Chapter 222 – …what is called the great power

The fire in the Holy City successfully saved the Church of Light, and at the same time, made the eyes of several kings almost fall out.

“The demons have not even used force, and they forced the Church of Light to kill several bishops…” The Dijon chief exclaimed: “What’s the situation?”

King Magnolia said: “Although I want to say that I am used to it, I was actually shocked myself. …why don’t you speak, Claude?”

“I’m dumbfounded.” Ice Emperor said, “Actually, I’m thinking about when we will be forced to kill.”

“I’ve been forced.” King Magnolia said, “Several of my guards died, but it was me who offended that side first.”

“How do you feel?” asked the Dijon Chief. After all, he is the ruler of the Magnolia Empire. It must be unpleasant for such a thing to happen… The Dijon Chief thought to himself.

“Fortunately, I didn’t die, so I’m fine.” King Magnolia said, “I’m a king, so what do other people have to do with me?”

“Well…” The Dijon Chief suddenly felt that he was a fool to ask King Magnolia this kind of question.

“Don’t shy away from it.” The Ice Emperor said, “I know you did something to Theodore, and you almost killed him.”

The Dijon Chief blurted out: “Theodore, The Evil Monarch?”

“Yes.” King Magnolia coughed lightly.

“It’s strange that you are still alive,” said the Dijon Chief, “Henry.”

King Magnolia couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth: “You didn’t seem to say that just now…”

“Because I didn’t expect you to do something to him.” The Dijon Chief said, apparently, he had watched all the movies in the Demon Realm during this time.

King Magnolia opened the topic: “…You know, Claude? You have spies in my place?”

“Yeah. There are spies,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“You actually…”

“Isn’t this normal, don’t tell me you have no spies in Winter City,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

King Magnolia: “…”

King Magnolia: “I, I didn’t think about this problem…”

Ice Emperor Claude was dumbfounded for a few seconds, and then he also reflected from his heart, he is really a fool to be honest with King Magnolia on this kind of thing.

“But, seriously,” said the Dijon Chief, “why did the Church of Light give in like this? They can totally deny it…”

Ice Emperor Claude shook his head, “There is no way to deny it now, His Majesty the Demon King has thoroughly publicized the news. I was also a little surprised. It seems that His Majesty the Demon King has already started to lay out his plans for the Oitin Empire and Fussen Empire. Now we have also taken advantage of the last opportunity to remove the church spies from our three countries, and if we engage in a public opinion war, the church is no match for us.”

“But that’s just public opinion…” said the Dijon Chief.

“Public opinion can kill people. Besides, a great power of the church is based on the ideological level.” Ice Emperor Claude continued to shake his head, “When the power in the spiritual realm cannot be converted into material power, it means that the church is about to be abolished.”

“Er, what do you mean by this?” the Dijon Chief didn’t understand.

“This is what His Majesty Grindelwald told me.” Ice Emperor Claude said: “In short, no matter how many people in the church we kill, it will be fine, because they can quickly draw more people. But that seven-day act completely shook the foundation of the church.”

It must be said that although the Dijon Chief has just joined this group, he has become very quick under the influence of the Ice Emperor Claude and King Magnolia.

Hill knew on the other side that the three kings often got together and whispered together, but he didn’t take it to heart. Hill also knew what the kings would think of him now. But Hill doesn’t care about this now, not to mention that the honeymoon period will last for a while, and with the energy displayed by the demon race now, right now, the kings can only continue to cooperate.

There are wolves in front and tigers in the back, so choose a relatively friendly one. From the very beginning, Hill intended to constrain human beings with human beings, and even though what he has always done is considered a “good thing” in the narrow sense, he is quite aware of the nature of his actions. Now, these kings have come to their senses, but it is already too late.

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The census of the Demon Realm began to be carried out vigorously, Hill planned to complete this matter within two months.

Demon Realm. Endless Sea.

Hill had previously built a large white house on the hills by the sea, modeled after Santorini.

The overall style of the house is between the Mediterranean style and the Spanish style, but the Mediterranean style architecture itself is derived from Spanish architecture. The style between the two, if based on the perspective of architects and historians, it looks nondescript. But for an ordinary person, putting aside this overly serious judgment, just looking at the red tiles and beautiful arched windows, you will feel that these small houses are really cute under the blue sky and white clouds. It doesn’t feel like in the real world, but in the fictional world.

At this moment, Hill was lying in a courtyard drinking juice and basking in the sun, closing his eyes and resting.

Theodore and Olivia came in just in time to see Hill yawning and without image, with a towel covering his face.

Olivia was stunned for a moment, feeling that the fear she had accumulated over the past few days seemed to have completely disappeared. Grindelwald is still the same Grindelwald, and no amount of other people’s comments on him can affect him in the slightest. In fact, he has always been like this, worthy of being respected, worthy of being feared, but also worthy of being approached.

“Your Majesty Grindelwald,” Theodore and Olivia said in unison.

“You guys are here.” Hill took the towel off his face and threw it at random. Theodore was wondering if he should jump up to catch the towel to show his loyalty or what, but the towel was caught in the air by a ball of air, and then the ball of air held the towel to soak into the ice water next to it. Theodore couldn’t help but take a few more glances, and Hill explained: “The wind elemental spirit.”

“Ah, so that’s it. I’m a little rude, Your Majesty, but I can’t help my curiosity,” Theodore said honestly.

Hill smiled lazily: “It’s fine. I’ll allow it.”

After the two sat down according to Hill’s instructions, the wind elemental spirit quickly brought delicious juice and fresh fruit, and also brought a combination set meal on a large plate, which was very colorful. Theodore’s eyes straightened when he saw these: “This, is this a new dish?”

Hill wanted to laugh a little, and he made a “please” gesture, “You can eat first, and then you can get down to business.”

“No…let’s get down to business first…” Theodore said as he struggled to look away.

“Okay, then talk about business, I’ll eat first,” Hill held out his chopsticks as he spoke.

The set meal is called Garudhiya, which is a special meal in the Maldives. There are steamed aromatic jelly with rock sugar and wolfberry, which is sweet and soft to eat, and it is also good for the body as it harmonizes the stomach and moistens the lungs, and nourishes the body.

“Recently, King Magnolia expressed his wishes to cooperate with all your actions, but he wants to know what he should do next… Er… Is it delicious…I mean, cough, that is, after all, the empire also needs to prepare some things in advance, such as making preparations for war?”

There are also a few noodle cakes next to them. The noodle cakes are covered with white sesame seeds and exude a charming aroma. It is soft and crispy, not crumbly or sticky, with a touch of sweetness, more of a fragrance, and with a soft taste. This noodle cake, you can’t say that it is very delicious and mouth-watering, but after eating it, there is a feeling of peace and happiness.

“In fact, I personally think it’s better to ride the wave, after all, after such a big thing happened this time, the church should be very careful in this area in the future…I mean the Church of Light, and then it should be more difficult to get evidence than before. Of course, that’s what I think, Your Majesty. It smells so good. Ah, I mean this is my idea.”

Then there is the tuna fish fillet soup. The fish fillets have a bit of smoky aroma, in addition to a bit of a unique burnt aroma, the soup is quite clear and the taste is very refreshing. This is a dish from the tropics, so that’s what it’s all about. The fish fillet is still crunchy when you eat it despite being soaked in the soup, the taste of the delicious fish soup sweeping all the senses, and together, they make for a really great eating experience.

“Um…I want to say something, oh yes, I want to say…then what are your thoughts, Your Majesty Grindelwald…I’m sorry I still forgot what I was going to say.”

In addition to these, the set meal also includes potatoes, coconut meat, onions, plus mint lemon juice that has been cooked. The meat and vegetables are matched, which is nutritious and delicious at the same time. It is very suitable for enjoying at the beach. Hill didn’t plan to include it in the Demon Mall, he was planning to use it as an exclusive food for Demon Realm Tour Group and Demon Realm Amusement Park.

“I mean to be able to send us a signal. In fact, the upper echelons of the three countries are quite anxious, and you haven’t contacted us since then. Well, I’ll be honest, Your Majesty, Grindelwald, I want to eat it now, is it okay?”

Hill put the mangosteen fruit into his mouth, it was tender and sweet, refreshing and juicy, with just the right amount of sour and sweet taste, and a rich and beautiful fruity fragrance… After tasting it for a while, he smiled and said: “Your concentration is good, alright, you can eat now.”

So, the three of them started eating together.

Hill finished eating first. After wiping his mouth with a table cloth, he said, “This small town, I intend to name it after Everdeen, the town of St. Everdeen.”

“Saint…” Olivia froze for a moment.

“Well.” Hill said, “Since the Pope of Church of Light and the Dark Pope have recognized Everdeen’s identity at the same time, it’s okay to give him a ‘Saint’ title. Then set up a statue for him in the square, like this .”

“Yeah.” Olivia nodded.

“It’s a beautiful town that can be used to host tourists in the future,” Hill said. “And here’s a cedar next to us, which was moved from Moonlight Pines. You’ve all watched A Bite of the Demon Realm, right? Moonlight Pine Forest, you should know?”

“I know,” Theodore replied.

“Cedar is very good. In addition to being ornamental, it can also prevent dust and reduce noise. In addition, it has a lot of functions.” It has the ability to kill bacteria, and in ancient Egypt, people used cedar oil as a kind of skincare products, which can nourish the skin, treat acne and oily rashes. Hill lay on the reclining chair and smelled the fragrance of cedar, and continued: “Soon, the Demon Mall will officially launch the incense series, as well as the beautifully shaped essential oil smoker and all kinds of aromatherapy essential oils. They are all gifts of nature, natural plant extracts… I have already thought a lot about the specific advertising slogans.”

Theodore and Olivia didn’t know why Hill suddenly talked about these trivial matters, but since Hill was talking, they listened carefully.

“Since you guys are here, I can’t let you go back empty-handed. Let’s open the Demon Mall tomorrow. In addition, “Captain Magnolia” has to start filming,” Hill continued.

“That…” Theodore said, “Your Majesty Grindelwald, are you not going to take any further action?”

“Haven’t we always acted?” Hill asked rhetorically.

“I mean just for that matter…” Theodore struggled to continue.

Hill smiled, “I know what you mean, but, do you know Theodore, what is the result of going after them now?”

“Let the Church of Light pay more,” Theodore said.

“Yes, continuing now will indeed take the opportunity to make the Church of Light pay more…but that’s not what I think.” Hill looked at the sea not far away, the sea breeze was blowing, the sun was shining brightly, and a shallow smile appeared on his face. “What I want is more than the ‘price’, more than the death of a few bishops.”

Yellow lemons, green leaves, white lounge chairs, and blue cushions. Bright colors make people feel better. Lying on a chaise longue under the shade of greenery, with a soft cushion in his arms, next to a white-washed wooden fence, the wind and birds chirping in his ears, and the scent of lemon and cedar mixed in the air. Just looking at the scenery is really a pleasant and relaxing warm afternoon.

But Theodore’s body cooled down little by little.

So that’s it… His Majesty King Grindelwald is actually trying to completely subvert the entire church…

“Next, we must continue to enter the opportunity for peaceful development between the two sides. Oh, remember to try your best to find the spies in the kingdom to kill, but don’t put the body out. After all, we are developing peacefully, and the Pope of Light has shown weakness. We have already reconciled with them, haven’t we?” Hill didn’t smile anymore, his voice was chilling, “Then continue to develop peacefully, and then I’ll show them what the will of God is and what is called the great power.”

He is the great power.

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