The Abandoned Son Ch.35

Chapter 35 – The Ex-Fiancée

After preparing all the medicinal materials, Ye Fan hung a closed door sign on the gate, and set up a formation at the door. Once someone broke in, they would be attacked by the formation. After making all preparations, Ye Fan started alchemy.

Ye Fan did not know that in the process of his closed-door alchemy, many people came to him, including people from the Ye family and the Liao family.

Ye family.

Wang Xiaofei looked at Ye Zhize and said uneasily: “Ah Ze, is there something wrong with you and Liao Tingting? Why does the Liao family want to postpone the engagement?”

Ye Zhize gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t know very well either.”

Wang Xiaofei looked at Ye Zhize and couldn’t say anything about Ye Zhize.

Stealing Ye Hongwen from Wu Ying has always been something Wang Xiaofei is proud of. Although many people look down on her because of this, and think that she is a little mistress, she never takes it to heart.

Wang Xiaofei was very disdainful of Wu Ying, she was obviously a woman from a good family background and with good looks, but she was not at all feminine and could not even win over a man.

After marrying Ye Hongwen, she didn’t even need to move much to make Ye Hongwen disgusted with Ye Fan. To Wang Xiaofei’s surprise, many people recently asked her about Ye Fan and were saying how great Ye Fan was and how he knew many big figures. If only one person said so, but several people said so, which made Wang Xiaofei couldn’t help but be a little nervous.

Ye Zhize frowned. He recently asked Liao Tingting, and Liao Tingting made some excuses. Liao He was not as close to him as before. Ye Zhize heard that Liao He took Liao Tingting to Ye Fan’s villa several times, but they never met anyone.

Ye Zhize pondered that this guy Liao He was probably dissatisfied with him and wanted Liao Tingting to turn back. Liao Tingting, a woman with a history of drifting around, may have rekindled her old love for Ye Fan.

“Your father seems to have gone to find Ye Fan again,” Wang Xiaofei said.

Ye Zhize’s face sank and said, “I know.”

The Tang family’s project is a big piece of meat. If you win this project, you don’t have to worry about the company in the next few years. If the Liao family wins this project, the Liao family is not strong enough in real estate, so they will definitely find the Ye family for cooperation, but the Wu family was different.

Grandpa was anxious to get a share of the Tang family’s project, so he kept asking his father to find Ye Fan, but Ye Fan seemed to have really hardened his wings, and he didn’t even give his father a face. He went there several times in a row, and ate closed doors every time.

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Liao Tingting was walking down the Antique Street in a gloomy mood.

The Tang Group’s sudden refusal to cooperate with them for the project had dealt a small blow to the Liao family, who had originally planned to make a big breakthrough.

The Liao family had already caught up with Tang Yonghe’s line, but Tang Yonghe, for an unknown reason, offended Tang Yongjin, and was suppressed by Tang Yongjin to the end, and the Liao family was also implicated.

During this time, the Liao family encountered a lot of trouble.

Liao He heard that Tang Yongjin and Ye Fan had a good relationship, so he took Liao Tingting to find Ye Fan, and wanted Ye Fan to help mediate. But Ye Fan kept avoiding them, so naturally, Liao He’s idea could not be achieved.

Liao Tingting was the proud daughter of the sky. When she was dating Ye Fan before, it was also Ye Fan who had been pleasing her, so eating closed doors one after another like this made Liao Tingting very unhappy.

“Tingting, come out to play, don’t think about so many unhappy things,” Jiang Rou said.

“Yeah! Tingting, by the way, when will your engagement with Ye Zhize be held?” Hu Yuqin asked.

Liao Tingting didn’t speak. He thought Ye Zhize was good before, but after hearing more about Ye Fan’s “accomplishments”, Liao Tingting couldn’t help but be nitpicky about Ye Zhize.

“It hasn’t been decided yet,” Liao Tingting said.

“Tingting, I heard that the Tang family’s big project was given to the Wu family. The Wu family made a lot of money this time. Tingting, didn’t the previous rumors say that the Tang family chose to cooperate with your Liao family?” Jiang Rou asked. .

“Something happened,” Liao Tingting said lightly, but she was jealous of the luck of the Wu family. Originally, the Wu family was already in jeopardy. With the support of the Tang family, their future was infinite.

“Hey, that’s Ye Fan!” Hu Yuqin said.

Liao Tingting looked in the direction of the jade shop and couldn’t help but be stunned.

The owner of the jade store is Zhou Jinzhi, however, Zhou Jinzhi actually does not often come out to entertain customers. Usually, it’s the salesperson in the store who entertains guests.

“Ye Fan and Elder Zhou seem to have a good relationship!” Hu Yuqin said.

Liao Tingting had long heard that Ye Fan and Elder Zhou had a good relationship. Seeing Ye Fan and Elder Zhou talking, she was immediately convinced. Liao Tingting gritted her teeth and couldn’t help but regret choosing Ye Zhize. If Ye Fan is really such an unbearable wine bag and rice bag, then a person with status like Elder Zhou will simply ignore him.


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