Chapter 218 – “A Bite of the Demon Realm” & Emergencies

“A Bite of the Demon Realm” is broadcasting.

The first dish they ate was fried spiced rabbit meat, and the second dish was fruit salad. They used some fruits they picked along the way. Grant forked a piece into his mouth, and then praised: “Delicious! Demon Realm fruits are really delicious after being nourished by magic, this soft and juicy feeling, very sweet, but not too much, it is very refreshing, which just neutralizes the rabbit meat just now.”

Then the black dwarf stuffed a piece of fruit salad into his mouth, Grant looked at him: “Come on, comment on it with the audience?”

The black dwarf was not good at words, but after listening for a while, he thought about it for a while, and then said loudly, “It’s so f*cking delicious.”

Bard Grant almost burst out laughing: “Hahaha pay attention to civilized language, but your expression is very strong hahaha…”

The audience was watching and wanted to laugh and cry.

The next third dish is their mushroom soup. The soup is made of mountain spring water with a touch of magic elements. The mountain spring water itself is extremely refreshing and delicious, then it is boiled with bones for several hours, the broth alone is delicious, not to mention the mushrooms with their own unique flavor.

“Mushroom soup! Come and get closer projection stone. Mushroom soup is very good for the body, and it is very nutritious. Come and let me taste a piece of wild mushrooms in it… um! Good! Compared to the spicy hooked barbecue, this lighter taste is also good, delicate texture, soft and fresh, delicious, really delicious ah, and that taste is really far-reaching, with an endless aftertaste ah!” Grant said so to the camera with an exaggerated expression.

The last dish was the white-spotted bird meat that Grant and Copper Tooth fed during their afternoon assignments. This bird was smaller than the usual three-yolk chicken. This dish is mainly made by the method of smoking. The surface has an attractive golden red, the meat is incredibly tender, and the bones are so soft that it can be eaten directly. A little lemon juice was drizzled on during the cooking process, giving the dish a charming aroma as the refreshing lemon aroma mixed with the oiliness of the meat itself.

The light lemon fragrance, the delicious sauce fragrance, the rich sauce and juice are mixed together, producing a wonderful taste.

“I’m not going to say that this is so delicious. I’ll tell you when I’m done eating.” Grant ate one bite after another, the meat was hot and a little spicy, but nothing could stop him from tasting the deliciousness.

Watching the bard and black dwarf in front of the camera desperately stuffing these delicacies into their mouths, the eyes of the audience in front of the magic phone turned green. Some of them were eating while watching a food show, but suddenly they felt that the food in their mouths was not tasty at all.

Ah… I really want to eat… Ah… I really want to eat…

The saliva is flowing, and they feel very hungry. What is even more frightening is that even if they are hungry, they don’t want to eat the meal in front of them.

At this moment, the bard shook his hand, and a shiny piece of meat fell to the ground, stained with dust, and then rolled to the vent and fell out of the treehouse.

“Oh, what a pity,” said Bard Grant.

Audiences: …

Audience: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I can’t stand it at all! I’m going to die!


The culprit, Hill, is eating dinner at Winter City.

Spring in Mülheim is a wet and icy season, and the air feels heavy on people. The temperature at this time is very uncomfortable, not too cold, but definitely not warm. If you wear thick clothes, a layer of sweat will quickly form on the surface of the body, making the clothes stick to the skin tightly, which is very uncomfortable. Unlike the icy blue winter sky, Mülheim’s spring sky is always grey and hazy.

Hill was a little greedy after watching “A Bite of the Demon Realm”, and he asked Irvine to make mushroom delicacies. In order to disperse the dampness and coldness of Mülheim, Irvine made boiled mushroom soup, which is actually spicy mushroom soup. All kinds of mushrooms, shredded chicken, mixed with some tofu and other ingredients, and finally sprinkle a handful of bean sprouts on it. The taste of the mushrooms is mixed with the fragrant chili oil. All the ingredients are cooked properly. The attractive red oil floats on the surface of the soup. It is spicy and delicious to eat with rice. It is very appetizing and can effectively expel the chill.

Irvine reported: “My King, there are currently some problems with the construction of the railway in the Demon Realm. The specifics are like this… The school is like this…”

Hill listened to Irvine’s report while eating a hot and delicious dinner, thinking about the solution in his mind.

“Oh yes,” Irvine said, “Goldnia mentioned that many demons who were originally left in the human world have returned to the demon realm recently.”

“Why did they return?” Hill asked.

“The change of the demon race made them eager to move, and the war effectively displayed the demons of today, so they came back,” Irvine said.

“Oh, that’s a good thing,” Hill said, “but the necessary investigation is also needed.”

“Yes, My King,” said Irvine.

“It is not practical to stare at them one by one if they come back quite a lot, so I will deal with this after I return to the Demon Realm in two days, and see how to fix it,” Hill said.

“Okay, My King,” Irvine said.


Hill thought that the closure of the Demon Mall would not have much impact on the commoners. After all, the customers of the Demon Mall were rich people like nobles. But he didn’t expect that even the civilians began to call for the reopening of the Demon Mall after a few days of closure, because the nobles began to harass them out of boredom…

Walking around the street and going to the tavern, 60% of the topics were around the Demon Mall, 30% of the topics were scolding the Church, and the rest of the conversation topics were their own business.

Hill stayed in the human world for two more days because of the rumor attack by the Church. He personally confirmed that the previous wave of rumors had been completely submerged and prepared to return to the Demon Realm. Next, the Ice Emperor, the Dijon Chief, and King Magnolia will come forward together to make peace. The demons negotiated, re-formulated multilateral agreements, and by the way formed a formal alliance with the outside world. Going with the flow, Hill is best at this.

Monroe looked at Hill, who was sitting on top of him, and pondered for a few seconds: “What are you doing?”

“I saw you lying down and I took advantage of the situation to sit up, it’s called going with the flow,” Hill said solemnly.

“Well, how should I cooperate with you?” Monroe asked.

“Forget it, you said that cooperation was stupid last time. You broke my heart,” Hill said and got off Monroe.

“…Last time was really kind of stupid.” Monroe coughed lightly, “Didn’t you find that Alice looked at me and you a little wrong in those two days?”

“This is to open the door to a new world for Alice, and let her realize in advance how dirty and terrible the adult’s world is,” Hill said solemnly.

“…No, it wasn’t dirty, it was just a little funny,” Monroe said.

Hill stared at Monroe for a few seconds. Monroe’s heart fluctuated a little, and then he looked away: “Well, I can apologize.”

Hill reached out and grabbed Monroe by the collar and dragged him in front of him, “Do you know how I want you to apologize?”

Then Hill saw the red in Monroe’s eyes grow, and eventually the eyes turned completely into a blazing blood color, “I know from the look in your eyes,” Monroe said.

“From the look in your eyes, I also know that you guessed right,” Hill said.

It seemed to feel an aura mixed with killing intent, and the flocks of pigeons outside the Dark Church flapped their wings and flew away one after another. The white feathers slowly floated over the carved glass and fell to the ground.

The demons’ lust for love has always been a feeling mixed with killing intent. Although it may be excessively cold, but it is also easier to engrave into the marrow than the ordinary feelings.

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Just as Hill was about to leave for the Demon Realm, an explosive news came into his ears.

The border village of the Magnolia Empire was attacked by the demons.

Hill rushed to the scene with his men and Monroe. The residual demonic aura was very obvious. There were corpses all over the ground, and most of the human corpses had been abused. The scene was very appalling.

Some of the magnolia soldiers who accompanied him had already vomited. Jefferson Jackson’s face was a little ugly, he didn’t vomit, but his stomach was rolling with disgust. He had been on the battlefield and killed many enemies, but he had never seen such a brutal picture. The person’s arm was torn down and forced into his mouth, his body was twisted into various horrifying shapes, and his internal organs were thrown everywhere… He didn’t know whether he should face these to strengthen his psychological quality or look away, he couldn’t help looking at Grindelwald, and found that he was standing in the corpse looking at the sky with a very indifferent expression.

Jefferson once again clearly recognized that this person who would usually joke with them and even fight was the current Demon King.

“There is no quibble, it is indeed done by the demons,” Hill said lightly.

His words made the Magnolia soldiers who came along with them showed shocked expressions. When they came, they thought that it should not be done by the demons, maybe they were blamed on the demons. The demons are so good, how could they do such a thing? As a result, Hill’s words forced them to face this tragic reality.

The smell of blood is really too heavy, but no animals like corpse birds are close, because the breath of the demons here makes them feel instinctively dangerous.

This kind of thing still happens. Hill thought calmly. It’s too early to happen now. This kind of thing happening now will re-arouse human’s panic towards the demons. Even if it is suppressed now, some things will stay in people’s psychology for a long time.

“There is nothing perfect in this world,” Hill said.

“Actually, what you said doesn’t make much sense in theory,” Monroe said, standing beside Hill.

“Can’t I feel it,” Hill said.

“You already know about this,” Monroe said.

“Ah, life is all about talking nonsense. If everyone said useful things and did useful things, the world would become more and more boring.” Hill lowered his eyes and said lightly: “What do you think about this matter?”

“In the past, the demons used to do similar things. After I became a paladin, I saw such a scene twice.” Monroe said, “It just disappeared in recent years.”

“Well, you mean it’s reasonable for this scene to happen?” Hill asked.

“What do you mean?” Monroe looked at Hill.

Hill turned to look at the human soldiers over there, and whispered, “I don’t believe in any coincidence, I think the Church deliberately used the previous statement to attract our attention to cover up this action. I can influence the paladins, and so does he, he can also influence demons. I think so. So, let me ask you again, what do you think about this?”

“Is this your judgment?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

“It’s actually a guess, but I think it must be a judgment,” Hill said flatly.

If it is not true, it must be made true, and there is no room for error now.

“Then if the Church hadn’t intervened, you’d just be whitewashing peace now…” Monroe shook his head after speaking halfway. “Forget it, it’s nothing.”

“You really have no human feelings at all.” Hill also shook his head, “I will take the corresponding responsibility for what I did myself. Now investigate this matter properly.”

When Hill’s attention was completely attracted by this matter, the second wave of the Demon Realm Tour Group set off.

Some demons who had entered the Demon Realm before could no longer contain their excitement.

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