Chapter 268 – Fiancé

Through Shen Hongling’s account, Xu Jinning learned that Xu Yu’s condition had improved a lot.

For instance, now he could speak like a normal child.

Usually, when it was time for class, he attended, and when there was no class, he either rested or went to the hospital for therapy.

The cost of this therapy was originally intended to be covered by Xu Yu’s teacher, but Shen Hongling refused.

There was still a lot of money left from the Big Black Ten they exchanged back then. With their own money, how could they use someone else’s, especially when Xu Yu’s teacher had been so kind to them?

They couldn’t even repay their gratitude properly, so how could they use his money?

However, Xu Yu’s teacher had shown great kindness to him and was also very good to Xu Yu.

So, in Shen Hongling’s heart, both Xu Jinning and Xu Yu’s teacher were very important benefactors, to be repaid and appreciated for a lifetime.

Xu Yu’s growth in the junior class was also very rapid. His intelligence had reached an astonishing level, and his learning ability had reached an astonishing speed. Therefore, the higher-ups valued this genius Xu Yu very much.

As for Shen Hongling and her mother-in-law, they were currently assigned to work in the cafeteria of Beijing University.

Both the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were very satisfied and grateful for this job.

This way, they could be by Xu Yu’s side to take care of him at any time and also have an income.

Xu Jinning was very happy for them to break free from their predetermined fate and live a better life.

Indeed, as long as there was no persecution from the female protagonist, cannon fodder could rely on themselves to live a good life and also obtain their own happiness.

After exchanging pleasantries, Xu Fanghua and Song Yi took Xu Jinning to complete the enrollment procedures.

Then they took Xu Jinning to where they lived.

Originally, new students were supposed to live on campus, and even if they wanted to live off-campus, they had to at least for a year.

However, as the top scorer in the previous and current year’s college entrance examination, they always received some special treatment.

So, the counselor also approved their request to live off-campus.

“We rented a small courtyard. Although it’s called a small courtyard, it’s not small at all. Plus, it’s near the school. Just turn one corner in the morning, and you’ll be there,” Xu Fanghua introduced their rented house as they walked.

As they walked, they soon arrived at the place they had rented.

Sure enough, it was a small courtyard.

Outside was a spacious courtyard with a jujube tree and a well, making water very convenient.

There were two master bedrooms, two side rooms, a kitchen, a warehouse, a toilet, a hall…

“Here, the toilet and bathroom are separate,” Xu Jinning observed the courtyard. She was quite satisfied that the toilet and bathroom were separate.

“Yes, I knew you would like it,” Xu Fanghua said happily when she saw Xu Jinning’s approval.

She knew that Ningning liked neat and clean and had some aversion to having the toilet and bathroom together.

So, when they were looking at houses initially, seeing the separate toilet and bathroom, she immediately liked it.

The small courtyard was cleaned up very neatly and warmly by Xu Fanghua and Song Yi, giving it a homely atmosphere.

In the end, it was decided that Xu Jinning would stay in another master bedroom, while Xu Xiangdong, who would take the train the next day, would stay in one of the side rooms for the night.

“You must be hungry too. I’ll cook…” Song Yi headed towards the kitchen, saying, “Knowing you were coming, your sister bought a lot of things this morning…”

That evening, Xu Jinning and Xu Xiangdong stayed in the small courtyard.

However, Xu Jinning was unaware that someone was still looking for her.

That person was Xie Ting’an.

Xie Ting’an returned home in the evening.

The orientation for new students had also ended.

Xie Ting’an took the list of new students and looked through it, but he still didn’t see Xu Jinning’s name.

“Could it be that Ningning is coming the day after tomorrow?”

Although he was sure that Xu Jinning would definitely come to Beijing University, Xie Ting’an felt uneasy not seeing her for a day.

He even wondered if Xu Jinning was not in the new student group, if she had used another method to come to Beijing University.

Xie Ting’an was feeling a bit impatient.

When he returned to the dormitory, his expression visibly cooled down a bit.

Wang Chenggong glanced at him and muttered, “So cold, is he really a good match? Xiumei must have made a mistake. This person is so cold, Ningning will definitely not like him.”

He thought that someone warm and outgoing like him would be more suitable for Ningning.


“Xu Jinning, Xu Jinning, when are you coming to Beijing University?”

Today, Wang Chenggong didn’t see Xu Jinning during the orientation.

What Wang Chenggong and Xie Ting’an didn’t know was that because Xu Fanghua and Song Yi were with Xu Jinning, they had directly taken her to the counselor to complete the enrollment procedures and arrange off-campus accommodation. So, it was normal not to see Xu Jinning at the orientation.

Just as Wang Chenggong finished muttering, Xie Ting’an, who was holding clothes and about to wash up, suddenly walked towards him.

“What did you just say?”

“Huh?” Wang Chenggong looked a bit bewildered under Xie Ting’an’s gaze. “What, what did I just say?”

Brother, don’t look at me like that, it’s giving me so much pressure. That look and aura, it’s too imposing, like someone who’s been in power for a long time.

In fact, Wang Chenggong’s feeling wasn’t wrong.

In his past life, apart from Xie Ting’an’s grandfather overseeing things, it was Xie Ting’an who was in charge of the entire Xie family. The old man had long granted Xie Ting’an the right to control all of the Xie family’s resources.

“You just said Xu Jinning? Did you just say that name?” Xie Ting’an asked, his voice trembling slightly and cautiously.

“!” I whispered that so softly, yet he heard it.

And his reaction, could it be… he already knows Ningning?

No, that can’t be.

Wang Chenggong’s heart was filled with tears.

“Yes, I just mentioned the name Xu Jinning.”

“Xu as in ‘many’, Jin as in ‘beautiful embroidery’, Ning as in ‘peaceful’, is that the name?” Xie Ting’an confirmed repeatedly.

“Ah, yes, that’s the name. Um, do you know Ningning?” Wang Chenggong asked cautiously.

“I do.” If the Xu Jinning this person was referring to was the little girl he thought, then of course he knew her.

“We’ve known each other since we were kids.”

“Oh, I see. So, good-looking people tend to be friends with other good-looking people.”

“We’re not friends.”

“Huh, you’re not friends? Are you neighbors then?” That seemed possible too.

“We’re engaged.”

As soon as Xie Ting’an said those words, Wang Chenggong’s eyes widened instantly.

“You, you… I know Ningning is really great, like a celestial being from heaven, with a great personality too, but you can’t just say things like that casually.”

If you’re Ningning’s fiancé, then I don’t even have the right to pursue her fairly.

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