SS Demon King Ch.219.2

Chapter 219.2 – Grips

Dijon Tribe. Borderlands.

The wind was strong, and the wind of the grassland roared in the dark night.

The gnolls sat around the campfire, the fire flickering, making their wolf faces more and more frightening.

“Let’s stand by and let those blood ghosts kill people…” The gnoll in the lead waved the enchanted axe in his hand in dissatisfaction.

“Boss, since all the demons have started killing people, let’s do it too,” said a gnoll over there.

“But the Church told us to stand by,” said the gnoll leader.

“Anyway, some demons have already started killing people. It’s okay for us to kill a few,” another gnoll muttered.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted fresh blood,” said a gnoll next to him with many scars on his face.

“We’ve been listening to the Church for too long. Although the Church will send a few live people every once in a while for us to play, it’s not enough… The demons look down on us, and the beastmen look down on us gnolls. We came to the human world to live with impunity, to kill and to enjoy ourselves, and now we’re like this,” the deputy leader complained.

“Kill!” said a gnoll raising his fist.

“Kill!” the gnoll next to him also shouted.

“Kill—” Many gnolls raised their fists and shouted together.

The gnoll leader stood up slowly.

All the gnolls fell silent, respecting their leader.

They followed the leader to too many places and suffered too many cold eyes. All they had was each other. They are tyrannical, bloodthirsty, irritable, cruel, and cunning, these are their original racial characteristics. They are born like this and feel that they need not change. Many demons feel that they are weak, but they also have their pride.

The leader slowly raised his hand and spread his fingers.

The other gnolls are a little disappointed, this means to stop, doesn’t the leader agree to do it in advance?

The fire flickered.

The leader’s five fingers were closed and turned into a fist, and he roared like the other gnolls:


The moonlight is bright.

All the gnolls also roared in unison:


The wind hissed.

The whole night was tinted with some blood red.

It was two days before the blood-soaked human tribe was discovered.

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In the “Demon Realm Magazine” three days later, Hill used a page to report the incident of the demons attacking the human village. The articles written by him have a sense of officialdom between the lines.

“According to the news the day before yesterday, the river village of the Magnolia Empire and the Bart clan on the border of the Dijon tribe were bloodbathed by the demons one after another. The soldiers of the two countries and the people of the Dark Church felt that the scene was very miserable, without a single survivor. The Demon King himself also paid close attention to it. In this matter, he said that the timing of these two attacks was too strange. After all, it has not been many years since the demons hurt people. Now they are happening at the same time, with two consecutive attacks. There must be a conspiracy against humans and demons behind this.

Since the Great War, the Demon King has reorganized the Demon Realm, so the demons of the Demon Realm would never do such a thing, which is inconsistent with the policy and attitude of the Demon King and the entire Demon Realm to the outside world. The Dark Church is now investigating this matter thoroughly, they judge that this is done by the demons once left behind in the human world. They are now the most wanted criminals in the human world and the demon realm. Their harm to humans is in the betrayal of the present-day demon race, their behavior is no different from the vicious bandits and thieves, neither the demon realm nor the human world will condone such behavior.”

Hill’s article is very cleverly written. He did not repeatedly declare like a child: “I have already told you that there are bad people in the demon race, I warned you”, but very calmly first described the incident, no cover-up, simple and direct. Then he pointed out that the two attacks before and after were too strange. He was actually relieved when he heard that the Dijon tribe was also attacked, although it was not a good thing to say.

The two attacks one after the other made Hill directly understand that there are people behind the disaster.

This is also the reason why the gnolls in the Dijon tribe disobeyed the Church’s order. The Pope’s side wanted to let the gnolls wait for a while, but the gnolls were in too much of a hurry and didn’t understand the big picture – of course, they didn’t care about the big picture. Their early actions were objectively detrimental to the Church.

Teresa had a wonderful expression after hearing about it at the time. He was about to pretend to scold the gnolls in front of the Pope, but the Pope was very indifferent to it: “Since we are doing some bad things, then we have to withstand the backlash of bad things, and it is not unexpected that this happened. Teresa, you need to look at the problem more calmly.”

Teresa was slightly startled. He lowered his head and said, “Thank you for your teaching, Your Holiness the Pope.”

In fact, before approaching the Pope, Teresa is disdainful of the Pope, this dislike mainly comes from the experience of his immediate boss, Monroe. A man like Monroe was treated like that, which is undoubtedly the embodiment of the entire Church. Teresa felt that such a church was simply useless. He used to think that even if there was no demon realm, the church would destroy itself. But when he got close to the Pope and found that he had to admit that the Pope was indeed a powerful guy, Teresa even began to have a hint of admiration for him.

But Teresa understands that it is human nature to worship the strong. At the same time, Teresa also understood that he was not weak. So, this hint of worship and disgust for the Pope himself does not conflict with him being his enemy. After Teresa had truly clarified the concept of gods and the Pope as the spokesperson of gods in the world, there was only one pope for Teresa. From beginning and to end.

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Demon Tour Group.

“Yesterday’s surfing was so exciting, what do you think, Eri?” Helen Lestat asked.

“It’s really good, but I didn’t expect you to have such a side Helen,” Eri Dale said with a chuckle.

Yesterday, the famous Magnolia City courtesan stepped on the surfboard, riding the wind and waves under the influence of magic, her blonde hair fluttering, and her appearance made the eyes of many men in the tour group go straight.

Mrs. Helen covered half of her face with a round fan and said with a smile, “People are always multi-faceted. I really liked the preface of the last issue of the magazine: ‘In me the tiger sniffs the rose.’.”

The cover of the last issue of the magazine was the succubus Sam who played the heroine of “Iron Man”. She leaned on a mighty and domineering tiger and sniffed a rose flower stained with crystal dew in her hand. The whole picture is full of impact, a charming and sexy woman, a strong and terrifying tiger, a slender rose flower… With a slightly backlit lens, you can see the shadow cast by the side, and the shadow of the tiger gradually shrinks and is completely covered by the shadow of the succubus , which symbolizes that the tiger is from the mind of the succubus, not the real thing.

Therefore, the matching word is: In me the tiger sniffs the rose.

The cover was well-received, and after many issues of the magazine, there were still people writing to relish this classic photographic work.

After Mrs. Helen mentioned that issue, more people immediately got involved in the topic:

“I heard that we can also contribute photography works to the magazines ourselves.”

“It’s very difficult to shoot at the level of a magazine cover.”

“And there must be a suitable person to be photographed…”

“Ms. Helen, you can actually try it, you are so beautiful.”

Sitting on the train, enjoying the scenery outside the window, drinking a delicious juice, chatting with friends.

This feeling is very good too.

The train arrived at the station in a short time. The tour guide this time was Paladin Everdeen, who was in the first group of paladins who followed Monroe to the Demon Realm. There was also a dark elf, who was a little taciturn.

The two led the tourists to get off the train and walk to enjoy the twilight forest, and the tourists were very interested.

“This time when we go back, we can develop many photos out.”

“I wonder if these photos will be published in the magazine when they are submitted?”

“I don’t want to go back…”

At this moment, the dark elf in front suddenly made a “stop” gesture, and then took a rare initiative to speak: “There is a situation.”

Paladin Everdeen stopped: “Are there any monsters?”

“No.” The dark elf shook his head, his fingers rubbed his thighs, and he didn’t know where he pulled out two scimitars, that is, at the same time, magic attacked from all directions. Black and blue energy flow instantly swept through the entire area, many tourists screamed.

As the sound of “bang” dissipated, blood stains appeared on the corner of the dark elf’s mouth.

Then, dozens of demons walked out of the forest, all of them looked fierce and vicious. Among the demons were three human beings, the Church of Light ascetics.

The dark elf looked up at the paladin, and the blue-purple eyes still looked cold and rebellious: “I’m not good at frontal attack, you defend.”

“Yes,” Paladin Everdeen said.

The dark elf took a step back, and the whole person dissipated like black smoke.

This time, the Church of Light is very well prepared, and strives to kill all these tourists as quickly as possible. The weight of this group of tourists is much heavier than the first group of tourists. If they die in the Demon Realm, there will undoubtedly be an uproar.

After a few rounds, the paladin Everdeen and the dark elf suffered serious injuries.

“Damn humans…” The dark elf whispered, rubbing his knives.

“Do you hate humans?” asked the paladin Everdeen, standing beside him.

“Hate,” the dark elf said without hesitation, even if he had just fought alongside a human.

“But you are protecting the humans behind you,” said Paladin Everdeen.

“This is My King’s order, even if I die in battle for it, I am willing to do so,” said the dark elf.

“Well, don’t hate humans in the future, there are good people among humans,” said Everdeen.

The dark elf looked at him in surprise, but he smiled slightly. He inserted the knight’s sword in his hand on the ground, and his body radiated holy light.

“When I became a paladin, Captain Monroe, who baptized me, told me that we need to use the sword in our hands to remove the demons and guard the glory.

The verdict is that the dark elf beside me is not a demon, and the demons and humans opposite me are the real demons.

— Angel, sacrifice.”

A powerful holy light engulfed Everdeen, and the dark elf’s eyes widened slightly as Everdeen’s final words drifted into his ears:

“I’m sorry, dark elf.”

Five minutes later, all the demons, including the ascetics, died.

The dark elf was almost killed by the descending angel. At the last moment, other demons arrived. After resisting the angel for a while, the angel dissipated on its own.

The scene was tragic, and the visitors were still in shock, but fortunately, none of them were killed or injured.

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In me the tiger sniffs the rose. – It implies we all have masculine and feminine character inside.

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