Chapter 238 – Following Suit

There were actually people wanting to contract for 50 years!

The contracting fee for 50 years was indeed a substantial amount. Although it didn’t need to be paid all at once, once the contract was signed, there would be no turning back.

If it produced results and made money, that would be great. But if it didn’t, they would be saddled with decades of debt.

“Xiangdong, there’s really no one taking the 50-year term, but we do have a 20-year one. Are you sure you want to sign for such a long time? Although the longer the contract, the more favorable the terms, you shouldn’t only consider these benefits; you need to think about the future too.”

Although Xu Changyi had confidence in the national policies, it was hard to predict their impact on individuals.

Some outcomes couldn’t be known until they happened.

“Captain, I’m sure. If the longest is 20 years, then I’ll take the 20 years. I have confidence in myself.”

“Are you sure? Contracting mountain land and ponds? Do you have a plan?”

“Yes, I plan to use the mountain land for medicinal herbs and the ponds for raising fish and ducks.”

“Alright then, it seems you have a plan. Let’s not talk about it any more. Let’s see which mountain land and ponds you want.” Those who arrived first always had priority.


So, when Xu Xiangdong came out of the captain’s office again, he had two contracts in hand.

One was for the 20-year contracting rights of a large piece of mountain land at the back, and the other was for three almost connected ponds, all in good locations.

More importantly, both the land and the ponds were excellent.

Having grown up on the land and worked closely with it, Xu Xiangdong naturally knew which pieces of land and which ponds were the best.

Even the captain repeatedly praised Xu Xiangdong’s foresight.

Moreover, he inexplicably felt that perhaps Xu Xiangdong could really achieve something significant.

To benefit the people, the authorities knew that it was impossible for the common folk to come up with a large contracting fee all at once.

Therefore, they required an initial deposit, with the remainder to be paid off within a stipulated period.

Xu Xiangdong didn’t have enough money himself, and Xu Aiguo had originally planned to provide financial support for his eldest son’s venture.

However, Wen Yulan was the first to offer her own money.

Her reason was that, as a married couple, her money was Xu Xiangdong’s money.

Moreover, Xu Xiangdong’s contracting business was a joint effort, with Wen Yulan also participating.

So, it made sense for her to contribute financially.

The couple had agreed to embark on this venture together!

When Xu Xiangdong came out with the two contracts, he happened to meet other villagers.

These villagers had come to consult with the captain about the policies in detail.

“Xiangdong, are you here to consult too?” a villager asked.

“No, I’m here to sign the contract.”

“What, you’ve signed the contract?”

After hearing Xu Xiangdong’s explanation, the villagers learned that he had contracted a large piece of mountain land and three connected ponds in the village.

And he had signed a 20-year contract.

Everyone gasped in surprise.

Signing for 20 years and contracting so much land was a significant commitment.

In an era when every household was focused on saving money, coming up with such a large sum for contracting was a bold move few could make.

No one expected Xu Xiangdong and his wife to be so daring.

“Xiangdong, do your parents know about this? It couldn’t be just your idea, could it?”

They felt that this was a big deal. Did Xu Aiguo and his wife agree so easily?

“How is that possible? Of course, my parents also agree.”

“I think this contracting policy is good. If everyone wants to engage in contracting, they should do it as soon as possible.”

“Of course, this is my family’s opinion. Whether or not to do it depends on you.”

“Let’s not talk about it for now. I want to take the contract home and share this good news with my family.”

With that, Xu Xiangdong left.

Leaving behind many villagers looking at each other in surprise.

After a moment of eye contact, someone headed quickly towards the captain’s office.

“Hey, Dazhu, where are you going in such a hurry?” someone asked.

“I’m going to see the captain; I want to contract too,” Dazhu turned around and said as he walked.

“In recent years, Uncle Aiguo’s family has been doing better and better. I’m sure it’s because they have wisdom and foresight.”

“Now, their family thinks this contracting is good, and they let Xiangdong contract so much land for so many years all at once. They must think this contracting is excellent.”

“I think I’m not very smart, and I don’t have much foresight, but I can follow others. I plan to do the same as Uncle Aiguo’s family.”

“Later, I’ll ask Xiangdong what’s best to plant and raise.”

“I think their family’s advice is definitely great.”

With that, Dazhu didn’t delay any longer and ran straight to the captain’s office. He wanted to be the second person to engage in contracting; he wanted to contract some good land.

As everyone watched Dazhu’s departing figure and listened to his words, they were stunned.

“Dazhu seems to have a point.”

They all envied the improving life of the Xu family but didn’t understand why their lives were getting better. Now, Dazhu’s words gave them some insight.

Without a doubt, the Xu family were intelligent people, so following them wouldn’t be wrong.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and choose land and ponds, and sign contracts!”

With that, everyone rushed to the captain’s office.

“Dazhu, wait for us. Don’t pick all the good ones.”

In the office, the captain was about to show Dazhu the available mountain land for contracting when suddenly, a crowd of people rushed in, surrounding him and startling him.

“Captain, I want to contract.”

“Captain, I want to contract a pond, the one near my house. We can sign the contract now.”

“Captain, I brought the money, and I want to contract a piece of mountain land for 20 years!”

The influx of people all expressed their desire to contract.

Their clamor nearly overwhelmed Xu Changyi.

Initially startled, Xu Changyi’s spirits were quickly lifted upon realizing that everyone wanted to sign contracts for contracting.

“Everyone’s here to contract, right? Okay, no problem. But don’t rush; let’s take it one by one.”

Afterward, the contracting work of Qinghe Production Brigade proceeded smoothly.

Within just two days, all the planned land, mountain land, ponds, and other areas for contracting were taken.

Some signed contracts for 20 years. However, for most, 20 years was too long and burdensome, so they opted for 5 years instead, thinking they could renew if things went well.

Little did they know, the prices five years later would be completely different.

Nevertheless, they were all now at the forefront of rural development and wealth creation.

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