And in farming, he couldn’t match his elder brother, whose farming skills were truly exceptional. His brother had a keen sensitivity, intuition, and ability with crops and other plants.

Compared to his little sister…

His little sister was also about to take the university entrance exam, and her special abilities clearly showed she was not an ordinary person.

So, Xu Xiangbei felt that he was the most useless in the family.

He was just a scorekeeper in the production brigade, secretly engaging in some buying and selling on the side.

Although the buying and selling had earned him a considerable amount of money, it wasn’t something he could openly acknowledge.

He had always thought that he couldn’t continue the buying and selling, and there was no future in being a scorekeeper.

Relying on being a scorekeeper wouldn’t work.

The position of scorekeeper wouldn’t last forever.

What would he do if he lost it?

It seemed like he couldn’t do anything else.

He had always felt that he didn’t have any real skills, stuck in a position where he couldn’t advance or retreat.

But now…

His little sister’s words gave him hope.

They also gave him a glimpse of his future.

So, his little sister had such high expectations for him.

So, he could also have an impressive future.

Xu Xiangbei thought that he had to work hard and move in the direction his little sister suggested—towards becoming the richest person!

“Second brother, why is your face so red?” Xu Jinning looked at Xu Xiangbei and noticed his face was indeed very red, flushed all over.

Xu Xiangbei snapped back to reality and touched his face, feeling the heat.

He smiled and said, “It’s nothing, I just think what you said makes a lot of sense!”


Xu Jinning didn’t expect that her second brother would actually aim to become the richest person, just as she had suggested from her inner thoughts.

In fact, Xu Xiangbei hadn’t mentioned that he was planning to move in this direction for two reasons.

First, he was interested in business and felt that he had a certain knack for it.

If business became liberalized in the future, as his little sister mentioned, with the reforms and opening up and opportunities everywhere, it would be great.

Second, he wanted to protect his little sister.

He knew that the more special a person was, the more protection they needed. To become stronger and more capable, one needed either power or money.

Xu Xiangbei felt that gaining power was probably not feasible for him, but money might be.

So, he decided to work hard to become wealthy, so that anyone who wanted to harm his little sister would have to think twice about facing him, Xu Xiangbei.

With these thoughts, Xu Xiangbei’s resolve grew stronger!


Meanwhile, after Xu Xiangdong left, he headed straight for the village committee office.

At the office, the brigade captain, Xu Changyi, had just finished broadcasting and was waiting there for the villagers to arrive.

Xu Changyi was both excited and enthusiastic.

He knew that whether it was land division or the household responsibility system, these were policies beneficial to farmers.

By making good use of these policies and following their lead, they were sure to improve their lives.

Though he was just a village captain, Xu Changyi had enough political sensitivity.

He believed these policies were definitely viable.

However, he knew and understood the policies, but that didn’t mean everyone else did.

He was worried that the villagers might hesitate and miss out on this great opportunity because they couldn’t make up their minds.

As he waited in the office, he hoped the villagers would come so he could explain to each of them how beneficial these policies were.

Would the villagers come?

Would they stay away?

Just as Xu Changyi was thinking this, he suddenly heard footsteps outside.

The footsteps were hurried, moving quickly towards the village committee office.

Xu Changyi’s eyes lit up, and he stood up, looking outside expectantly.

Sure enough, the person he had been waiting for came running in.

“Xiangdong, it’s you!”

Indeed, the person who appeared in Xu Changyi’s sight was Xu Xiangdong!

Xu Xiangdong ran in, directly to Xu Changyi, and said, “Captain, I want to contract the village’s hillside and pond!”

“You want to contract? Really? Don’t you want to ask about it first? Did your father send you?” Xu Changyi had thought Xu Xiangdong was there to inquire about the policies, but he didn’t expect him to directly express his desire to contract.

Although this was what the team leader wanted, he was still a bit surprised.

“No, it’s in my own name.”

“But my father also agrees.”

“Our whole family thinks this policy is good, so naturally, we want to follow it.”

The more Xu Xiangdong spoke, the brighter Xu Changyi’s eyes became.

He patted Xu Xiangdong on the shoulder and said, “Xiangdong, I didn’t expect your family to have such high awareness.”

“You’re right!”

“But are you sure you don’t want to ask more questions or think it over? You’re just going to contract it directly?”

“I have to make it clear, contracting means signing a contract, and it has to be for at least 5 years.”

“You can pay part of the money upfront, and there are certain preferential policies.”

“But you absolutely can’t default.”

“Also, this is self-financed and self-managed.”

“Once this contract is signed, it’s legally binding. It’s not something to be taken lightly.”

Xu Changyi felt it was essential to explain everything clearly.

“Captain, I’m aware of all this.”

“But 5 years is too short. Are there options for 20 or even 50 years?”

“What? You want to contract for 20 or 50 years?!”

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