Chapter 271 – Could it be that I also like Xie Ting’an?

However, the way she had just hugged Xie Ting’an had been seen by her older brother, older sister, and brother-in-law.

Xu Jinning suddenly felt a bit embarrassed and awkward.

They wouldn’t misunderstand, would they?

She and Xie Ting’an didn’t mean it that way.

In both her previous life and now, Xie Ting’an always played the role of a warm, gentle older brother in her heart.

But it could be said with certainty that Xie Ting’an was different and special to her.

“Big brother, big sister, brother-in-law, this is my friend, Xie Ting’an,” Xu Jinning introduced Xie Ting’an to them.

“Oh, so this is Ningning’s friend. Don’t just stand at the door, come in and sit down.”

“Yes, Xie Ting’an, right? Have you eaten? Would you like to join us?”

Xie Ting’an was thus invited into the small courtyard.

After learning more, Xu Xiangdong and the others found out that before Xu Jinning returned, she had met Xie Ting’an during her time in the countryside.

But after Xu Jinning returned to the Qinghe Production Brigade, they had separated and had not seen each other again.

Now, it was the first time they met after being apart.

This, of course, was a lie.

But Xu Jinning could only say that.

Otherwise, how could she explain that she knew Xie Ting’an well enough to hug him?

Previously, she knew him, but she definitely couldn’t say it was from a past life.

Even if she did, no one would believe it.

Xu Jinning’s explanation was believed by Xu Xiangdong and the others.

They knew what kind of life Xu Jinning had lived before.

When Xu Jinning mentioned that Xie Ting’an had helped her a lot in the past, their impression of him improved even more.

Since it was late and Xie Ting’an needed to return to school, and with Xu Xiangdong and the others around, Xu Jinning and Xie Ting’an couldn’t spend much time alone or talk much.

They agreed to meet at school the next day to discuss things in detail.

In the end, Xie Ting’an left reluctantly.

Xie Ting’an walked a short distance before seeing the door of the small courtyard slowly close.

The door closed, but Xie Ting’an’s heart felt incredibly at ease.

Because he had finally found Xu Jinning.

Because Xu Jinning was in that small courtyard.

In this world, he was no longer lonely.

Back in the dormitory, his roommates noticed that the usually emotionless Xie Ting’an seemed much more lively, as if he had come to life.

Previously, Xie Ting’an really gave off an impression of being numb and lifeless.

Now, he seemed like a person with emotions and feelings.

Moreover, they could clearly sense that Xie Ting’an was happy.

They were curious but didn’t dare to ask why.

After washing up, Xie Ting’an lay on his bed, hands still crossed behind his head.

Although it was already very late, he felt no sleepiness at all.

Even though a long time had passed since he saw Xu Jinning, his heart couldn’t calm down.

His lips curled into a smile unconsciously.

It was so good to meet Xu Jinning so soon in this world!

Xu Jinning felt the same way.

Meeting Xie Ting’an tonight, realizing that he, like herself, had come from the past life, how could Xu Jinning not be excited? How could she possibly sleep?

Her emotions were in turmoil, and she had many questions.

She had transmigrated, but how did Xie Ting’an also transmigrate? Was it just the two of them, or were there others who had transmigrated as well? If so, with all the transmigrations, regressions, and body snatchings of female protagonists, wouldn’t this world be riddled like a sieve?

She had transmigrated because she was pushed to her death. How did Xie Ting’an transmigrate? Could it be that he also died? The thought of this possibility made Xu Jinning furrow her brows.

She didn’t want it to be that way.

But if it wasn’t death, then how did Xie Ting’an transmigrate? Thinking about Xie Ting’an’s sickly body in their past life, it seemed even more likely.

She decided that she must ask Xie Ting’an about this tomorrow.

And how did Xie Ting’an know she lived here? What happened after her death in the past life? Xu Jinning really wanted to know if the true cause of her death had been discovered.

Xu Jinning had too many questions.

With these questions in mind, it took a long time for Xu Jinning to fall asleep.

And when she did, she dreamt, something she hadn’t done in a long time.

Xu Jinning didn’t expect to dream of her past life.

She dreamt of what happened after her death in the past life.

It turned out that when she died in the past life, Xie Ting’an had wanted to save her but had been restrained.

The restraint only dissipated after she died.

She saw with her own eyes Xie Ting’an’s pained expression when he learned of her death and saw him holding her dead body, not letting go.

He even lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

At that moment, Xu Jinning saw the intense love in Xie Ting’an’s eyes.

In the dream, Xu Jinning was stunned for a long time before she reacted.

She then realized a fact.

So, Xie Ting’an liked her all along.

Xu Jinning wasn’t stupid or slow-witted; especially after transmigrating, her reactions had become much sharper.

And now, she clearly realized that Xie Ting’an liked her.

But in their past life, she hadn’t realized it at all.

Yet Xie Ting’an’s affection had been so obvious.

Realizing that Xie Ting’an liked her, Xu Jinning was initially stunned and surprised, but she didn’t feel any rejection in her heart.

‘Could it be that I also like Xie Ting’an?’

Xu Jinning asked herself.

In her past life, she lived until she was 18 years old without ever having a relationship, liking anyone, or even having a crush.

She had known Xie Ting’an since they were young; he took great care of her and always looked out for her, comforting her when she was sad or upset.

So, she always regarded Xie Ting’an as an older brother.

Even at the moment of her death, she never considered the possibility that Xie Ting’an might like her.

But now, she couldn’t deny it anymore.

Did she, Xu Jinning, like Xie Ting’an?

She probably did, though this liking was not deeply tied to romantic feelings. Yet, Xu Jinning didn’t reject the idea.

She thought, if it were to marry Xie Ting’an and spend the rest of her life with him, she would be willing.

If, after transmigrating, Xie Ting’an still liked her, then their feelings could definitely be nurtured.

Moreover, Xu Jinning imagined Xie Ting’an marrying another woman and treating her well…

In the past, she wouldn’t have entertained such a thought, but now, thinking about it made her feel a sense of rejection.

So, she must have some feelings for Xie Ting’an, though not nearly as intense as his feelings for her.

In the dream, Xu Jinning confirmed Xie Ting’an’s feelings for her.

She also saw Xie Ting’an’s madness after her death.

He truly went mad!

**Author’s Note

I don’t like melodrama. The male and female protagonists, whether now or in the future, will never have any misunderstandings or dramatic storylines. I prefer calm, mutually supportive, and enduring relationships.

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