Chapter 272 – Responding to Xie Ting’an’s Love

For instance, after her death, he worked day and night to uncover the cause of her death and bring her stepsister to justice.

He also made Xu Jinning’s father see the true face of her stepmother, leading to their eventual divorce.

After accomplishing all this and realizing that the Xie family would no longer be inexplicably targeted, Xie Ting’an seemed to have completed his mission in this world.

His health deteriorated rapidly.

Although he wasn’t ill, his body functions declined quickly, and in the same year Xu Jinning died, Xie Ting’an also passed away.

In the moment he closed his eyes, Xu Jinning could see his lips move.

Miraculously, she understood the words he didn’t speak.

They were—

“Ningning, I’m coming to find you.”

Xu Jinning woke up abruptly from her dream.

Her mind still lingered on Xie Ting’an’s eyes, filled with intense and obsessive love for her.

She was deeply shocked.

Sitting on her bed, Xu Jinning’s heart pounded wildly, taking a long time to calm down.

So, this was what happened after her death in the past life.

Xie Ting’an did so much for her, and he loved her so deeply.

Xu Jinning thought, perhaps Xie Ting’an’s transmigration was fate’s way of giving them another chance.

Maybe they were destined to be together.

Even though she only realized today that Xie Ting’an liked her.

And even though she realized that his love for her was so intense and obsessive.

Xu Jinning did not reject it.

Perhaps in her past life, feeling unloved made Xu Jinning yearn for love.

She longed for that kind of intense, passionate, and obsessive love.

Unique, unwavering, for her alone.

Xu Jinning wanted to respond to Xie Ting’an’s love.

She even wanted Xie Ting’an’s love to be more intense and passionate.

Such love was different from the love given by family.

That kind of love would give Xu Jinning enough security and warmth.

At that moment, Xu Jinning realized that although she seemed indifferent and unconcerned about everything, it wasn’t true. She just hadn’t encountered someone or something she wanted to hold onto.

Now, she had.

So she too became obsessive.

Obsessively wanting to always have and protect what she desired now, like her family, like Xie Ting’an…

Xu Jinning hugged her knees, sitting on her bed, murmuring, “Brother Ting’an, we will be fine in the future.”

The next day, Xu Xiangdong boarded the train to return home.

Before getting on the train, Xu Xiangdong carefully instructed, “Ningning, since I won’t be around, you must take care of yourself. Also, you are still young, and your primary focus should be on studying. Learn to distinguish between lies and truths, and never let a man deceive you, understand?”

Xu Xiangdong almost mentioned Xie Ting’an by name.

He could see clearly that that boy definitely liked his little sister, Ningning.

And it seemed Ningning had some affection for him too.

That boy, he had heard, came from a military family, with a deep background.

Xu Xiangdong wasn’t worried that his little sister wasn’t a match for Xie Ting’an, but he feared the disparity in their family backgrounds. If they were really together, his sister might suffer.

He didn’t hope for his sister to marry into some influential family; he just wanted her to be happy for the rest of her life. After all, the first fifteen years of her life had been too harsh.

But his little sister was so good; she deserved a better future and to meet someone truly exceptional.

Xu Jinning listened to her big brother’s words, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

She thought, Xie Ting’an really needed to hear what her brother was saying.

“Brother, I understand,” Xu Jinning replied.

However, she thought to herself: Brother, I have decided that if Xie Ting’an truly likes me, I will be with him.

If I really decide to marry Xie Ting’an and spend my life with him, why not determine it now and be together?

Life is short, only a few decades, and there’s no need to waste it. One should fully enjoy all the beauty and sweetness it has to offer.

Hearing Xu Jinning’s response, Xu Xiangdong finally felt relieved.

He truly believed that Xie Ting’an was more dangerous than Wang Chenggong.

This danger referred to how much he coveted his sister.

Wang Chenggong seemed outgoing, but he was actually shy and somewhat timid.

Moreover, he believed his sister wouldn’t like someone like Wang Chenggong.

But with Xie Ting’an, Xu Xiangdong was not so sure.

Last night, when he saw the two hugging, he had a moment where he felt like his sister was being taken away.

No, no, that was definitely just an illusion.

Yes, just an illusion.

In the end, Xu Xiangdong reluctantly boarded the train.

Of course, he also instructed Xu Fanghua and Song Yi to be wary of that woman named Murong Jing.

Telling Xu Fanghua and Song Yi wasn’t enough.

He also had to go back and tell their parents and Xiangbei.

Because from what he heard from his sister’s inner thoughts, that woman named Murong Jing harmed people by targeting their family members.

So, Murong Jing might try to harm his sister by targeting them, which meant they had to be on guard and absolutely must not do anything that would wrong or hurt his sister.

Xu Fanghua and Song Yi both said they understood.

Of course, Xu Jinning was unaware of any of this.

Before Xu Xiangdong left, Xu Jinning gave him a letter, instructing him to deliver it personally to Zhang Changzheng.

In the letter, she wrote about Murong Jing.

Naturally, Xu Jinning didn’t state it plainly; she asked tentatively and even joked, inquiring what she should do if there were such a person, and whether Father Changzheng could help her.

The reason she didn’t explicitly say anything was that the situation with Murong Jing was too fantastical for ordinary people to believe. Moreover, if Dad Changzheng knew people in higher places, it would be fine to be frank with him. If not, it was better not to let him know too much to avoid getting him involved in any trouble.

Xu Jinning had a premonition that her transmigration to this world might not be a coincidence.

Perhaps, heaven had secretly assigned her a task, hoping she could complete it and offer help.

And these tasks were opportunities, but they also came with risks.

If possible, she hoped her family and loved ones could avoid danger as much as possible.

In fact, what neither the Xu family nor Xu Jinning knew was that both sides were working hard to protect each other.

Perhaps that’s what being a true family is all about.

Xu Xiangdong placed the letter Xu Jinning gave him close to his chest, assuring her that he would deliver it to Zhang Changzheng as soon as he got home.

Xu Xiangdong didn’t ask why Xu Jinning didn’t just tell him directly to relay the message to Zhang Changzheng or why she didn’t make a phone call.

He understood that some matters must remain unknown and couldn’t be discussed over the phone, which is why his sister chose to write a letter.

Giving the letter to him was an act of trust.

So, he couldn’t betray his sister’s trust.

Of course, Xu Xiangdong had no intention of reading the letter.

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