Chapter 701 (Extra) — The Children’s Marriage Matters 1

Lu Xia initially thought that despite some mischief when they were young, her few children were relatively easy-going once they grew up.

However, it wasn’t until each of them passed thirty and still showed no inclination to get married that she realized she had been mistaken.

It turned out that the rebellious phase for her children unexpectedly arrived at this moment, just a bit later than expected.

Late, but it arrived nonetheless.

Lu Xia considered herself a fairly open-minded mother, refraining from intervening in many of her children’s thoughts.

But as she watched each of them avoid marriage, Lu Xia finally became anxious. Like any other parent, she started urging them to consider marriage.

However, despite their face-to-face assurances, later on, they did as they pleased.

Yet, Lu Xia, always priding herself on being open-minded, couldn’t force marriage, not even arranging blind dates, despite considering the idea.

Well, grandchildren will have their own fortunes, and her children will live as they please.

Fortunately, they didn’t remain single all the while.

Regarding her children’s relationships, Lu Xia generally didn’t intervene. However, over the years, her character remained inquisitive, so occasionally she discreetly inquired about their emotional status or silently observed their boyfriends and girlfriends.

However, none of these relationships resulted in a successful match.

Kang Kang was relatively faithful. Due to his outstanding appearance, he always had admirers. However, he only started dating during his college years with a fellow student.

Later, that person went abroad, and the two separated. Since then, there had been no developments. Lu Xia thought he might not have moved on from his first love and contemplated whether to find out about the current situation of that person.

But before she could implement this plan, it was blocked by Jiang Junmo, who advised her not to meddle.

Lu Xia then gave up.

Afterward, Kang Kang remained focused on work, and it wasn’t until he was 37 years old that he finally got married.

His wife was also a military officer, with a decent appearance, exuding a dignified air in her countenance, and possessing a very competent personality.

Although Lu Xia hadn’t anticipated that Kang Kang would ultimately marry someone of this type, overall, she was relatively content with this daughter-in-law.

The couple had a son after marriage, whose character closely mirrored Kang Kang’s, meticulous and methodical in his actions.

This resemblance often reminded Lu Xia of her own childhood, making her extremely fond of the child, so much so that she would take care of him during every summer and winter break.

As for the younger son, An An, he was the most worry-free child for Lu Xia. However, his persistent fascination with scientific research led to his lack of interest in romantic relationships. Even in his thirties, he had not experienced his first love.

At one point, Lu Xia had feared that this son might not find a partner.

Fortunately, later, he was introduced by his workplace superiors to his current wife, a university professor, whose gentle disposition was quite compatible with his.

After half a year of being together, they got married. His wife understood and supported his frequent absence at home due to work, even residing in the research institute at times.

The couple had twin daughters after marriage, exceptionally adorable and held a special place in Lu Xia’s heart.

The first two children were relatively easy to handle, while the latter two caused Lu Xia a great deal of worry.

Both Chen Chen and Zhen Zhen seemed to have encountered relationship challenges.

Chen Chen had no shortage of girlfriends, but he never deeply committed to any relationship. Whenever it didn’t work out, he would part ways. He seemed to have the potential of a playboy, yet due to the emphasis on image that Lu Xia instilled in him, he never engaged in inappropriate behavior. None of his exes had negative things to say about him during their breakups.

However, he never felt the urge to settle down.

It wasn’t until he was 38 years old that he finally got married. Surprisingly, his bride was Qi Wan, the daughter of Qi Xiao and Ye Lin!

Qi Wan was eight years younger than Chen Chen and had grown up under his watch. Lu Xia hadn’t noticed any differences between the two before.

Unexpectedly, they somehow found a connection and went as far as getting married.

When Qi Xiao found out that his daughter had been taken away by Chen Chen, he angrily called and threatened Jiang Junmo over the phone.

If it had been Kang Kang or An An that his daughter fancied, he wouldn’t have been so worried. Who would have thought she’d take a liking to the most fickle Chen Chen?

However, due to his trust in Lu Xia and his understanding of Chen Chen, Qi Xiao eventually reluctantly agreed.


Chapter 702 (Extra) — Children’s Marriage Matters 2


After Chen Chen got married, they had a son as their first child and a pair of twins as their second, making them the couple with the most children among their siblings.

Following marriage, Chen Chen also became more attentive, treating his wife and children exceptionally well, spoiling them endlessly.

This significantly pleased Qi Xiao.

As he got older, the company was gradually handed over to Chen Chen. With only one daughter, he would hand it over to no one but them.

Although Chen Chen’s emotional settlement came a bit later, it eventually came to fruition.

However, the path for Zhen Zhen was more challenging.

Being in the entertainment industry, each time she acted in a film, she’d get emotionally involved. Zhen Zhen had been in several relationships due to on-set romance, but none of them lasted…

Zhen Zhen was someone who took relationships seriously. Each breakup left her deeply hurt, requiring a long time to heal.

It wasn’t until she was 36 that she finally met someone to spend the rest of her life with!

He was her college classmate, also an actor, who had a crush on her during their university days.

However, at that time, he was merely a student, not even a newcomer, while Zhen Zhen was already a famous child star. He could only keep his love hidden in his heart.

It wasn’t until he had progressed over the years, becoming a well-known actor, that he finally confessed his feelings to her.

Zhen Zhen was moved to know that someone had loved her for so many years!

After being deeply touched, she accepted his confession. They spent two years together, felt good about their relationship, and it was quite stable, so they decided to get married.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo put their sole son-in-law to the test and were very satisfied.

After marrying, Zhen Zhen found much happiness. Later, she had a pair of twins, then gradually withdrew from the entertainment industry. After transitioning careers, she would make a film roughly every one or two years.

At this point, finally, each of the children had their own families.

Lu Xia, this old mother, finally stopped worrying and began to live a life dedicated to doting on her grandchildren…

Actually, not only Lu Xia’s four children married late, but the children in Jiang’s family of this generation were the same.

Ning Ning from the eldest cousin’s family, as well as Yunqian from the youngest cousin’s family, were in similar situations.

Ning Ning grew up in the big courtyard. She had a gentle and introverted personality, but she adored Lu Xia. During the college entrance examination, her mother specifically came back, hoping she would apply to study at the University of Political Science and Law, so that after graduating, she could become an official. With connections in the Jiang family, her career would undoubtedly be smooth.

However, Ning Ning didn’t listen. Influenced by Lu Xia, she aspired to become a teacher and ultimately enrolled in a normal university, later becoming a middle school teacher.

This decision greatly upset her mother.

But as the situation had progressed to this point, it couldn’t be changed. All attention was now directed toward Jin Jin.

Growing up by her parents’ side, although they treated her well, her father was usually busy. While her mother was also kind to her, she knew her mother felt regretful that she wasn’t a son, thinking that having a son would bring more prestige to the Jiang family.

She couldn’t understand why, among the Jiang family’s children, it had to be sons who were so highly valued.

So from a young age, she was more assertive, her temperament resembling that of a boy.

She aimed to outperform boys in everything.

By the time of the college entrance examination, she had already decided to apply to a military academy, just like her father, but she knew her mother wouldn’t allow it. So she secretly went for the physical examination.

She was ecstatic when she passed!

However, at the time of the application, her mother had secretly altered her preferences and signed her up for medical school, just like herself.

By the time Jin Jin found out, it was too late.

For the first time, this usually strong-willed girl cried, disregarding her mother’s obstruction and sought her father in tears.

Upon learning of the situation, her father didn’t say anything. He immediately sent her back to the capital and allowed her to study for another year. The following year, she successfully entered the military academy.

After graduation, she became a soldier.

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