Chapter 269 – I Want to Be Your Bride

“If the Xu Jinning you’re talking about is the one I know, then what I’m saying is true,” Xie Ting’an explained lightly, though his expression was very serious.

What he said was indeed true.

In his past life, when he was only six years old and had poor health, he moved into the villa next to the Xu family’s.

On the first day, he met little Xu Jinning.

At that time, the little girl was only five years old.

Back then, the little girl was stunned in place when she saw him for the first time, looking at him without blinking, then said, “Big brother, you’re really handsome.”

“Big brother, when I grow up, I want to be your bride, okay?”

At that time, young Xie Ting’an, looking at the beautiful and delicate little sister in front of him, stared for a while and said, “Okay.”

He agreed, and it was the little sister who first asked for this marriage.

So, he was the little sister’s fiancé, that’s a fact, beyond doubt.

Wang Chenggong didn’t know, he actually thought Xie Ting’an had a formal engagement with Xu Jinning.

At this moment, tears truly flowed in his heart.

His love had just begun to sprout, yet it was mercilessly cut off.

Also, that girl Wang Xiumei, her eyes were too sharp.

Saying that this man named Xie Ting’an was more suitable for Ningning, she really hit the nail on the head.

Wang Chenggong felt a bit deflated.

“Then why did you ask me?”

“Is she a new student this year? Where is she?”

“Yes, Sister Ningning is a new student this year. We met on the train, but something came up midway, so she and her brother got off early. But we agreed to meet at Beijing University later.”

So, even though Sister Ningning couldn’t be pursued, being friends was still possible.

“She’s not here right now; I don’t know where she is.”

Confirming that Xu Jinning was a freshman this year, Xie Ting’an’s heart relaxed a little.

But if Xu Jinning was a freshman, why wasn’t she listed in the welcome records?

Do I really have to wait until the day after tomorrow?

Xie Ting’an could wait, but he feared other possibilities.

“Do you know what major Ningning is in?”

“She’s in the Foreign Languages major.” Yes, the Foreign Languages major. Wang Chenggong had specifically asked about it, so he couldn’t have remembered wrong.

As soon as he finished speaking, Xie Ting’an put back the clothes he had intended to wash and hurried out.

Wang Chenggong: …

Wait, where are you going? It’s so late.


Wang Chenggong was a bit slow to catch on. Since you’re Sister Ningning’s fiancé, why don’t you even know what major she’s in or where she is right now?

“Could this person be lying to me?”

It’s fine if he’s lying to him, just don’t lie to Ningning.

Meanwhile, Xie Ting’an left the dormitory building and headed towards the Foreign Languages department.

He thought, if Xu Jinning came to Beijing University today, why wasn’t she in the welcome event? The only possibility was that she had gone to see the counselor herself.

Of course, it was also possible that the little girl hadn’t come today and might come the day after tomorrow.

But Xie Ting’an couldn’t wait.

What if the little girl came today? He couldn’t wait to confirm and see her.

So, Xie Ting’an went straight to the counselor’s office and found the counselor for the Foreign Languages major.

“Xiao’an, are you here to see me?” Surprisingly, the counselor for the Foreign Languages major was someone Xie Ting’an knew, or rather, someone known to Xie Ting’an’s grandfather in this world.

Xie Ting’an’s grandfather, Xie Huaijin, knew this counselor’s father, and they had a good relationship. Xie Ting’an had seen this person several times before.

“Uncle Wu, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Xiao’an, what’s the matter?” Wu Donglai was somewhat surprised by Xie Ting’an’s visit.

He knew Xie Ting’an’s identity, and his father had instructed him to take care of Xie Ting’an more while at school, especially when Xie Ting’an faced difficulties.

However, since the start of last year’s school term, Xie Ting’an hadn’t come to him even once. After all, Xie Ting’an wasn’t in his Foreign Languages major.

Today, at this time, Xie Ting’an suddenly came to find him, stating that there was something important, which naturally piqued Wu Donglai’s curiosity.

“Uncle Wu, is there a new student named Xu Jinning reporting today?” Xie Ting’an asked.

“How did you know?” Wu Donglai was quite surprised.

“So it’s true. Where is she now?” Xie Ting’an’s expression was excited.

This was the first time Wu Donglai had seen Xie Ting’an, this usually composed young man, display such lively emotions. He couldn’t help but feel surprised and intrigued.

But instead of directly answering Xie Ting’an ‘s question, he asked, “Xiao’an, is there something you need from her?”

“She’s my fiancée.”


Wu Donglai never expected that Xie Ting’an would say Xu Jinning was his fiancée.

Wasn’t Xu Jinning from a remote village in the south? It was only because she was this year’s top scorer in the college entrance examination, in addition to being in his department, that Wu Donglai paid more attention to her.

He didn’t expect her to be Xie Ting’an’s fiancée.

But thinking about it, it’s not entirely impossible.

Sometimes, marriage and fate don’t care about distance or social status.

Of course, Wu Donglai didn’t consider the possibility of Xie Ting’an lying.

He believed Xie Ting’an couldn’t lie.

Actually, Xie Ting’an hadn’t lied at all.

In this world, Xu Jinning and Xie Ting’an really were engaged.

It’s just that neither of them knew, and no one had told them yet.

But this engagement truly existed.

Perhaps this is the fate between them in this life and the past.

Wu Donglai knew about Xie Ting’an’s past experiences, and maybe that’s why they hadn’t met Xu Jinning, his fiancée, yet.

But now, the Xie family had turned their luck around.

And Xie Ting’an could openly go find his fiancée.

So, Wu Donglai said, “Xu Jinning, she’s indeed a freshman this year, in my Foreign Languages department.”

“She’s also this year’s top scorer in the college entrance examination.”

“She did come to report today, just this afternoon, but she didn’t stay in the dorms; she applied for off-campus residence.”

“So, she’s not on campus now? Then where is she staying?”

“I actually know that.”

If Xu Jinning applied to stay off-campus, she would have left an address.

Wu Donglai searched and found the information Xu Jinning had provided.

“Here, this is the address, quite close to the school.”

Xie Ting’an took a look and indeed, it was a nearby address. If he went now, it would only take a few minutes.

“Thank you, Uncle Wu.” Xie Ting’an quickly memorized the address, bid farewell to Wu Donglai, and hastened his steps towards the outskirts of the school.

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