Chapter 9 – Rich

Ye Fan sat slumped on the back seat.

Jiang Hailin was driving, and through the rearview mirror, he happened to see Ye Fan’s unusually boneless sitting posture.

“Young Master Ye, you look tired?”

“I pushed too hard just now, so I’m a bit drained!” Ye Fan said lazily.

Jiang Hailin: “…” Listening to it, why is it so ambiguous?

“Young Master Ye, will there be any sequelae of what happened to my eldest brother this time?”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “You want to know?”

Jiang Hailin nodded and said, “I want to know.”

Ye Fan sighed and said: “Since you want to know, I’ll tell you, he will have fewer years to live, in fact, not only your boss, but even you may have a shorter lifespan. But you don’t have to worry, yours is just a month or two at most, compared to your big brother, you are considered better.”

Jiang Hailin slammed on the brakes, and Ye Fan was jolted, “Why did you stop?” Ye Fan said in a dull tone.

“Boss will be short-lived? Is there any remedy for this?” Jiang Hailin asked anxiously.

Ye Fan looked at Jiang Hailin, who was horrified, and said puzzledly: “What are you so afraid of? You go out to find ghosts in the middle of the night, that is to put life and death aside! You are not afraid of death, you just live a few days less, what are you afraid of?”

Jiang Hailin: “…” He is not that heroic! He went out to find ghosts in the middle of the night, but he didn’t want to die! He just thought it was fun! He regretted it long ago.

“Young Master Ye, you must save me, ah!” Jiang Hailin said.

Ye Fan said helplessly: “It would be better to drink some herbal soup that nourishes the yang energy. The herbs are a little hard to find and a little expensive.”

“I’ll find a way to do this,” Jiang Hailin said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, come back later, I’ll send you the prescription.”

Jiang Hailin said gratefully, “Thank you, Young Master Ye.”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “Don’t be so polite!”

Not long after Ye Fan returned home, 12 million was added to his account, 9 million was the final payment, which was sent by Qian Yu, and another 3 million, which was sent by Jiang Hailin, probably as a thank you gift.

With more than ten million in the account, Ye Fan is in a good mood.


With more than 10 million in his pocket, Ye Fan suddenly felt confident, and Ye Fan drove the car to the largest medicinal herb market in Cangcheng.

On Cangcheng’s medicinal herbs street, there are hundreds of shops, which look magnificent.

“This customer, do you have any medicinal herbs you like?”

“This one,” Ye Fan said, pointing to a ginseng in the counter.

“This customer, your vision is really good. This red ginseng is old and it is the treasure of our store. The price is three million.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I’ll take this one.”

Ye Fan looked at the red ginseng on the counter and was in a good mood. Red ginseng and blood ginseng were very similar. Ye Fan did not expect to encounter blood ginseng in this place. As soon as he entered the store, Ye Fan felt the unusually abundant aura and quickly found the target.

“This red ginseng looks good! I want this, how much is it?” a young man walked in, saw the blood ginseng on the counter, and immediately said.

“This customer has already bought this red ginseng.” The sales clerk of the herbal medicine store felt a little helpless, and secretly said: This red ginseng has been here for many years, and no one has patronized it, but today, two people came to ask for it.

“Zhao Liang, have you found something suitable yet?” Ye Yinglan walked in. “Ye Fan, it’s you, why are you here?” Ye Yinglan looked at Ye Fan and asked.

Ye Fan snorted, and said, “What does it have to do with you.” Ye Yinglan has been harassing the original owner since he was a child, and Ye Fan felt annoyed when he saw Ye Yinglan.

“I liked this red ginseng, but it was bought by your brother,” Zhao Liang said.

Ye Yinglan frowned and said to the sales clerk on the side, “How much is this red ginseng?”

“Three million!”

Ye Yinglan looked at Ye Fan with resentment and said, “Ye Fan, where did you get the money? Did you steal the money from the family?”

Ye Fan laughed coldly and gave Ye Yinglan a fierce slap, “Stinky girl, how dare you slander this master! Uneducated thing, worthy of being born by a mistress, only knows how to spout nonsense.”

Ye Fan didn’t hold back his slap, and Ye Yinglan’s face suddenly swelled.

Ye Yinglan covered her face and looked at Ye Fan in disbelief, “You… how dare you hit me?”

Ye Fan said indifferently: “You are asking for a beating, so I just gave it to you!”

Ye Yinglan: “…”

Zhao Liang looked at Ye Fan and said resentfully, “You bastard, you…”

Zhao Liang punched Ye Fan, Ye Fan held Zhao Liang’s arm, and threw Zhao Liang to the ground with an over-the-shoulder fall, “Looking at your face, obviously you have kidney deficiency, and you still want to be a hero and save the beauty? And even if you want to stand up for the beauty, you chose to stand up for a cheap woman, is your head broken?”

Ye Fan picked up the red ginseng on the counter and walked out the door. Ye Yinglan looked at Ye Fan with red eyes and said, “Ye Fan, you wait for me…”

Ye Fan looked back at Ye Yinglan, smiled coldly, and walked away indifferently.


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