Chapter 699 (Extra) — Turned Into a Movie

By the time the movie premiered, another year had passed.

Before the film’s release, the production team had initiated various promotional activities.

As it was the first film in the transition of a renowned actress, it undoubtedly attracted significant attention.

However, when people learned she had made a period film, many were quite surprised.

Reporters once interviewed her, asking why she chose such a theme for her movie.

But Yezhen kept it a secret, not revealing that it was her parents’ story, using it to boost the movie’s appeal.

Instead, she said, “You’ll understand once you see it.”

This answer made everyone more curious about the film’s content and increased their anticipation!

When the movie premiered, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo secretly went to see it.

They had purchased tickets online, and upon arriving at the theater, they found it quite crowded. While Lu Xia was collecting the tickets, Jiang Junmo went to buy popcorn and cola.

As they stood in line, among the crowd of youngsters, the sight of the elderly couple, heads slightly graying, holding hands, drew some attention.

Curious onlookers took photos and shared them on social media, quickly recognizing them as the actress’s parents.

So, by the time Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo entered the screening hall, news of “Actress’s Parents Supporting Their Daughter’s New Film” had already become a trending topic.

At this point, however, the couple remained unaware as they had already taken their seats, and their phones were switched off.

Shortly after, the movie began.

The perspective of this film started with Lu Xia.

The movie began with Lu Xia being compelled to leave for the countryside due to her parents’ favoritism, meeting Jiang Junmo along the way, and their mutual support and commitment upon arriving in the village. The film portrayed the subtle romance of that era, leaving viewers smiling.

The storyline continued with the two returning to the city after their college entrance exams: Lu Xia learning English and Jiang Junmo leaving painting to study architecture. They made a pact to serve their country together, but due to an accident, Lu Xia didn’t become a diplomat. Eventually, both shone brightly in their respective fields, becoming renowned figures.

Towards the end of the story, the two elderly individuals supported each other, walking into the distance amidst the sunset. Their past vows at their wedding seemed to echo in the air:

“If I get too old to walk, what will you do?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll support you at that time…”

The movie ended here.

At this point, the screen suddenly turned black, displaying a few words:

“Dedicated to my beloved parents.”
—Jiang Yezhen

It was only then that everyone realized the film portrayed her parents’ story.

After watching the film, Lu Xia wiped away a tear discreetly and stood up with Jiang Jun Mo. However, upon exiting the theater and checking their phones, they found several missed calls from their children.

Lu Xia thought something might be wrong when Yezhen called.

“Mom, did you and Dad go to the movies?”

Lu Xia was surprised, “Yes, how did you know?”

Yezhen hesitated, “Let’s not talk about that. You’ve gone viral. Fans might come looking for you soon. I’ve already asked the assistant to pick you up. Be careful, and leave quickly with Dad.”

Understanding that something might have gone wrong, Lu Xia hastily agreed, “Okay, I understand. Don’t worry.”

She then held Jiang Junmo’s hand and discreetly made their way out.

During this time, they encountered people who recognized them, exchanging smiles and greetings. Fortunately, the fans were rational, only taking pictures before leaving.

The two finally left the theater, found Yezhen’s assistant, and went home by car.


Chapter 700 (Extra) — The Same Movie Theater


Unbeknownst to her, in the same movie theater and the same screening hall, another person had also watched this film.

After “Lu Xia” received the house, she came to know that “she” had also been there.

In fact, she had once paid attention to this Grandma Xia but didn’t connect the two together until she saw a book at the bookstore recently.

The storyline in the book, the depiction of the familiar Lu family’s parents, led her to suspect it was “her.”

It was only then that “Lu Xia” began to pay attention to her.

When news came that the actress’s movie was adapted from her parents’ story, “Lu Xia” couldn’t resist and sneaked into the theater to watch it.

After seeing the film, she finally confirmed that it was indeed “her.”

From the book and the movie, “Lu Xia” learned about her experiences, realizing that she was living well and happily.

She understood that what might have been a short time for herself was actually several decades for “her”…

“Lu Xia” envied “her” for the good life she now had, but didn’t feel jealous; instead, she felt content because she, too, was very happy now.

Thinking about this, “Lu Xia” caressed her slightly curved belly. She was truly… very happy!

At that moment, her phone rang—it was her husband calling.

Her husband sounded worried on the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the movie theater watching a movie,” Lu Xia said, her face revealing a happy smile.

“Why didn’t you wait for me to come back? Where are you now? Don’t move, I’ll come to pick you up. You’re carrying our child, so be careful. When you go downstairs, go down slowly, alright?” Her husband’s hurried voice expressed concern.

“Relax, I understand. I won’t go anywhere; I’ll be waiting here for you,” Lu Xia nodded.


As she heard her husband hastily hang up, a joyful smile graced her face once more.

She felt truly grateful…

Upon returning home, she listened to her husband’s complaints, which masked his genuine care, and promised to be obedient in the future.

It was then that “Lu Xia” saw the news online, realizing that she and “her” had been in the same movie theater, perhaps even in the same screening hall.

Thinking about this, she felt a mix of emotions—some regret, some acceptance.

It’s alright this way. In the vast sea of people, what are the odds of two individuals meeting? And yet, they had already shared a unique connection that set them apart from others.

She wished her well and wished the same for herself.

She thought that it was time for her to lead a happy life of her own…

After the premiere of Yezhen’s debut movie, although the plot lacked significant twists and turns, the honest depiction of a simple and happy life, along with genuine emotions, attracted a lot of adoration.

The film made many people reminisce about the love story of their parents, leading to the trending topic of “parental love” online.

This resulted in the film’s increasing popularity. The box office revenue continued to rise, astonishingly breaking the 5-billion mark. It came as a surprise that a nostalgic film could achieve such remarkable box-office success!

This film broke through many barriers and brought about several innovations, propelling Chinese cinema into a new phase.

Undoubtedly, the film was an unprecedented success.

Following the movie’s release, Lu Xia’s book gained tremendous traction. The previously prepared stock was inadequate, necessitating multiple additional printings, yet the demand remained high.

Many old friends, former colleagues, and students reached out with congratulatory messages and calls. However, Lu Xia was always feeling a little embarrassed that her story had been exposed.

Moreover, going out became more inconvenient, so she had to seclude herself, focusing on self-cultivation at home.

Eventually, she found herself bored and began learning painting again with Jiang Junmo, even though her skill level was akin to that of an elementary school student. Yet, Jiang Junmo was an earnest teacher, and gradually, Lu Xia gained interest and improved her skills, although she still lagged far behind Jiang Junmo.

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