Chapter 270 – Ningning, I Finally Found You

Very soon, Xie Ting’an arrived at the entrance of a small courtyard house.

However, by this time, it was already evening.

The courtyard house’s door was already closed, but Xie Ting’an saw that the lights inside the courtyard house were still on.

His hands trembling, he knocked on the door.

Xu Jinning, are you inside?

If you are, could you please open the door for me?

I want to be sure if it’s really you.

At that moment, Xu Jinning was having dinner with her brother, sister, and brother-in-law.

Because they had electric lights, it didn’t matter if it was dark outside; they didn’t have to worry about not being able to see.

Even though there was only one electric light and it wasn’t very bright, it was still much better than using candles or kerosene lamps.

While eating, they heard knocking on the door outside.

Xu Jinning had good hearing, so even though it was a bit far away, she still heard it.

“It sounds like someone is knocking on the door?” Xu Jinning said.

“So late? Could there be someone?” Xu Fanghua was a bit puzzled. It seemed that ever since they rented this place, no one had ever come to look for them at this hour.

“I’m done eating, I’ll go take a look.” Xu Jinning had just finished eating, so she put down her chopsticks and planned to go see.

Actually, that wasn’t the only reason.

It seemed like there was a voice in her heart telling her to open the door.

Why should she open the door?

Could it be that there was a surprise waiting for her?

Xu Jinning smiled and walked towards the outside of the courtyard.

At this moment, the person outside the door, not hearing any response, became anxious and knocked on the door again.

“Coming, coming,” Xu Jinning quickly responded.

Xu Jinning quickened her pace, but didn’t expect that her voice would make Xie Ting’an outside the door tremble.

This voice, he had heard for decades in his previous life, there was no mistaking it.

This was Xu Jinning’s voice.

At this moment, the previously tightly shut door slowly opened.

Even though the light in front of the door was dim, Xie Ting’an could still see the person standing there clearly.

That face, so familiar that it was etched into his soul, never to be forgotten.

The person in front of him, he couldn’t be mistaken, was Xu Jinning.

It wasn’t someone else with the same face, it was her, Xu Jinning.

At this moment, Xie Ting’an, who had been sent to this world for a long time, finally felt his heart start beating again. He felt that he was no longer out of tune with this world, but had become alive again, as if he had finally found the meaning of his journey and his life.

Perhaps because the person in front of him was in dim light, it gave a vague and somewhat unreal feeling.

This made Xie Ting’an, who had been searching bitterly for a long time, feel a sudden emptiness and a surge of panic.

Thus, he could no longer suppress his emotions and took two steps forward, embracing Xu Jinning tightly.

“Ningning, I finally found you, I finally found you.”

Xu Jinning had just opened the door and hadn’t yet seen who the person in front of her was when she was suddenly pulled into a tight embrace.

This person was hugging her so tightly that, if she didn’t know better, she might have thought he wanted to embed her into his bones.

Xu Jinning wasn’t someone who would let just anyone hug her; what if this person was a bad guy?

She was about to speak and resist when she heard the man’s words.


This person knew her?

And why did this voice sound so familiar?

At this moment, the man slowly loosened his hold on Xu Jinning.

Xu Jinning then saw the man’s face.

When that familiar face came into view, Xu Jinning’s eyes widened immediately.

This face, no, it couldn’t be.

“Brother Ting’an?” Xu Jinning asked tentatively.

Her heart, however, was beating wildly.

Just like in their previous life, after Xu Jinning called out to him, Xie Ting’an reached out, patted Xu Jinning’s head, and with red-rimmed eyes, said, “Little girl.”

It really was him!

This familiar gesture and greeting made Xu Jinning completely sure.

“Xie Ting’an, you are Xie Ting’an, you are Brother Ting’an! You are Brother Ting’an!” Xu Jinning murmured, from initial uncertainty to complete certainty.

“It’s me. I thought you might not remember me.”

This was Xie Ting’an, her Brother Ting’an.

How could she forget?

Xie Ting’an was the only person in her previous life who treated her sincerely and gave her warmth.

In her previous life, at the moment she was pushed down the stairs, the only person she thought of before closing her eyes was Xie Ting’an.

She thought, how unfortunate, Brother Ting’an was still waiting for her in the garden, but he might never see her again.

She might never see Brother Ting’an again.

She hoped that her death would not cause Xie Ting’an any sadness. After all, his health was so poor.

What if excessive grief harmed his health?

“Brother Ting’an, it’s really you.” This time, it was Xu Jinning who couldn’t hold back. She threw herself into Xie Ting’an’s arms, hugging him tightly.

In their previous life, whenever Xu Jinning felt emotionally down, she would always find comfort in Xie Ting’an’s embrace.

Then, Xie Ting’an would help her sort out her feelings.

Xu Jinning had long been accustomed to hugging Xie Ting’an and didn’t resist it.

And now, Xu Jinning hugged even tighter.

This was Xie Ting’an.

The Xie Ting’an from her previous life.

In this world, besides herself, there was another person who shared memories of their previous life with her.

This wasn’t just a tearful reunion between old friends but a sense of belonging.

Yes, family is a kind of belonging, and in Xie Ting’an, she saw another kind of belonging.

She felt relieved and warm.

Meanwhile, Xu Fanghua, Song Yi, and Xu Xiangdong were originally having dinner, waiting for Xu Jinning to open the door to see who it was.

But as they waited and waited, it seemed like there was no sound outside anymore.

Could Ningning have opened the door and encountered a bad person?

The three of them were worried and quickly put down their chopsticks, rushing outside and looking towards the direction of the courtyard.

As soon as they looked, they instantly became unsettled.

What’s going on here!

Why would Ningning take the initiative to hug a strange young man!

Although, although that young man was very handsome, but, Ningning, he’s a stranger, how could you hug someone so casually.

Cough cough. And it seems like they’ve been hugging for quite a while.

Xu Xiangdong, who was protective of his sister, couldn’t help but cough twice.

Kid, my sister is hugging you, and you’re just happily hugging her, huh?

If it wasn’t because Xu Jinning initiated the hug with this young man.

But the young man hugged Ningning first.

At this moment, Xu Xiangdong couldn’t bear it anymore. As soon as he saw it, he stepped forward to pull the person away and maybe throw in a punch while he was at it.

However, even if he didn’t go forward to punch anyone right now, Xu Xiangdong’s expression was not very pleasant.

And, he had a bad premonition in his heart.

The appearance of this young man seemed like he was trying to snatch his little sister.

Anyone trying to snatch his little sister was his enemy!

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning only regained her senses after hearing a familiar voice.

And at this moment, because she was too excited to see Xie Ting’an, not only were her eyes red, but there were also tear streaks on her face.

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