Chapter 216 – …is this the legendary ab*sing the fans?

He’s been busy for a while, so Hill gave all the pre-tasks of “Thor” to Lich Aligeli, and then he was free again. Monroe wanted to return to the human world after his work in the demon realm. “Are you going back to the Dark Church?” Hill asked him.

They were walking through a desolate cemetery, which was supposed to be one of the ghosts’ gathering places in the past, kicking off the fallen leaves and occasionally finding glowing ghost fragments. The cemetery was desolate, the surrounding black trees twisted into bizarre shapes, and the surrounding weeds were overgrown. His jet-black leather boots with platinum rims stepped on weeds and fallen leaves, and Monroe replied, “Go to the Dijon tribe.” After speaking, he looked over at Hill, who was stopping at a gravestone and leaning down to read the writing on it: “Do you want to come along?” he asked.

“That’s a presumptuous question.” Hill used his fingers to brush the dust off the tombstone, which was in ancient Elvish, which he did not know.

Monroe thought for a moment and said calmly, “Okay, please, come with me.”

Hill snickered: “I say you…” he laughed so hard he crouched on the ground.

“Since you want to hear it, I’ll tell you.” Monroe held out his hand to Hill, ready to pull him up off the ground.

Hill looked down at Monroe’s hand, took hold of it, and then gave it a sharp yank. Caught off balance, Monroe was rolled over and pinned to the ground by Hill, “You’re so good.” Hill’s knee rested against Monroe’s inner thigh, leaning down to say that, his hair swept over Monroe’s face, making Monroe a little ticklish. But it wasn’t just the face that tickled.

“Because I like you, I want to please you and make you happier.” Even though he maintained an overwhelmed posture, Monroe remained calm and replied in a very normal tone.

“Your love words are too old-fashioned.” Hill traced Monroe’s facial features with his fingers, hanging above his black eyes.

“Old-fashioned.” Monroe thought for a few seconds and said, “Let’s do it then.”

Hill laughed again, and he laughed directly on Monroe’s body: “Haha…hahaha…Okay, your love words are not old-fashioned at all… In other words, this is not a love story, right… Hahaha…”

The wind blew through the leaves bringing a rustling sound, there were no birds singing here, it was quiet.

Hill let go of Monroe, turned around, and lay beside him, Monroe thought for a moment, stretched out his hand and grabbed Hill’s neck.

Hill: “…Huh?”

With his firm hold on Hill’s neck, Monroe pulled Hill’s head up a bit, then stretched his arm over and put Hill on his arm.

Hill rested on Monroe’s arm and let out a series of coughs: “Although I know you are trying to make me more comfortable, your actions are too demonic…”

“Well… because I couldn’t think of another way for a while, so I did that,” Monroe said.

“Okay, okay, so ingenious, as expected of you.” Hill was speechless.

He leaned on Monroe’s arm and looked at the silent sky, the silver-gray sky, and when the sky darkened, the blood-colored moonlight would fill the place. One day has passed.

“I’ll be free these days. I handed over the filming to Aligeli, and the first season of “A Bite of the Demon Realm” has almost been recorded. I plan to broadcast one episode a week. These are the main things in the near future… So, I can go to the Dijon tribe with you to see. There may be other inspiration,” Hill said slowly, leaning on Monroe’s arm in the grass.

“I know, that’s why I asked if you wanted to come with me.” Monroe said and kissed Hill’s fingertips. This light atmosphere felt good.

“So, I ended up making trouble.” Hill smiled, “Do you think I’m annoying?”

Monroe thought for a while: “Not for now.”

“…I thought you would answer ‘no’ right away at a time like this.” Hill opened his eyes in an attempt to glare at Monroe.

“Because it is you asking me the question, I have to think hard before giving you the result,” Monroe said.

“So, the result of thinking is only ‘for now’? You might as well not think about it.” Hill really wanted to smash Monroe’s chest with a small fist and make it burst… The literal meaning… After all, he was the Demon King…

“Because it’s amazing right now,” Monroe said, “I love talking to you, and every word you say to me makes me…” He thought about it for a while, and finally found the right words: “makes my heart thump. I never thought before that I would actually experience this feeling, as if I was under a spell, a curse, or something else, and this feeling, which was completely outside of my reason, made it impossible for me to make a reasonable judgment — so I had no choice but to answer your question like this.”

“Ah, so that’s what you think.” Hill couldn’t help but roll over and reach out to touch Monroe’s face, “I love it when you think seriously like that.”

“And I feel most fortunate that for the first time, my sanity and my sensibility are on the same side,” Monroe said.

Although Monroe said it indifferently, Hill felt a little distressed after hearing it. Monroe really did not live an easy life until now. But Hill also understands that Monroe himself does not need him to feel distressed for him. Anyway, he is now here, this is the result, and must end with a more glorious future as the strongest paladin of the past.

“Why don’t you speak, what are you thinking?” Monroe asked, turning his face to the side.

“I made a narration with a lot of passion in my heart,” Hill said.

Monroe seemed to smile, “Don’t do this, I don’t need it…”

“I know you don’t need sympathy.” Hill said, “So I just made a narration in my heart.” He got up from the ground, grabbed Monroe’s hand, and kissed his fingertips: “Okay, it’s getting late, let’s go back.”

Twilight has gradually come, and this evening spent with Monroe is quiet and beautiful.


The Dijon tribes are mainly nomadic, but also include some farming tribes.

Hill and Monroe walked in the largest city on the grasslands. Compared with the city of Magnolia, the city of the Dijon tribe did not feel like a ‘city’, but rather like a large market – but it was still huge. Many of the houses here have different architectural styles because they were built by sl*ves captured everywhere. There are no walls, the streets are wide, and there are many earthen buildings. They mixed the soil with a local mineral that made the earthen house almost as hard as iron. Of course, only ‘almost’. With the noisy crowd, business is very well developed here.

The Demon Mall stands out among these buildings, and the Dark Church under construction next to the Demon Mall already has a general outline.

Hill walked into the Demon Mall and heard someone from Dijon talking.

“I heard that the second batch of the Demon Realm Tour Group is starting to sign up soon, are you going?”

“I want to go, but I have no money.”

“Me neither. I plan to join Birds of Dawn and see if I can get a job.”

“It would be nice if the Demon Mall was still recruiting people, their wages are so high.”

“Actually, I heard from the businessman in Mülheim that last year, the Demon Realm recruited a bunch of humans to work in the Demon Realm… but they were all civilians, and they should be coolies.”

“Now that the demons can live in the human world, when will humans be able to live in the demon world at will, I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I’m looking forward to it too.”

After hearing this, Hill couldn’t help but put a smile on his lips. Oh, every time I hear this, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

At present, preparations for the second batch of the Demon Realm Tour Group have indeed begun. The next batch happens to be in the late spring, and it also involves people from three countries: Mülheim, Magnolia Empire, and the Dijon Tribe.

Hill sat on the second floor and asked for a glass of ice wine, which must have ice on the grapes when they are picked. Because the raw grapes are fully ripe, the original fruit aroma will have a candied aroma. This ice wine goes well with desserts or some delicious barbecued meats. Hill asked for grilled ham and chicken, a traditional Cantonese dish made with chicken breast, shrimp, and some pork, covered with egg white batter and deep-fried, and drizzled with sesame oil. It tasted crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, very delicious. Paired with iced wine, they further activate the deliciousness of each other.

After eating such a delicious meal, waiting for the equally delicious Monroe, it would be nice to hear some chats praising the demons.

“Have you heard? The church has released news…”

“I heard from Skye, the church said that the demons used the Demon Mall to plunder a lot of gold coins from humans.”

“It’s true that the things in the Demon Mall are very expensive.”

“The church said that this is all a conspiracy of the demons, taking away a lot of human gold coins to build the demon realm.”

Hmm… this chat is not so interesting.

The smile at the corner of Hill’s mouth disappeared.

And just in time when he left the Demon Realm, otherwise, he should have known such news first.

This attack is a bit harsh. Hill smacked his lips, and then he… continued drinking wine and eating delicious snacks.

And it’s still a public statement from the church side ah, I have to admit, the pope is really quite powerful.

“I tried to make a short-term compromise with you, but you crossed the line.” Hill said to himself, “Since I can’t reach an agreement on letting you die slowly, then I have to be more ruthless.”

Monroe sat down opposite: “I heard you say such terrible things as soon as I came.”

“Actually, it’s okay, but I’m not willing to sacrifice some innocent people, so I hope the Pope can die slowly,” Hill said.

“I understand what you mean, but a lot of the time, it’s inevitable,” Monroe said, “But I’m willing to kill innocent people with my own hands and then live with their hopes on my back.”

“Have you ever done this before?” Hill asked.

“I did,” Monroe said.

“I mean when you were a paladin,” Hill said.

“I’m talking about that time too,” Monroe said.

“You are much colder than I thought,” Hill sighed.

“I think so too,” Monroe said.

“I originally thought too simply and purely about some things in this world.” Hill shook his head, “But luckily I became faster and had to be more fickle than this world to not get hurt.”

“Hmm… that sounds like a romantic statement,” Monroe said.

“But it makes sense,” Hill retorted.

“It makes sense,” Monroe nodded.

Hill tapped the table with his fingers and said, “I figured out how to deal with it.” He stood up and leaned over the table, kissed Monroe generously on the face, and said, “Thank you for chatting with me. I am inspired.”

Monroe touched his face, “Actually, I’d prefer to be thanked in some other way.”

Hill smacked his mouth, “I am your God, your Lord.”

“Okay.” Monroe bowed his head obediently. After thinking for a few seconds, he calmly said: “Then my Lord, can You give me the honor of meeting and touching Your body? I will worship Your body with all my heart and soul.”

Hill: “…”

No, I can’t stand it anymore, what the f*ck, why is Monroe so cute!

Hill roared in his heart.


The next day, Hill read the words of the Church of Light directly on the magic phone.

What needs to be explained is that the remarks of the Church of Light have not been fully spread to the three major countries that have friendships with the demons. What Hill heard in the Dijon tribe before was a special case – they heard it from a traveling merchant.

As a result, Hill read it so directly and openly that these remarks were instantly known to everyone. Many people thought he was crazy. Isn’t it better to hide such words?

“I know that some of you may have doubts, but it does not matter, the reason why I read it directly is because I have a clear conscience.

What is the Demon Mall? It is a shopping mall. You spend money to the merchants, what do the merchants do with your money? To make more goods, to make their lives richer. Of course, the Demon Mall is no exception. Is it not?

Oh, the Church made a Floating Island and said it was a miracle. Oh. Hehehe. Since it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle. I don’t know where the Floating Island in the Demon Realm came from. Maybe the God of Light suddenly fell in love with our fallen angel, and also bestowed a miracle on the fallen angel. Hey.

Also, pay attention to watching the program in three days. After three days, I will personally announce an explosive news about the Church of Light and the Mortonians you may have an impression of.

But I think that even if I say so, there are still many people who will doubt the real purpose of the Demon Mall. Therefore, in order to show my innocence, and for the sake of the friendship between the two races, I decided to close the Demon Malls, including the Demon Restaurant. But the Birds of Dawn charity organization will always be there, I love this world, even if the world doesn’t love me, it will not deplete my love for it.

In addition, the magic phone will continue to operate, and the show “A Bite of the Demon Realm” will be broadcast from tomorrow, and you are welcome to watch it once a week. “

Going to broadcast “A Bite of the Demon Realm” while there is no Demon Restaurant.

Hill is very satisfied with his decision.

In other words, is this the legendary ab*sing the fans?

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