Chapter 217 – “A Bite of the Demon Realm”

Church: Here, let me put a little rumor to disrupt your mall operations.

Demon King: Okay, I’m so guilty, I’ll just shut down the mall.

Church: ????

The momentum was so great that the Pope himself was a little dizzy, and at the same time, the Pope rose with some uneasiness. He asked the Magnolia city’s spies to repeat the Demon King’s statement in detail, and then he felt a little puzzled. He knew that the food in the demon realm was delicious, but he didn’t know how delicious the food in the demon realm was, which became a state of information inequality. From the Pope’s point of view, he feels that the Demon King’s actions outweigh the gains. Is it possible to protest against this rumor by closing the Demon Mall? Is this a confession? Stop the loss in time?

But the experience of fighting against Hill in the past told the Pope that it was impossible for the Demon King to do such a thing.

Now that he thinks about it, from the signing of the contract, the Demon King has been laying the groundwork, in addition…

At this time, the dusk was heavy, and the Pope in a red robe stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The entire window was submerged in a misty golden color. The red velvet curtain next to it was quietly lowered, and the sunlight rolled over it, emitting a fine and luxurious light. The floor of the hall is very clean, and people can be reflected on it. Therefore, the Pope’s red figure and golden crown are faintly visible on the reflection of the floor. After being stepped on by the man himself, the whole picture has a more magnificent feeling.

…and the current Dark Pope, Monroe.

The Pope had vaguely heard about the replacement of the Dark Pope. During the war with the Demons, the Church of Light had basically run out of pieces in the Dark Church. Of course, the pieces placed by the Dark Church in the Church of Light had also been used up. Later, there were sporadic pieces, which were removed by the current Dark Pope when he sat on his seat. At that time, the Church of Light did not pay any attention to this, because the Dark Church was indeed abolished at that time, and it was impossible to uproot it, after all, there were still demons in it.

At that time, when the Demon King asked the Church for Monroe, the Pope didn’t pay much attention to it. At that time, he had a thought that Monroe was a very unlucky child. Monroe is a very good paladin, and he has been treated unfairly. But there are many excellent paladins, and many are treated unfairly. Generally speaking, it is okay. The Pope doesn’t have the time to take care of these things. Later, he quickly forgot about Monroe. It was not until the Dijon tribe and Mülheim fought and the Dark Pope himself appeared on the battlefield that the Pope got this information: Monroe became a demon and became the Dark Pope.

The first reaction of the Pope was to take out his anger at Nidham Joyce, the bishop of the Holy City who harmed Monroe at the time, which was actually one of the reasons why Teresa came to power.

The Pope then ordered his men to investigate the details of Monroe’s experience, and he was shocked by the results. He knew that Bishop Nidham took a lot of honors from Monroe at the time, but he did not expect that Monroe had so many honors. He looked at one of Monroe’s merits on the parchment and could not help but frown. If in the past, it might have been necessary to commend Monroe as the pillar of the Church, it was because of people like Monroe that the Church of Light could develop to such a point today.

There was actually such powerful figure in the Church, and such a powerful person had been persecuted to become a demon… Abominable, how abominable…

The Pope suddenly had a sense of enlightenment in his heart. Now, the Church has become like this, and it is not unrelated to the persecution of people like Monroe.

Of course, he also knew about the Mortonians. The Mortonians, who were black people, were not murdered at his will. It was his subordinates who regarded them as demons for merit. This was a collective sinful carnival, they hunted them, killed them, expelled them, and took their property, and then was rewarded for their merits. The Pope felt that this was not a big problem, and that it would also help others to have more respect for the Church, so he let the people under his command do it and turned a blind eye.

Again, the Pope has no time to take care of those things.

Of course, the Pope also knew that the relationship with the Mortonians was only the initial reason for Monroe’s unfortunate misfortune. The real reason for his subsequent series of misfortunes was that his character was not suitable for the Church that the current Pope was leading.

“I’ve been pursuing it for so long that I forgot why I chose to pursue it in the first place,” the Pope said to himself.

But the man has changed, his heart has also changed. So…

The Pope turned around and put the sunset behind his back:

“According to the original plan, let the contacted demons slaughter the Dijon tribe and the human villages of the Magnolia Empire.”

He ordered quietly.


The three kingdoms at this moment.

Hill’s announcement was a bolt from the blue for those people, and many people were terrified by it.

What needs to be clear is that whether it is the Demon Realm Magazine or Demon Restaurant, the price is now cheaper than the sky-high price at the beginning. In addition, there is a daily discount package, so some rich civilians can eat it even if they really want to. This has led to the growing influence of demon culture and cuisine.

No more movies? No demon realm food? No way? Is the Demon King going to abandon us?

There were all kinds of crazy submissions to the magazines.

“No ah ah ah!!!”

“Lord Demon King, look at us!”

“That’s what the Church of Light said! It’s not what we said!”

“We didn’t think that way!!”

“If I can’t eat the delicacies of the demon realm, I will die of depression!”

After another two days, many people began to take the initiative to go to the palace, and began to petition their king, asking their king to contact the Lord Demon King to negotiate, so that the Demon Mall could reopen. Ice Emperor Claude, King Magnolia, and Dijon Chief Mattis used magic to communicate over a long distance.

Ice Emperor Claude: “There have been many petitions recently…”

Chief Mattis: “My side too, I’m getting annoyed.”

King Magnolia: “I’m not annoyed, but I can’t eat good food either, so I’m very upset.”

Chief Mattis: “I mentioned it to the Dark Pope, but he said that this matter was directly deployed by His Majesty the Demon King, and he couldn’t intervene.”

Ice Emperor Claude: “There are so many things he can intervene with, he is perfunctory to you.”

Chief Mattis: “What is this? How dare… well I can’t seem to do anything about it.”

King Magnolia: “Then what should I do, should I ask Theodore again?”

Ice Emperor Claude: “Don’t you think it’s not good for us as kings to be led by the nose like this?”

Chief Mattis: “Think about it, you won’t be able to eat good food in the future.”

Ice Emperor Claude: “…I mean, let’s at least be reserved before being led by the nose.”

King Magnolia: “You reminded me, I don’t think I need to be reserved, I’ll just go ahead and ask.”

Ice Emperor Claude: “…”

Chief Mattis: “…”

Ice Emperor Claude coughed: “It’s okay…”

On the night when the three kings finished their discussions, “A Bite of the Demon Realm” was aired.

“A Bite of the Demon Realm” is a food + travel show. The hosts are the familiar bard Grant and the black dwarf Copper Tooth. They will travel across the entire Demon Realm, looking for various delicacies, and at the same time, lead the audience to appreciate the scenery of the Demon Realm.

The first episode of “A Bite of the Demon Realm” reached the highest ratings ever. Almost all people with magic mobile phones are waiting in front of their mobile phones to watch. Everyone thinks that they will not be able to eat delicious food, so let’s take a look at the delicious food. Let the show ease the mood. …then they realized how stupid their ideas were.

The first sound was sweet light music, which of course, was from the Fallen Angels Light Orchestra.

Then came the silhouettes of delicious food, pizza with thick and fragrant cheese, golden and crispy freshly baked bread, grilled steak drenched in sauce, roasted suckling pig with oily surface, roasted ham charred outside and tender inside …Finished, many people feel a lot of flowing saliva, how can they feel that they are going to die after watching the beginning…

“The Demon Realm has very beautiful natural and cultural scenery,” the narrator said.

Then the next scene became the scenery of the demon realm, which made the audience sigh.

“There are also a lot of species, animals, plants, and magical beasts. Before that, the Lord Demon King set up a special department to conduct a unified investigation, research and development of these species, and discovered a lot of new ingredients, and also discovered many new species of the original species. All of these have improved the living standards of the demons.

…Of course, this show is mainly about food, so let’s go back to food. “

Then the title of the show appeared: “A Bite of the Demon Realm”.

Then the camera turned, and the familiar Grant and the black dwarf Copper Tooth appeared on the phone screen.

“Now we are in the tribe where a branch clan of dark elves is located. Most of this forest is pine trees, and at night, the bark will shine with beautiful reflections of silver, so the elves call it Moonlight Pine Forest,” Grant said and smiled at the camera.

“We need to go through here to find the dark elves as soon as possible. We can pick some food along the way and give it to the dark elves as a payment, so that we can get a free dinner,” Black Dwarf Copper Tooth said.

After they simply finished speaking, they began to walk along the forest trail, picking some ingredients from time to time, and introducing the names, tastes, and functions of these ingredients.

Black Dwarf: “Oh, we are so lucky to have found a red mushroom! This red mushroom looks very bright and beautiful on the outside. Many people think it is poisonous when they see such a bright color, but it is not, and it is very nutritious and very tasty. Let’s pick it up and smell it… Well, the smell is very refreshing.”

Grant: “These red mushrooms are delicious for soups and for steaming eggs, I’m already hungry. But I think we’d better find some mushrooms that can be grilled, like king oyster mushrooms, chicken legs or something, I love BBQ, hooray BBQ!”

“Dark elves don’t like barbecue things, we can grill something for ourselves after we have dinner there,” said the black dwarf Copper Tooth.

“Then let’s do it!” Grant said.

Along the way, they collected a lot of ingredients and gave a lot of explanations. Before this was done, the audience’s saliva was already flowing down.

“This, this, wow just ran past a rabbit!”

“Chase it, Copper Teeth! Chase it!”

“Wow, you caught it! We can have rabbit meat tonight! So good!”

…The audience next is even more excited than the two people in the show.

After the editing, the rhythm was very fast. Copper Tooth and Grant found the dark elves in Moonlight Pine Forest a few minutes later. After learning their intentions, the dark elves assigned them three tasks. The first task was to help repair the tree house, the second task is to feed the white-spotted birds, and the third task is to change the oil of the street lamps in the village. This is a program segment specially set by Hill. In the future, every time they go to a new tribe, Grant and Copper Tooth need to complete the task as they are now. The editing is also very fast. Through these tasks, the audience can have a glimpse of the demon tribe.

The whole process does not take long, a bit like a task in a video game. After completing the task, you can get the final food reward, which is vivid and interesting, and makes the audience watch it with relish.

Soon after nightfall, Grant and Copper Tooth enjoyed a dinner made for them by the dark elves in their restored log cabin. Their dinner consisted of all kinds of mushrooms they found during the day, rabbit meat, and white-spotted eggs, and white-spotted birds, plus some fruits that they had found during the day.

The first is the sauteed rabbit meat, which is marinated for a long time with various seasonings, then boiled with various fresh herbs, and finally with various delicious sauces plus the black dwarf’s favorite spicy seasoning stir fry in the pot… Wow that taste, fragrant and crisp, delicious flavor, delicate meat, rich meat flavor accompanied by delicious sauce flavor spread out all at once. Because it was well-fried, it tasted crunchy.

The audience in front of the magic phone was already sluggish.

The damned thing is that the camera actually zoomed in, allowing them to see the oily shine emanating from the meat up close!

While eating, Grant gestured at the camera with a thumbs-up: “The mouthful of meat and oil, I tell you, it’s really delicious! Because it’s been marinated and boiled in advance, this meat has a very rich taste. This one here, I can guarantee that the juice will overflow and slide down my throat when I bite into it. You know what? It’s delicious!”

We know…we know…we know it’s delicious…

Such a barrage echoed in the minds of the audience.

They felt like their souls were going out of their bodies.

Dammit! I want to eat it! The Demon Restaurant is closed! There are no substitutes!!!

Damn Church! Hateful!

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