The Abandoned Son Ch.10

Chapter 10 – I want to marry him

Ye Fan walked out of the store and was immediately surrounded by people, but the onlookers did not dare to be too arrogant, looking at Ye Fan and pointing at him, saying something about “hitting women” or something.

“Young Master Ye, Young Master Ye.” Qian Yu quickly followed Ye Fan.

Ye Fan glanced at Qian Yu and said, “Something wrong?”

Jiang Hailin has been collecting medicinal herbs for replenishing the body these days, and the matter naturally reached Qian Yu’s ears. Under Qian Yu’s pressure, Jiang Hailin could only confess about being short-lived, which frightened Qian Yu. Ye Fan said that the ghost energy he was infected with was deeper than Jiang Hailin, which shows that his life essence should be damaged more.

“Can I use the prescription you gave to Lao Er?” Qian Yu asked.

“Yes,” Ye Fan said.

Qian Yu looked at Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye, how long will my life be cut off?”

Ye Fan patted Qian Yu’s shoulder and said, “Relax, it’s only like half a year, it’s only half a year, snap your fingers and it’s gone in a flash.” In his previous life, the golden core cultivators in the sect were in seclusion for several years.

Qian Yu: “……”

“Young Master Ye, I should be able to live longer if I drink that medicinal soup, right? Or maybe you should prescribe me a higher grade prescription, money is not a problem.”

Ye Fan thought for a while, and said, “Just ask a copy of what Jiang Hailin has. Your body is too weak and can’t stand the higher grade. These days, you have to control your bedroom affairs.”

Qian Yu nodded and said, “Yes, yes, I will listen to you.”

“I saw you just now… saw you show your great power.”

Ye Fan stuck his waist and said, “People with no eyesight, they won’t know my greatness unless I show them.”

He, Ye Fan, was a famous figure in the Blue Cloud Sect. Even if he could not cultivate, the disciples of the sect would still treat him respectfully. A damned girl dared to slander him, accusing him of stealing money. That woman dared to trample on the dignity of this young master, really abominable.

Qian Yu: “…” It is rumored that Young Master Ye Fan is a useless person, the rumors are indeed deceitful.

“No matter what, hitting a woman is always bad.”

“If it wasn’t for her cheapness, who would be willing to beat her?” Ye Fan said indifferently.

Qian Yu: “…”

Qian Yu and Ye Fan were strolling along a street of medicinal herbs.

A few wealthy and noble sons walked out, surrounding a young man in white.

Ye Fan suddenly stopped in his tracks, looked at the white-clothed young man standing out among the crowd, and asked in a serious manner, “Who is that?”

“That’s Bai Yunxi, the young master of the Bai family. He’s not from a simple background, so he’s not easy to mess with,” Qian Yu said sternly.

Ye Fan blinked and said a little excitedly: “He looks so good-looking! I want to marry him.”

Qian Yu looked at Ye Fan with a twisted face and said, “Young Master Ye, I have a bad heart, don’t scare me like this…”

He, Qian Yu, still has some weight in Cangcheng, but when he arrives in Beijing, he will be nothing. Bai Yunxi is a famous figure among the princelings in Beijing. Bai Yunxi came from the capital, and Qian Yu’s grandfather had to accompany him respectfully.

Bai Yunxi is a genius. He has been skipping grades from childhood to adulthood. Although he is already a returnee with a professional doctoral degree at the age of 18, Bai Yunxi still has Chao Xi Group under his command, and his net worth is amazing.

Ye Fan glanced at Qian Yu and said, “Why would I scare you if I want to marry him?”

Qian Yu: “…because Young Master Bai will never look at someone like you.”

Ye Fan tilted his head and said, “Why? I’m handsome and smart, I can make a hundred moves in one step.”

Qian Yu: “…” Young Master Ye, you know how bad your reputation is! Playing with women, unwilling to make progress, prodigal son, what’s more, bullying your own sister!

“Young Master Bai likes rich and capable people,” Qian Yu said.

Ye Fan said in confusion: “What do you mean by rich?”

“At least with a net worth of tens of billions.”

“What do you mean by capable?” Ye Fan asked.

“Among thousands of troops and horses, taking the head of the enemy is like looking into a bag and taking things, and able to fight ten thousand men alone,” Qian Yu casually broke the story.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Understood.”

Qian Yu: “…”

Ye Fan couldn’t help staring in Bai Yunxi’s direction, Bai Yunxi seemed to feel something, and glanced in Ye Fan’s direction, Ye Fan waved his hand towards Bai Yunxi excitedly.

Qian Yu looked at Ye Fan who was like a love-struck fool, a wave of heat rose from the soles of his feet, his face flushed red, sinful ah! Ye Fan didn’t feel embarrassed, he felt embarrassed. Qian Yu suddenly felt that Ye Fan’s gloomy appearance before was not bad.

Bai Yunxi smiled and asked the person next to him, “Who is that funny guy?”

“I’m not sure.” Liao He, who was accompanying Bai Yunxi, was too embarrassed to tell Bai Yunxi that it was Liao Tingting’s former fiancé.

“Never mind.”

Bai Yunxi got into the car and set off.

Ye Fan tilted his head and said triumphantly, “He is interested in me.”

Qian Yu looked at Ye Fan and said reluctantly, “Young Master Ye, where do you see that Young Master Bai is interested in you?”

“He just smiled at me, you didn’t see it?” Ye Fan said, full of confusion.

Qian Yu: “…” If Ye Fan hadn’t successfully exorcised Song Bohui before, he would have sent this guy to a mental hospital, what a character!

“Young Master Ye, it’s getting late, and Young Master Bai is already gone, why don’t I invite you to dinner?” Qian Yu calmed down and said with a smile.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay! I found a nice restaurant recently, we can go there to eat.”

“What restaurant?” Qian Yu asked with great interest.

“Lanzhou noodles.”

Qian Yu: “…” Is Ye Fan saving him money? Although he paid 10 million for Song Bohui, which made him a little tight on his hands recently, the cost of buying a big meal was still there.


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When Ye Fan said: “He, Ye Fan, was a famous figure in the Blue Cloud Sect…”, it made me remember that he’s not from Earth, and there was no law protecting the weak in the cultivation realm. Robbing and killing for resources are normal, it is frowned upon but you wouldn’t really get arrested for it, maybe just get retaliated. I did feel a little bit uncomfortable when Ye Fan slapped a girl, but then I remembered that he came from that kind of place…

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