The Abandoned Son Ch.11

Chapter 11 – Ye Family’s Reaction

Ye family.

Ye Yinglan covered her swollen face, her eyes were red.

“Ye Fan hit you?” Ye Dinghong asked.

Ye Yinglan nodded and gave a pitiful “um”.

Wang Xiaofei looked at Ye Yinglan’s appearance and her heart clenched into a ball.

“Father, this brat is getting more and more excessive. When he played with women before, he made such a big noise, and now he will even beat his own sister!” Ye Hongwen said angrily.

Ye Dinghong took a breath, looked at Ye Yinglan, and asked, “Why did Ye Fan hit you, there must be a reason.”

“I met him at the pharmacy. He spent three million to buy a red ginseng. I asked him where the money came from, and then he hit me,” Ye Yinglan said full of grievances.

Ye Hongwen said with some confusion: “Three million, where did he get the money?” When Ye Fan left, he went out of the house clean.

“Okay, it’s only three million. I heard that the Wu family often helps him. He is from our Ye family. It’s normal to have several million around.” Ye Dinghong glanced at Ye Yinglan displeasedly, and said: “Although Ye Fan has left home, he is your brother after all. If you meet him, you should be more friendly.”

Ye Dinghong didn’t like Wang Xiaofei a little bit. The marriage between the Ye family and the Wu family was originally an excellent marriage, but Ye Hongwen liked Wang Xiaofei, and Wu Ying was unlucky and passed away at a young age.

In recent years, the relationship between the Ye family and the Wu family has become colder. Although the Wu family doesn’t care about Ye Fan, they still take care of him.

Ye Yinglan originally expected her grandfather to avenge her. Looking at Ye Dinghong’s appearance, she knew that she could not count on it, so she couldn’t help but feel a little more resentment towards Ye Fan.


Ye Fan carefully cut open the blood ginseng, extracted the ginseng liquid, and divided it into ten small portions.

Ye Fan sat cross-legged on the bed, absorbing the spiritual energy in the blood ginseng.

A wave of spiritual power poured into Ye Fan’s body, Ye Fan couldn’t help being a little excited, and absorbed the spiritual energy from the blood ginseng, which was worth four or five days of his regular cultivation.

Ye Fan was in the middle of his cultivation when a knock sounded on the door, so Ye Fan had to stop his work.

Ye Fan opened the door, looked at the visitor impatiently frowned, said: “Why are you here?”

“What is your attitude?”

Ye Fan said impatiently, “If you have nothing to say, just get out of here!”

Ye Hongwen was blocked and almost vomited blood, “Why did you hit your sister? Who asked you to hit your sister? You are getting more and more unrestrained!”

“She blocked my way and accused me of stealing money, of course I had to slap her, who told her to be cheap? You think I’m willing to hit her? Hitting her still hurts my hands,” Ye Fan rubbed his chin and said.

Ye Hongwen looked at Ye Fan and said, “You… where did your three million come from?”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s not your money, why are you asking me so much? You took my mother’s inheritance to raise a mistress and those two sinners, but now you care about me.”

“Watch how you talk, I’m your father!” Ye Hongwen said angrily.

“I know, I remember you said that you have no shameless son like me, just as well, I don’t want to have an old man like you.” Ye Fan yawned, sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, and said indifferently.

“You… you are simply unreasonable.” Ye Hongwen originally wanted to educate Ye Fan, but he was scolded instead, his heart was full of displeasure, “How did you become like this?”

“I’ve become like this, isn’t it because of your sinful seed stinking up my reputation? He can finally be with Liao Tingting, what a pair, an adulterer and a wh*re,” Ye Fan scolded coldly.

After all, Ye Fan has lived in front of Ye Hongwen for more than ten years. Ye Hongwen still has a certain understanding of Ye Fan. Ye Hongwen vaguely guessed that Ye Fan did not have the courage to ab*se others, but Ye Fan did not clarify.

The one who can benefit from Ye Fan’s incident is Ye Zhize. Compared with Ye Fan, Ye Hongwen still prefers Ye Zhize as a son.


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