Chapter 223 “Illustrated Guide to Local Customs” & The Grand Chancellor

Demon Realm Magazine’s “Illustrated Guide to Local Customs”.

“After the birth of the intelligent races, they were divided into different regions and formed their own unique cultures. In the long years of the past, we hardly had any cultural exchange, and the only exchange of ideas may be that we abandoned our respective gods to believe in the God of Light. I am a traveling bard, and I am fortunate to have a column in this magazine. In the coming days, I will share with you many interesting customs from all over the world, so that you can have a full understanding of other ethnic groups.

Magnolia Empire, the Magnolia Empire was once famous for a pie filled with small gold beetle larvae. In fact, these kinds of food made of insects can be found all over the continent. Honey cockroaches used to be very popular in the Plague Islands. The taste is actually quite good, but since the last time, when I found that one of the honey cockroaches was not dead, I stopped eating them. Of course, with the impact of the delicacies of the Demon Realm, these original special foods are becoming less and less popular. Demons have improved many human food recipes, but they lack interest in bugs. It has to be said that the cooking concept brought by the Demon Realm Restaurant has affected the food recipe of human beings. During the trip, I went to some human restaurants, and it was obviously much better than before. Of course, it is still incomparable with the food in the Demon Mall.

Culture is gradually developing. I realized this.

I was also impressed by the people of Dijon tribe, who seldom bathed, the gods of the grasslands they believed in told them that they should bathe less often. Their way of bathing is to strip and bathe in the rain on a rainy day – an oracle of the grassland gods, they think. In addition to that, they smear oil on their clothes after eating, and think that the more oil on their clothes, the more honorable they are. I thought about it for a long time and thought that maybe because they were poor in material as a whole, so more oil meant that they were eating well, which is a kind of external bragging… This seems to be the only reasonable explanation.

Then the people of Dijon will give this oil-stained clothes to their subordinates, and the subordinates will think it is an honor, roughly like ‘Ah, this is full of Lord XX’s smell! It’s really wonderful!’

In some villages north of Mülheim, there is such a festival to commemorate relatives. They would pull out the corpses of the relative and dance together, and then tell the children how important this person was. I was almost scared to death the first time I went there, and I was terrified the whole time because I had seen so many corpses.

Later, I talked to the village elder, and he told me in a wise voice that corpses in other places would change because they didn’t care about their dead relatives, and that they would pull the corpses of their relatives out to dance together every year, which represented how much they cherished their relatives, and that the bodies would not change under such feelings. I found it very reasonable and deeply moved. Three years later, I went to the village again and learned that the elder had died because his wife’s corpse had changed while dancing with his dead wife.

I, I don’t know what to say.

This is the end of today’s column. The deputy editor sent me an invitation to say that after I finish writing the customs of the human world, I can travel to the demon realm for free, and show the interesting customs of the demons to everyone. I’m really looking forward to that, and I think everyone is too.”

Very smoothly, this “Illustrated Guide to Local Customs” by the bard, Descartes, has become one of the most popular columns in this issue of the magazine. Readers looked at the article with relish and then exchanged:

“Ah, I didn’t expect us humans to have so many fun things.”

“Yeah, I used to think that humans are so boring, only the demons are interesting.”

“But we have to thank the demons. Without the demons, we wouldn’t have found that we humans have so many interesting things. This is the case with the Josh Kenny Beer Festival and the Plague Islands Sea God Festival.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to those kinds of shows live.”

“That elder… um… it’s too miserable…”

“It seems that this kind of festival and custom should be managed. Even if it is not banned, it should be carried out under the supervision of a mage or the like. This is too dangerous.”

“Will the Ice Emperor take care of it after it’s published?”

Soon after, the Ice Emperor Claude issued an order requiring imperial mages to perform tasks in the border town every year to protect the villagers who adhere to their customs. Anyway, that festival is only once a year.

“Putting these things in magazines really works!”

“His Majesty is so wise!”

“Speaking of which, it can reflect something in the magazine and make the royal family notice!”

“Indeed! Why don’t we try to submit the story of Braid forcibly plundering many young girls to the magazine?”

“Try it… Anyway, finding the city officials doesn’t work.”

Soon after, the matter was resolved smoothly, and the Grand Chancellor’s assistant, Theodore, personally sent someone to deal with the local bully, Braid, and replaced the city officials here.

This incident was also published in the magazine.

By now, many people have learned the law of public opinion supervision. The evil and sinful deeds are gradually decreasing. Of course, the “Demon Realm Magazine” must also be carrying out propaganda in this regard.

“The demons have made the humans better.” At one time, such voices were everywhere.

Hill took the initiative to write an article on this matter, the main content is “Now, many people are saying that the demons make human beings better, and to be polite, this is true. But I also want to say that human beings also make demons better. The demon race has become better, and humans have taught the demon race many things, taught the demon race what emotion is, and told the demon race what kindness is…” This article was written with affection and moving emotions, but Hill used the character of the overbearing demon king in the script…cough…but humans quite like this very much.

Before the reopening of the Demon Mall, a group of people was very happy, and then the successive actions of Hill made the empire have a happy scene all the time. The kings divided a living area for the demons in major cities. Hill let the relatively friendly demons who are interested in culture moved in, and their work problems are of course solved by the industries under the demon race.

In just one month, mankind has shown a peaceful situation of singing and dancing, which is exactly what Hill wanted.

In order to disgust the Church of Light, Hill also specially wrote in the “Demon Realm Magazine” how good it is for the Church of Light to be able to break its wrists and change its ways. He hopes that in the future, the Church of Light will work with the Dark Church, and the demons and humans will create a peaceful and prosperous world for the entire planet. This greeting almost disgusted the people of the Church of Light to death. What surprised the Church of Light people was that the Pope of Light actually responded, and he held a positive attitude.

“Why is the Pope like that …”

“Has the Pope succumbed to the demons?”

“The Pope is not imposing at all…”

This kind of whispering began to increase, and the unity of the Church of Light became less and less than before.

Now that Pope can put down his hatred and dignity and respond to Hill’s words, it shows that he is indeed a powerful person, but he has been held back by his subordinates, and his subordinates do not understand his behavior. In fact, this is also a kind of backlash. Previously, the Pope had brainwashed them about the inferiority of the demons, the nobility of the church, and the dignity of the Pope’s position… In this way, doing behaviors that were not in line with human design would inevitably lead to such results.

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Spring in Mülheim is a wet and cold season, and the air has a heavy feel on people. The temperature at this time is very uncomfortable, not too cold, but definitely not warm. If you wear thick clothes, a layer of sweat will quickly form on the surface of the body, making the clothes stick to the skin tightly, which is very uncomfortable. Unlike the icy blue winter sky, Mülheim’s spring sky is always grey and hazy.

Hill is sitting in the restaurant on the second floor of the Demon Mall. He likes to lean against the window and eat something while enjoying the scenery outside. Hill actually has a fear of heights, if he doesn’t suppress it deliberately, such a height will make him naturally nervous, but such tension and just the right amount, Hill enjoys it very much.

…although the behavior is a little perverted.

“The Illustrated Guide to Local Customs is really an interesting article.” The Grand Chancellor put the latest issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” on the table and sat across from Hill.

“What’s the matter, there are too many flavorful customs,” Hill said.

“Is there something more flavorful?” The Grand Chancellor didn’t believe it.

Hill cleared his throat and said, “There are people called ancient Romans who use urine to wash their clothes and rinse their mouths.”

Grand Chancellor: “…”

Grand Chancellor: “I don’t believe it, I think you’re slandering the human race.”

“It’s true,” Hill said earnestly. “There was a tax law at the time called the urine tax, and people who collected urine to make money had to pay a tax. Then they brushed their teeth with urine-soaked broken steps because they thought the urine would sterilize and disinfect.”

The Grand Chancellor trembled.

Hill continued: “And then, there were nobles who bought high-end barrels of urine from the next country.”

The Grand Chancellor nearly fainted.

Hill showed a polite smile showing his teeth: “Let’s stop talking about this, do you want something to eat, Grand Chancellor?”

“…I don’t want to eat anything at the moment,” said the Grand Chancellor.

“So, what’s the matter with you asking me out?” Hill continued to ask.

“There was something, but I forgot,” said the Grand Chancellor. “The things you told me were so frightening that my mind was disturbed.”

Hill remembered Theodore a few days ago, he shook his head and sighed: “You humans, why is your psychological endurance so poor?”

“You demons, why do you always come up with all kinds of tricks to piss people off?” the Grand Chancellor said.

Just as Hill was about to speak, the Grand Chancellor dismissed his last sentence: “There is something wrong with my sentence, the other demons are fine, except for you.”

“Hahaha, okay, I’ll take this as a compliment,” Hill said.

The Grand Chancellor came to discuss with Hill the living quarters of the demons in the human city, and in addition to that, he had to make relevant legislation. Hill hopes to incorporate some demons into the Blue Cape – the Blue Cape is the army that maintains the security of Winter City, which is equivalent to the capital police.

“As for other aspects, demons and humans should be treated the same,” Hill said.

“Er, is it with the human nobility?” the Grand Chancellor asked.

Hill was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that the laws of this period were originally biased towards the nobles. For example, if a noble killed a civilian, he would need to compensate the family members of the civilians for how much money. If the civilians had no family members, they would send it to the national treasury. Magnolia City also has such a law, so in order to make money, Prince Borel once killed the entire family of the commoners after a nobleman killed one of their family members. In this way, the nobleman’s compensation must be turned over to the national treasury, and of course, no one dared to question Prince Borel’s enforcement of the law.

“…That, you can figure it out yourself.” Hill said, “Just give me the final law to look over.”

“Okay,” said the Grand Chancellor.

Their conversation didn’t have much false politeness, so it was very efficient. After half an afternoon, many details were settled on the table. Afterwards, the Grand Chancellor drank tea, while Hill took a sip of black tea and ate a piece of red velvet cake. Red velvet cake is currently one of the favorite types of cakes among the aristocrats in Winter City. The beautiful shape, the delicate and silky delicious taste, with one bite, the rich strawberry cream and the white chocolate on the crust can make people float to the sky.

“The kings are struggling, but you seem to be at ease with the situation, Grand Chancellor,” Hill said.

“Are you referring to the fact that the demons are manipulating human minds?” the Grand Chancellor asked.

“You speak so bluntly,” Hill said. “I’m going to be stabbed by your sharp words.”

“If you didn’t speak so indescribably, I think our communication might be smoother.”

“If I didn’t talk so playfully and amusingly, it’s very likely that our relationship wouldn’t start,” Hill smiled slightly.

The Grand Chancellor understands, and his heart is awe-inspiring. In any case, the other party is the demon king, but no matter what the other party’s identity is, at least the other party now shows that he is easy to communicate with. He must keep these two points in mind: “Then I will continue. Let’s get down to business…because no matter what, someone has to lead the way of thinking, whether it is the Church of Light or the Dark Church, people need to believe in something.”

“You can see it,” Hill said.

“There’s no way, the public can’t keep their eyes open…” The Grand Chancellor coughed a few times after speaking, “The current empire can’t afford this.”

“You’re really not afraid that I will completely control you?” Hill asked.

The Grand Chancellor shook his head: “The human race can continue no matter what, the demons have brought too many favorable things. Although we still haven’t fully opened our eyes, we already have a lot of good consciousness. These can make us insist on living and pass it on from generation to generation… Even if you control us now, in ten, twenty, one hundred years, human beings can still struggle.”

“That’s true.” Hill clapped his hands, “Okay, I’ve decided, I’ll negotiate with you on a condition, and after you agree, I’ll go find a way to convert you into a demon so you could live longer.”

“What conditions?” asked the Grand Chancellor.

“Assist the next-generation Demon King for ten years,” Hill said.

“Deal.” The Grand Chancellor said in a deep voice, and his somewhat cloudy eyes shot a sharp light, which was quite imposing.

After a few seconds, he couldn’t help but wonder, “Well, who is the next generation Demon King…”

“Anyway, it’s not the same as me.” Hill said casually, “Not a sand sculpture.”

Grand Chancellor: “…Ah???”

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