The Abandoned Son Ch.36

Chapter 36 – VIP Class

Jade shop.

“Are you going to the capital?” Zhou Jinzhi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yeah! Yunxi is so good at attracting bees and butterflies, I have to go and watch him.”

Ye Fan secretly said: Unless you know the eight characters of the birth date, the physique of the person with the body of heavenly yin cannot be seen in the early stage. However, as the body of the person with the body of heavenly yin grows, the physique will gradually reveal itself. The heavenly yin body is very attractive to evil things! Once Bai Yunxi’s physique starts to break out, there will be all kinds of demons and monsters looking for him.

Generally speaking, the eruption time of the body of heavenly yin is at the age of twenty.

Bai Yunxi is young and mature, in fact, he has just turned nineteen, but the last time Bai Yunxi came into contact with the “Zombie Princess”, it is possible that the heavenly yin body will reveal itself earlier, he has to go ahead and see.

Zhou Jinzhi smiled and said, “Bai Yunxi, the third young master of the Bai family, is very popular, and there are many school girls and celebrities who like him. When you arrive in the capital, don’t say your nonsense about chasing Bai Yunxi to be your wife.”

“Why?” Ye Fan asked.

In the past life, many people liked to be a matchmaker for him. And after he settled on his main wife, there were still many people who wanted to offer him a concubine.

“You will be beaten,” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Ye Fan shook his head and said: “You may not know, my skills are much better and I’ve become stronger, ordinary people won’t be my opponent.”

Zhou Jinzhi: “…”

“You will be drowned by people’s spittle, do you want to be spat on?” Zhou Jinzhi said seriously.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “That’s too dirty!”

“Then keep your mouth shut.” Zhou Jinzhi said solemnly.

Ye Fan was full of depression and said, “You’re so fierce! If you’re not friendlier, when Yunxi and I get married, I won’t invite you.”

Zhou Jinzhi sneered: “Just you, if you want Young Master Bai to be your wife, I’m afraid you have to wait for the next life…”

Ye Fan said unhappily, “Old Man Zhou, don’t look down on people too much! You must know that I am a promising young man, that what… a golden bachelor.”

Zhou Jinzhi: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, is really narcissistic!

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Seeing Ye Fan walking out of Zhou Jinzhi’s jade shop, Liao Tingting gathered up her courage and stepped forward.

“Ye Fan, long time no see!” Liao Tingting said.

Ye Fan looked at Liao Tingting and said impatiently, “Is there something?” Ye Fan felt a little uncomfortable facing the original owner’s dream lover.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, why don’t we have a meal together?” Liao Tingting said.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No time, I still have something to do. Besides, I think it’s best if we don’t see each other, and there’s no reason for us to meet.”

If someone invited Ye Fan to eat for free a few months ago, Ye Fan might be happy, but after a few months, he has become a multi-millionaire, and his assets are over 100 million. Such things as dilly-dallying are no longer Ye Fan’s hobby.

Ye Fan didn’t entangle with Liao Tingting and left directly.

“What a person! This guy is really cold!” Jiang Rou said.

In front of her friends, being rejected by Ye Fan without mercy, Liao Tingting couldn’t help but feel a little downhearted.

Liao Tingting looked in the direction of Zhou Jinzhi, and saw Zhou Jinzhi looking towards her with interest.

Liao Tingting walked in the direction of the jade shop, but Zhou Jinzhi handed over the shop to a manager and avoided them by going upstairs.

Liao Tingting couldn’t help feeling a little sad when she found that Zhou Jinzhi had a completely different attitude towards herself and Ye Fan.



“The boarding pass has already been done. Once you get on the plane, you will be seated on the right number.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

“The capital is a place where the rich and powerful gather. When you go there, you must be careful not to offend anyone,” Wu Sihan said solemnly.

Ye Fan said displeased: “Cousin, you have said this several times. I have a good memory, so you don’t have to keep saying it.”

Wu Sihan “…” Isn’t this because he’s worried?

Wu Sihan looked at Ye Fan’s hair and said with a headache, “Why did you dye your hair colorful?”

“The hair stylist at the barber shop dyed it for me, which is said to be cooler! This hair cost me 3,000. What do you think?” Ye Fan asked and smoothed his hair.

Wu Sihan: “…”

Ye Fan looked at Wu Sihan and said, “Cousin, do you think Young Master Bai will like my new hairstyle?”

Wu Sihan smiled dryly and said, “I don’t know!”

“Forget it, I’ll ask him when I find him.”

Wu Sihan: “…Cousin, you seem different after coming out of retreat.”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “That’s natural.” He has already reached the third level of Qi-training, and he has some self-protection ability, so he is now different. “Cousin, I’ll go first.”

Wu Sihan nodded and said, “Okay.”


Ye Fan sat down in the VIP class. There were eight seats in the VIP class, and only four people sat.

Airplane tickets in the VIP class are several times more expensive than ordinary class, and most people will not sit here.

Next to Ye Fan was an old man, and across the aisle was a woman with heavy and bright make-up, and next to the woman by the window was a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties. The man looked like a successful businessman, and the two seemed to be a couple.

Ye Fan stared at the couple with a look of interest.

The woman glared at Ye Fan displeased, with a bit of disdain in her eyes, and said, “You are sitting in the wrong place, this is the VIP class!”

Ye Fan blinked, “Sitting in the wrong place? No ah!”

Ye Fan’s head was topped with a colorful chicken’s nest, wearing a street stall shirt, and wearing a pair of sneakers of different brands on his feet. In addition, the bag he bought looked like a low-quality fake. It was no wonder that the female passenger felt that Ye Fan was sitting in the wrong place.

“Dirtbag!” The woman glanced at Ye Fan disdainfully, then waved to the stewardess on the side, and said, “Stewardess, a guest here is sitting in the wrong place.”

The flight attendant walked up to Ye Fan and asked politely, “This guest, can you show me your ticket?”

Ye Fan took out the ticket, the stewardess checked it, and said to the woman on the side: “This lady, the seat he is sitting in is fine.”

The flight attendant was also a little surprised. It is a common thing to sit in the wrong place when boarding the plane. Ye Fan’s killer-look made the flight attendant think it was a misplaced seat at first glance. However, unexpectedly, this guy actually holds a VIP class ticket. The flight attendant suddenly thought: Rich people really know how to play, ah!

These days, many rich people like to pretend to be poor, but looking at this trend, some rich people are no longer satisfied with pretending to be poor, and want to use a penniless good-for-nothing killer look.


“Little friend, this look is quite unique!” said the old man beside Ye Fan.

Ye Fan smoothed his hair and said, “I spent three thousand to get this hairstyle. The barber said that many people like it now, avant-garde!”

Chen Songbin smiled and said, “Yes! Avant-garde, what are you doing in Beijing?”

“Me? I’m here to chase my wife,” Ye Fan said.

“My little friend’s wife is in Beijing?” Chen Songbin asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

“What does she do?” Chen Songbin said.

“He ah! He runs a company, he is rich and handsome!” Ye Fan said triumphantly.

“Amazing!” Chen Songbin exclaimed.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “Of course, that’s my wife! Naturally, he’s amazing!”

The woman on the side laughed coldly and said, “If your wife is so powerful, then you can’t definitely enter her eyes.”

Ye Fan gave the woman on the side an unpleasant look and said, “What do you mean?”

The woman looked at Ye Fan coldly and said, “Isn’t it? Just look at yourself. Which normal person would see you, just dream!”

Yuan Yi originally thought that Ye Fan was a country bumpkin and bought a normal seat and sat in the wrong VIP class, but she did not expect that Ye Fan really bought a VIP ticket. So, she held her tongue in frustration and then heard Ye Fan and Chen Songbin’s conversation and immediately opened her mouth to mock.

Ye Fan glared angrily at his eyes and said with some anger, “Who are you to speak like that to me?”

“I’ll speak however I want to!” Yuan Yi said unyieldingly.

Ye Fan raised his finger and pointed at Zhang Siliang beside the woman, saying, “If you hadn’t put a parasite in his body, would he be able to do whatever you say?”

Yuan Yi turned red and looked at Ye Fan, saying, “What are you talking about?”

Ye Fan laughed coldly and said, “What do you think I am talking about?”

“Sham!” Yuan Yi whispered unhappily, Yuan Yi’s voice was pressed a little lower, obviously a little guilty.

Ye Fan snorted lightly and did not speak to Yuan Yi.

The man beside Yuan Yi glanced at Ye Fan a few times, but did not ask any further questions.

Chen Songbin smiled and said, “If you have any trouble in Beijing, you can come to me! This is my business card.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Alright.”

Although Ye Fan didn’t think he would encounter any trouble, with many friends and multiple paths, Ye Fan accepted the business card smoothly.

As soon as the plane landed, Yuan Yi dragged Zhang Siliang away, as if fleeing.

Ye Fan looked at the backs of the two and smiled coldly.

Chen Songbin was very interested in Ye Fan, and pulled Ye Fan to chat, “Little friend, you said that man has a parasite on his body, what kind of parasite?”

“Concentric Gu,” Ye Fan said.

Chen Songbin said suspiciously: “You mean, that woman gave that Boss Zhang a gu, so Boss Zhang would obey that woman?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

Chen Songbin is a fan of supernatural phenomena. He often likes to collect some magical tools. However, his vision is not very good, he is always cheated, and he has suffered too many losses, so Chen Songbin learned to become more wary.

If he didn’t know Zhang Siliang, then he would think that Ye Fan and the little mistress may be doing an act to fool him. However, he knew Zhang Siliang. He was a big boss, so he should disdain cheating people their money. Chen Songbin pondered Zhang Siliang’s reaction and felt that Zhang Siliang and that female secretary seem to be close, but just ‘seem’. There was something behind but he couldn’t tell.

“How did you see it?” Chen Songbin said.

“Me? I have sharp eyes!” Ye Fan said as a matter of course.

Chen Songbin: “…”


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