Chapter 221 – Visible and Invisible Funerals

Public opinion was boiling, society was in turmoil, and countless people took to the streets and crowded in front of the palace.

The king’s government was completely unable to function properly.

Ice Emperor Claude took the initiative to contact King Magnolia and the Dijon Chief.

Ice Emperor: “So, you have all seen the current situation.”

Chief of Dijon: “It was unexpectedly shocking. It was like this when the influence of the church reached its peak.”

Ice Emperor: “Yes… But the Church of Light has not launched such a big event, so we don’t know whether it is the influence of the demons or the Church of Light.”

King Magnolia: “I think you are all blind.”

Ice Emperor & Dijon Chief: ? ? ?

They did not expect that the always warm and cowardly and incompetent King Magnolia would suddenly say such words.

Seeing the astonishment of the two, King Magnolia said slowly and methodically: “Two years ago, all human beings united to attack the demon realm. Two years later, the people of the empire, except the Church of Light’s jurisdiction, plan to unite to attack the Church of Light.”

The two kings fell silent for a moment.

King Magnolia was right…very right.

“But no human being thinks it’s wrong. In the past, humans thought it was normal to attack the demon realm, but now, they think it’s normal to oppose the Church of Light.” King Magnolia stretched lazily and said, “Okay, since the people below think so, we kings will do so. I won’t discuss this nonsense with you, I’m going to play games.”

“Wait,” Ice Emperor said.

“What else is there?” King Magnolia asked, “Forget it, don’t talk about it. I’m not interested in thinking about too many things. I’m different from you, I’m not smart at all, I was still dreaming in the past, now I don’t even want to dream. I know you feel uncomfortable being controlled by the demons as kings, but this is also your choice, and the feeling of being controlled by the demons is actually quite good,” King Magnolia said.

“But…” a Dijon elder spoke up.

“You guys are talking a lot. After you chose to be attached to the demons, you already knew that there should be today. You are better than me, so you should have thought of it. Okay, that’s it.” After speaking, King Magnolia turned off the magic communication tool. He turned his head to look at Theodore and Old Jackson who were drinking tea over there, with a little smile on his face: “How was I?”

Old Jackson said slowly, “I want to know how much of what His Majesty just said was true, and how much was acting?”

King Magnolia thought for a while and said, “Most of them are true…but I don’t think they are better than me.”

Old Jackson and Theodore laughed at the same time: “Your Majesty, you are so humorous.”

King Magnolia pouted, “At least I’ve lived longer than them.”

“That’s true,” Theodore nodded.

“It’s very troublesome to be a powerful person. Too many people want them to die. But very few people want to let an incompetent person like me die.” King Magnolia walked outside while humming a little tune, looking for his beloved succubus.

Old Jackson took a sip of tea, looked at the rippling surface of the tea, and said, “You’re a little restless, Theodore.”

“Yes.” Theodore didn’t deny it, he stared at the king’s chair where King Magnolia just sat.

“The murderous aura you just released is a little too obvious.” Old Jackson continued: “Why, still hold a grudge against him?”

“It’s normal to hold grudges, after all, he killed my men and nearly killed me,” Theodore said. “But he’s Delia’s father after all.”

Old Jackson shook his head, then smiled slowly, “It’s terrifying… You were just a little follower two years ago, and two years later, the reason you spared a king was simply that he was your lover’s father.”

“This is probably the feeling of being blessed by God,” Theodore said with a serious smile.

A rainy night had come, a night that seemed as long as this rain. Raindrops slid down the window pane, and everything was a blur as the raindrops thickened outside.

There was still a lot to do.

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Two years ago, after opening the projection stone called “Daughter of the Sea”, many sensitive people have noticed that their world seems to be turned upside down.

Two years later, when the Black Seven Days began, almost everyone sensed that their world was about to be turned upside down.

First night.

“The Church attacked humans and framed it to the demons? Really?”

“Who the hell is telling the truth?”

Two years ago, everyone would have unconditionally sided with the Church.

The next day.

Some people in the streets say that those priests were originally bought by the demons to smear the church.

Everyone was dubious.

Second night.

“This is a witness… The church actually bought the demons…”

“The church really did that…”

Day three.

Some people in the tavern said that it was the demons who were directing and acting, but the words were not as firm as they were at the beginning.

Third night. A mortonian.

Hill’s crazy bombing this week led people to finally discover that there is a force in the market that has been spreading bad news about the Demon Realm. This is simply because after the news aired every night for the past six days, the opposite argument immediately appeared the next day. Anyone with a normal IQ will find it suspicious. Then the public opinion turned completely one-sided. In fact, this is not just public opinion, but a monstrous public opinion, which swept the entire continent with anger. In fact, this also caused everyone to form a common mentality, as long as someone speaks ill of the demons, the other party must be the hidden power of the church.

The church was finally unable to completely block the news, and the people of the Fussen Empire and the Oitin Empire also heard about the Black Seven Days—in this matter, the Fussen nobles who were once bought by Hill with money played an important role. As a result, the entire continent began to be completely turbulent. This time, it was not the turmoil on the surface, but the turmoil in the heart.

In the center of the whirlpool of the three kingdoms, countless people are willing to wage war every day, and the remaining Church of Light was quickly smashed, and some priests who did not evacuate also became victims. Even some innocent believers were included. The imperial family could no longer control the situation at all.

Hill looked at the pieces of information on the table, closed his eyes, and said in his heart: See Everdeen, they will pay the price. However, this is not enough, far from enough. Monroe is giving you a visible funeral, and I’m giving you an even bigger, invisible funeral that will rock the whole continent, and get more people buried with you.

The funeral was held in front of the Blackrock Tower in the Demon Realm, presided over by Monroe, and Everdeen was buried with the specifications of a paladin. In fact, the paladins who came with Monroe did not constitute any act of betrayal. They were still loyal to the gods, but they were not loyal to the church. The Church of Light is the spokesperson of God in the human world, and for them, Captain Monroe has fulfilled this responsibility, so these people are unshakable and can still use the Holy Light.

In the end, the only one who betrayed was Monroe, but Monroe betrayed the whole race of human beings.

The entire funeral was arranged by Monroe, who told Hill that Everdeen would like it.

“Let him end his life like a hero,” Monroe said.

“Not ‘like’, he was a hero,” Hill said.

“Yes. He’s a hero.” Monroe looked at the shattered armor left by Everdeen, a little lost.

The believers possessed by the angels will lose their bodies, or their bodies will melt away, leaving only the blackened armor.

Hill sensed that Monroe was in a wrong mood, and he said, “He is a hero, and you are my believer, you are different.”

“You’re a good comforter,” Monroe said.

“Are you going to say ‘Actually, I don’t need…’ next?” Hill asked, and before Monroe could speak, Hill continued: “But I need to say something comforting. It comforts me at the same time. “

The two stared at each other for a few seconds. Monroe looked away first, but as he looked away, he took a step forward and got down on one knee, extending his hand: “You’re always right.”

“Because I have no choice.” Hill put his hand on Monroe’s outstretched hand, “When I first woke up, the demons had already been defeated, and you, paladins, still bullied me.” He laughed at this, not knowing if it was because of his own words or Monroe’s act of kissing the back of his hand, “I have no choice but to always do the right thing.”

Monroe was silent for a long time, a feeling of stillness running around them, and at last he said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Hill said.

This is before the funeral.

The funeral was broadcast live simultaneously, and the humans in front of the magic phone also collectively observed a moment of silence for Everdeen. Monroe read all of Everdeen’s exploits, and at the end he said:

“You have been loyal all your life, destroying all injustice and protecting the weak who were victimized by darkness. In the end, your knight’s sword was raised for your former colleagues, but you still practiced what you promised. You understand that evil does not come from race, but from the heart. The angel who descended on behalf of the God of Light affirmed your values, and the Demon King and I are here to affirm your values again and again. You are a true paladin, and you should be remembered by every paladin.”

All the paladins around began to pray, and a faint holy light appeared on them all. Some of these paladins who had lost their holy light also regained it during this funeral.

It was a holy funeral.

But for the Church, it was a stunning act of blasphemy.

Slowly, the rising sun gradually dispelled the thick fog with its golden brilliance.

The funeral was over and a new day began.


Oitin Empire. Holy City.

There were countless people watching around the gallows, waving their fists and throwing stones at the people tied to the gallows from time to time, and they loudly cursed these people for their blasphemous behavior.

Those who were tied to the gallows were very famous to the priests, including three bishops, one of whom was a former bishop of the Holy City, and four deacons. There are too many people to be tried, and today only the big head will be tried. Teresa was the presiding officer.

It had been pouring rain all night, and the color of the overcast sky in the morning was like the eyes of a madman. The thunder was rolling, but it wouldn’t rain for a while, and Teresa planned to finish the ceremony as soon as possible before it rained. He was sitting high, and his mouth was actually dry. These people who were tied to the gallows were the existences he could only look up to in those days, but now, they are about to be executed by his order. The current Pope is also very courageous.

Teresa closed his eyes and said to the priest next to him, “Let’s start.”

Following Teresa’s order, the trial ceremony officially began. In order, the priest read out the items of evidence of the blasphemer’s guilt, and finally, all but one of the deacons confessed. As for the deacon, Teresa waved, “Tie him to a stone and throw him into the water. If it floats up, it means he is blessed by God, and if it sinks, it means he is purified.” This is one of the common ways of judgment for the heretics.

The trial lasted for two consecutive days, and the flame burned for two days. It burned in Teresa’s eyes, burned with the faith of the Holy City, burned in the Pope’s heart.

At the end of the trial, the Pope finally showed up.

“This is God’s test for us, that sinful things are actually happening right before our eyes. The Church will never condone any existence of darkness, and from now on, the Church of Light will continue to take on the responsibility of delivering the divine message and guarding humanity. Allow me to propose here that we all pay tribute to the eternal Paladin Everdeen, without whom the Church would have made a great mistake.”

The Pope said mercifully.

But the fist under the white vest was clenched so hard that the nails were almost embedded in the flesh.

— After this trial, two-thirds of the Pope’s inner circle died.

Anger. Fury. This made him unable to maintain the same state of mind as before.

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