Chapter 220 – History calls it Black April

After hearing about this, Hill rushed back to the Demon Realm as soon as possible. He sat quietly on the Blackrock Tower for about an hour, and then said, “Irvine.”

“My King,” Irvine knelt down on one knee and said.

“The Pope of Light should have used a set of combos this time. From the first wave of rumors, he was making the final layout,” Hill said.

“Is that so…” Irvine was a little puzzled.

“You don’t need to answer, you just keep kneeling and listen to me, that’s all,” Hill said.

“Yes, My King.” Irvine bowed his head sincerely. In his opinion, this trick was like a fight between gods. He also felt that he only needed to listen.

“But although each of these links is interlinked, it does not say that there is a necessity for its existence… On the contrary, the consequences of directly and rudely adding up are not easy to bear,” Hill continued.

It was only then that Irvine realized that Lord Demon King was sorting out his thoughts by talking to him, so Irvine continued to listen obediently. For him, it was a great honor to hear Lord Demon King say these words.

“We have been barely going smooth before. After this incident, I also know what to do. At the end of this whole incident, I can already be called a god, but after all, just like a god, not a real god,” Hill continued.

“My King, you are already very good.” Irvine said cautiously, “The first wave of rumors has been resolved, the second wave has been handled convincingly, the third wave of tourists has not been harmed, and in Iron Man, you have reminded humans in advance that not all demons are… er, harmless.” Irvine did not use the statement “not all demons are good people”, which sounds strange.

“Passive fighting is at best.” Hill closed his eyes, “I know that the substantial loss is not much, but I am unwilling.”

“My King…” Irvine cried out worriedly, “But since there are not many substantial losses, you don’t need to…”

“Irvine, people have lives ah, they shouldn’t only do what they should do.” Hill opened his eyes, and his blood-colored pupils were burning with flames: “What’s more, we are demons.”

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When Hill arrived at the scene of the incident, Monroe had been there for a long time. Hill prepared a lot of words of comfort for Monroe, but when he saw Monroe’s expression, he immediately understood that Monroe didn’t need these comforts.

“I’m here,” Hill said, walking over to Monroe.

“Well,” Monroe said.

The two just stood silently in the forest for a while. Because the forest is very dense, it is difficult to get sunlight in. At dusk, the dusk became thicker, pushed and shoved through the bushes, slipping obliquely into the forest, casting mottled sunset shadows on the ground. The wind blew through the woods and the leaves rustled.

“What are you thinking?” Hill couldn’t help asking.

“You don’t have to worry about me too much,” Monroe said. “On the contrary, I think such a death is well deserved.”

“Is this what Paladin Monroe thinks, or is it the Dark Pope Monroe?” Hill asked.

“They both think so,” Monroe said.

“Looks like you’re just as cruel,” Hill said.

“Because it’s the only way to live in this world. Our companions are dead and we are still alive, so we have to continue to live,” Monroe said.

“But it’s not a natural disaster, you don’t need to force yourself to accept it,” Hill said.

“I understand what you mean,” Monroe said, “so I’ll get my revenge back.”

Hill snorted, “…Actually, I don’t know what to say now, so I’m a little lost.” After a few seconds, Hill said calmly, “I’m very worried about you.”

His words are very moving in such a scene.

Monroe involuntarily bent his lips slightly, turned around, and walked in front of Hill, kissing Hill’s forehead, “I’m fine.” After speaking, he continued to walk forward and walked to the center of the battlefield, “The breath of the demons, the breath of the ascetics, the breath of an angel, these are very obvious.”

“Well, the dark elf was seriously injured and hasn’t woken up yet.” Hill said, “When he wakes up, we can ask the specifics in person, but actually, we can speculate even without asking, but there’s always something else to ask.”

“Well,” Monroe said.

“The clues here are actually broken. We can continue to pursue the clues of the demons in the human world. I’m almost finished planning about the specific countermeasures. We will announce it tomorrow.” Hill was extraordinarily vocal today in the face of Monroe.

“Hmm.” Monroe leaned down and touched the charred ground with his hands.

Hill walked over, his shadow cast by the sun on the ground, covering Monroe’s upper body. “In addition, I plan to refund the tour group in full and ask them to go back. The tourism business of the Demon Realm is temporarily closed, and the census will start immediately after that.”

“That’s difficult.” Monroe finally said his first words of business.

“It is difficult, giving everyone a special ID card, getting in and out of the tribe, taking transportation, all sorts of actions that require the use of an ID card,” Hill said.

“But the demon realm is huge, and it’s possible for them to live in the wild all the time,” Monroe said.

“Well, I know, but I can’t do nothing. This thing has to be carried out step by step.” Hill said, “At least now, the demons who returned from the human world to the demon realm should be under control.”

“You’re right,” Monroe said. “Even things that are as unattainable as reaching the heaven, they still need to be done.”

“If we don’t do it, some things will never get better. Besides, right now, it’s not that hard for us to get to heaven,” Hill made a witty remark in the end.

Monroe’s lip curled up. Hill felt quite accomplished.

The two of them had a discussion about the current problems and countermeasures, and the previous heavy and depressed atmosphere seemed to disappear a lot. When the sun finally set, Hill lowered his eyes and said lightly, “Hold a funeral for him.”

The air in the forest began to chill, and it seemed that more than the last sunset was disappearing.

“Hmm,” Monroe whispered.


Two days later, the Dark Church found the gnolls who had attacked Mülheim.

When Hill pushed open the dungeon, he smelled a strong smell of blood. He took a deep breath and asked Leona over there, “How are you getting along with our friends?”

“They won’t cooperate,” Leona said.

“What a shame, I don’t want it to end in tragedy, after all, what has happened is sad enough,” Hill said with a cold expression.

The tied gnoll was stunned for a moment, and then howled directly: “Lord Demon King, is it Lord Demon King?!”

Hill raised his eyebrows, “Yes. So do you have anything to say?” He had already controlled the projection stone to fly, ready to record.

“Lord Demon King, that, I have another request…” said the gnoll.

“Say,” Hill said.

“I want to live,” said the gnoll.

Hill sneered: “You know how excessive your request is.”

These words were much more terrifying than a direct and vicious threat, the gnoll’s body trembled violently. Hill felt quite impatient, and he directly released absolute coercion: “I command you, tell everything you know from the beginning to the projection stone.”

The gnoll’s eyes became dull, he opened his mouth and described slowly: “It was ten years ago, when the Church found us…”

Ten minutes later, Hill put away the projection stone.

Everything is ready. If there is no east wind, he will also use a spell to blow a gust of east wind out.

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On the first night, the magic mobile broadcasted the attack on the Demon Realm tour group.

“It was some demons who attacked us along with a few priests… It was really particularly scary at the time… The first wave of attack was blocked by our guide, the dark elf, who was directly wounded at the time but still stood in front of us,” a noble lady said with tears in her eyes.

“Then came another guide, a paladin, who had many, many wounds, and he protected us with his holy light, longsword, shield, and flesh and blood… By the end when he sacrificed himself, quite a few of us were crying.”

“He’s a real paladin, he’s a great man.”

“The real paladin is not in the Church of Light, but outside the Church.”

“I don’t know what happened to the Church of Light… Why did the priest attack us with the demons? We know that there are bad people and good people in the demons and humans, but the Church of Light priests shouldn’t be like that…”

“I remembered that there were priests who wanted to assassinate the Ice Emperor and the Queen before.”

The Church of Light received the news that night, and the Pope frowned and informed: “Prepare to release the news that the demons have bribed some priests to specifically attack tourists in order to smear the Church.”

But the next night, the magic phone broadcasted the incident of the Dijon tribe and the Magnolia Empire being attacked by the demons.

The gnoll said slowly to the camera: “It was ten years ago, the Church found us, they didn’t besiege us, the Pope told us that we could cooperate, and they provided us with fresh human beings every once in a while, give us money and food, but we need to listen to some of their orders later… The Church contacted us some time ago and told us that we can now attack human villages. We heard that the relationship between demons and humans seems to be different now, but we have not taken it to heart, anyway, we have left the demon realm, and the demon realm has nothing to do with us…”

“We killed a lot of people and the Church is happy with us…”

“I’m not quite sure why the Church asked us to attack human villages, but we’re not good at thinking…”

When the Church of Light received the news, the Pope frowned tightly, and no one else in the church dared to speak, only Teresa stepped forward and said tentatively: “Should we release the news that the gnoll is acting? Anyway, there is no absolute evidence, and some people will believe us.”

The Pope sighed and waved: “Then do it.”

“Yes,” Teresa said.

On the third night, the magic phone played a Mortonian’s monologue.

The dark-skinned Mortonian stood in the public eye for the first time and said to the camera: “I am a Mortonian, I am a human, I am really a human. I have the same appearance and brain as a human being. We are as vulnerable as other humans in the face of demons and disasters, but because our skin is black, we are directly treated by the Church as demons.”

“The upper echelons of the Church don’t actually regard you as demons.” A paladin appeared in the camera, also one of Monroe’s first subordinates, “Most people in the middle and lower classes of the Church thought you were really demons—because the church’s upper echelons publicized you as such, but a small number of people were also skeptical. The priests who were skeptical about this were ostracized and even framed.”

“So why were we ostracized and even slaughtered? Everyone who had anything to do with us died!” the Mortonian said angrily.

The paladin lowered his eyes and said: “Because the priests need merit, they need to report to the top how many demons they have killed and how many evil forces they have eradicated to make merit. They could’t kill real demons, so they made a decision to brand a human race with a different appearance as a demon…”

“Most of us know exactly what the Mortonians suffered.

…The current Church of Light has completely decayed.

Humans, why do you want to hurt humans so much?”

Oitin Empire. Church of Light.

There was silence in the Church, and the Pope said, “Let’s talk about it.”

Bishop Nidham Joyce took a deep breath for a while, gritted his teeth, stood up, and said, “This matter is all my fault, caused by my own selfish desires, and I will repent to the entire human race. Please, Your Holiness, sentence me to death in public, I brought shame to the Church.” After speaking, Nidham took off his bishop’s robe in public and presented it in front of the Pope, then whispered in a voice that only two people could hear: “Your Holiness, please let my son go.”

“Very well,” the Pope nodded in satisfaction.

On the fourth night, the magic phone played Old White’s monologue.

“Bishop Hank wooed the White family very early, he gave us a lot of resources, he said a lot of nice things, and told me that the White family had served the Ice family for so long, and it was time to get something. He used magic and induced words to confuse us, and finally the White family was controlled by the Church… On the eve of the Dijon tribe’s invasion of Mülheim, he ordered the White family to betray the Ice family, and he promised that the White family would become the new royal family…

The upper echelons of the family were almost controlled by the Church, which is why the White family did such a rebellious thing. Now we wake up from the bewitching, full of chagrin and hatred, my dead son, my dead soldiers, His Majesty who was hurt by us… Why, why does the Church participate in the kingdom struggle, and why does the Church start civil strife? Isn’t it God’s business that the Church manages? Why bother with human affairs? “

Oitin Empire. Church of Light.

Bishop Hank prostrated himself in front of the Pope and repented: “Your Holiness, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of the kingdom, I want to be the leader of Mülheim myself. I failed your trust in me, I deserve to die. All this has nothing to do with the Church, and it has nothing to do with you.”

On the fifth night, the magic phone played Monroe’s monologue.

Monroe remembered his comrade Everdeen to the camera, saying that Everdeen’s funeral was held a week later. Saying that he was a real paladin, he finally summoned the angel, the angel killed the demons and the priests, but did not hurt other people in the slightest, which shows that the God of Light and the angel are on the side of Everdeen and the Demon Race. —Of course, Monroe concealed the fact that the dark elf was also attacked by angel at that time. Anyway, the speed was too fast and the tourists didn’t see it.

Hill knew from the very beginning that he could attack the Church, but he should not attack the gods. Otherwise, human beings would not accept it, and they would directly stand on the opposite side.

From here, Hill is gradually separating the God of Light from the Church… But it is currently in progress, and it was not obvious at the beginning.

Monroe makes a final salute before turning away from the camera.

Then the death knight, Goldnia, appeared. He briefly described Monroe’s experience, from when his parents were killed by the Church when he was a child, to becoming a priest, being excluded, becoming a paladin, continuing to be excluded, and then almost being killed by the Church, then rescued by His Royal Highness Grindelwald. In the end, he became the Dark Pope.

“But he can still use the Holy Light. The God of Light and the God of Darkness protect him at the same time. He is both a human being and a demon, the Pope who protects the two races, and the lover of His Majesty, the Demon King.

His presence speaks for itself.”

Goldnia said this to the camera.

Oitin Empire. Church of Light.

It was a dead silence in the Church this time.

The Pope glanced at everyone, and finally left.

Teresa stood next to the Pope, his fists clenched, but there was a feeling of relief mixed with sadness in his heart.

Captain, you have finally started the first step of revenge.

After today, you will be known to the world.

On the sixth night, the magic phone played some interview transcripts of civilians.

Most of the specific content is how they were oppressed by the Church, and then helped by the demons and the “Birds of Dawn” charity organization. It also included the village that was previously dealt with in Mulheim with Alice.

On the seventh night, Hill himself sat high on the throne on the screen of the magic phone. A terrifying hellhound prostrated itself at his feet.

“As the King of the Demon Realm today, I declare that the common traitor with both humans and demons will die a miserable death.”

His piercing red pupils and the glowing eyeballs of the hellhound were the only light sources in the hall.

This short sentence contains infinite killing intent and coldness, but it expresses all the anger accumulated by the audience this week.

In front of the mobile phone screen, many people directly clenched their fists and shouted: “Die a miserable death!”

– Give them a miserable death.

This event took a month before and after, and this week brought it to its climax.

History calls it Black April.

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