SS Demon King Ch.219.1

Chapter 219.1 – “Absolute tolerance is condescension.”

How to announce the incident of the demons attacking the human village is a question.

One advantage of hiding it is that they can see if the Church is involved in this matter. If this was really a spontaneous attack by some demons, then with the deliberate concealment by the demons and the Magnolia Empire, the Church would not know about it, because it happened in a border village after all. If the Church is poking it out, then that means the church is getting involved.

“Well, it’s safer if we follow this line of thinking,” Irvine, the fire elemental spirit, put forward his opinion.

“What do you think?” Hill looked at the death knight, Goldnia.

“No.” Goldnia shook his head and said, “I don’t think humans can understand it.”

“I think this idea is very clear,” said Irvine, the fire elemental spirit. “Hold things up first, and then wait and see what happens next. If nothing happens then it will be just fine to directly conceal it from the human race, we will find those murderer demons to kill, then the lie will become the truth, and humans will not be suspicious of the demons. If the Church announces this, we will announce to the public that our concealment itself is a means to wait for the Church itself to jump out and expose it, so that humans can directly go beyond the demons to hate the Church.”

Hill smiled and nodded, “Gol, do you have something to say?”

“No,” Goldnia said, “I think what the elemental spirit said makes sense.”

“No, you have to have something to say,” Hill said, his voice commanding this time.

Goldnia was stunned for a moment and had to start thinking hard about what to say, and after a while, he finally thought of a certain point: “What if the Church, on the other hand, had said: If we didn’t find out about this and announced it to the world, what will happen? Is the fact that you deceived and concealed true? Will you really make this known? We have good reason to doubt your absolute motives, after all, it was the demons who killed.”

“That’s falsehood!” Irvine raised his voice.

“You think what we’ve been doing and saying isn’t falsehood?” Hill asked rhetorically.

This self-deprecating remark made Irvine speechless, “Uh, this, My King, a lot of what you said to human beings is very reasonable, not falsehood.”

“No, I’ve always thought that debates would be too exhausting if it weren’t for falsehoods,” Hill said.

Next to him, Ghost Binns said slowly, “I thought it required ‘defending the truth’.”

“Truth exists objectively, and it would be too sad to have to struggle to defend it, so I like to defend the truth with my fists, and defend falsehoods with debate,” Hill said.

Alice listened to these words by the side, trying to memorize them all in her little brain. She commented: “I was enlightened after hearing what Hill said.”

Alice’s words made the other demons, except Hill, stunned for a few seconds.

Goldnia said tentatively: “My King, don’t you think this way of teaching human children is a bit awkward?”

“I think it’s okay.” Hill said, “What do you think, Alice?”

“I will accept everything you give me.” Alice said, “I can afford it all.”

However, Hill did not give other people a chance to continue to pay attention to this matter, and his immediate return to the topic made the episode very short: “Gol was right just now, human beings have various ways of thinking, we must fully consider all aspects before proceeding with the layout.”

“They have all kinds of ways of thinking, but some of them are wrong,” Irvine said.

Dark Elf Albrecht, who had been cutting wood over there, glanced at Irvine over, his voice was cold: “You have refuted My King twice today, fire elemental spirit.”

Although Albrecht is sticky to Hill, he seems to be very easy to get along with, and if you give him three points of spring, he will be shine brilliantly. Oh, the next sentence seems to be a little crooked in reality: give him a little spring. Um. Think crooked. The word “think extremely hard” becomes “think extremely crooked” in Hill’s case, and it’s damn well on point. – Back to Al. Although he has such an overly enthusiastic attitude towards Hill, Al is very cold towards other people, and he even becomes hostile to those around Hill.

Irvine was stunned by what Albrecht said, and his expression was a little scared. According to his identity, Irvine is just a servant, far behind the five elders. Irvine was indeed just a small servant by the side of the former Demon King. After Hill came, Irvine’s tasks became more and more, and his status seemed to have risen.

“I asked Irvine to listen more, think more, and talk more.” Hill looked at the dark elf sitting in the shadow in the corner, “and I hope you can do the same, Al.”

Then Irvine witnessed how the dark elf who had been cold and frosty just now became passionate and even slimy and sticky. At that moment, Irvine felt that the facial features of the dark elf were very much like that of a slime.

“Okay, My King! Since this is what My King means, then I will absolutely abide by it 100%!”

In the past, Hill needed to establish absolute majesty on them, so things like being refuted were not allowed to happen, but now, the situation has changed, and the policy has also changed. Hill hopes that they can grow up and be independent.

“Okay, don’t make trouble.” Hill smiled and glanced at the dark elf Albrecht.

“… My King looks so doting when he said ‘don’t make trouble’,” the dark elf murmured to himself.

“…I thought it was disgusted,” Death Knight Goldnia whispered.

Fortunately, Albrecht was immersed in his own world and didn’t hear Gol’s words, otherwise, he would probably make a fuss.

Hill shook his head at the antics of his men, but in fact, this kind of feeling is quite good. Groups that deal with serious business affairs are very attractive groups, especially on Earth.

“Yes, there are some people who are going to hold the wrong view. But there’s nothing we can do about that kind of thing, we’re standing higher and facing a larger group, so even if they’re wrong, as long as a lot of people hold a wrong view, you should go for circumvention. That’s what’s right and wrong for the higher-ups.” Hill said, “And for the time being, we can say that… it is still in the stage of building a career.”

The demons nodded frequently, only Alice asked blankly: “That Hill, does this fall under tolerance or condescension?”

Hill leaned down and kissed Alice’s forehead, with compassion in his voice: “Absolute tolerance is condescension.”

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