Chapter 224 – “Do you think I am that generous?”

Qingertai is a typical steppe man. His greatest interests are hunting on horseback and showing off his greasy clothes. In fact, some of the oil stains in it were secretly smeared directly on his body when he hunted and decomposed the common prey of the tribe. Since then, many girls have shown him good feelings, which made him very satisfied.

As for why his biggest interests are those, the main reason is that there is nothing else to do.

The alliance between the Dijon tribe and the demons made him feel very surprised, but as an ordinary person, he couldn’t see the deep meaning behind it. When he went to Golden Court once, he heard a lot of people talking about demon culture and music, but he was not interested in it at all. He was a big old man, he felt that he would never like the literary things. As for the music… He had listened to the sacred music of the Church of Light before, then he fell asleep and was kicked out by the priest. He originally fell asleep and knew that he was wrong, but after the priest threw him out, he was righteous again, even if I fell asleep, so what, isn’t it because your music is too bad, it’s your faith, it’s not my faith, so why should I care? In fact, this is a very subtle psychology. Many ordinary people have this kind of psychology. This is not an excuse, but it is ironic.

However, like everyone else, he likes the delicacies of the demons, but he has no money.

The Demon Mall has recently started to purchase some original materials, such as iron ore, such as animal fur, such as plant seeds, etc. So Qingertai began to spend his spare time on it like other Dijon people. He is strong and lucky enough to make a lot of money in the Demon Mall. Such comfortable days made him want to gradually give up his previous life and concentrate on working for the Demon Mall.

But he is still not interested in the cultural aspects of “Demon Realm Magazine”, he is illiterate.

Sometimes he would open the free “Demon Realm Magazine” to see the pictures on it, and the pictures on it were pretty good.

On this day, he walked into the Demon Realm Restaurant and was suddenly attracted by a burst of singing.

“I will sing a song of surging water / resounding in this earth / with the fiercest loneliness / to find your lost pride.” With a hoarse but strong voice, with desolate and majestic lyrics. All at once, Qingertai felt the cold hairs on his back stand up. He suddenly forgot that he came to the Demon Realm Restaurant for dinner.

“I will sing a song of surging water / through the river / with the most raging humility / to redeem our disillusioned longing” and then the next line followed, and Qingertai felt that every word struck his heart, and every beat coincided with the sound of his heartbeat.

“A Song of Surging Water” was originally the theme song of the movie “Wolf Totem”, which tells the feeling of the vast, desolate and unrestrained grassland. Recently, “Demon Realm Magazine” began to serialize the original book “Wolf Totem” – after all, the Dijon tribe was included in the territory of the Demon Mall, so Hill produced a series of grassland things to quickly make them accept the demon culture.

It is understandable that Qingertai, who has never heard of such a song, has such a shock. The meaning of music to life is very important. Hill likes listening to music, and he believes that life without music is incomplete. Music can help him fight loneliness and find some lost courage. He can find resonance in music and recognize himself. In addition, music is a way for some groups to shout and show their individuality to this society. Of course, the most popular role of music is to release pressure and make people feel happy.

“Sir, is there anything I can do to help you?” The waiter saw that Qingertai had been standing there for too long and asked.

Qingertai asked subconsciously, “This… what is this?”

The waiter didn’t understand: “What do you mean?”

Qingertai pointed to the above, and felt that his expression was inappropriate, “This, the one that is ringing now.”

“Oh, it’s a gramophone,” the waiter said. “You may not know much about the one that can play records. The gramophone has now been implemented in various countries. With it, you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.”

“I didn’t mean the gramophone, I mean, this is… music?” Qingertai said.

“Yes sir,” said the waiter, “‘A Song of Surging Water’, the title song of the latest album ‘Prairie’.”

“A Song of Surging Water, Prairie…” Qingertai repeated, and he suddenly became excited: “Is there still a lot of music like this?”

Only then did the waiter realize that the big brother was a newbie, so he explained: “There are many different records, different albums, each with its own characteristics. If you are interested, I can show you around.”

“Okay!” Qingertai said excitedly.

In order to encourage everyone to introduce each other by word of mouth, Hill implemented a system of “referral fees”. As a result, the service quality of the Demon Mall is immediately better than before… Of course, the “referral fee” system can be obtained by ordinary people outside the Demon Mall. If you can solve it with money, try to solve it with money, don’t begrudge money, and use money to create more money. And the invisible is more precious than the tangible. Hill’s control of this point is still in place.

“The recently released album “Prairie” was sung by the black dwarf singer, Copper Beard, and his strong voice is really suitable for the grassland. The title song “A Song of Surging Water” is the theme song of “Wolf Totem”, serialized in the magazine recently. Then there are “Heaven”, “Meeting at the Yurt”, “People from Afar”, and then “Heavenly Road”, and “Night in Ulan Bator” by the siren singer Sandy…” The waiter was a bit dry-mouthed after speaking in one breath, “If you are interested, sir, you can buy a gramophone. There happens to be an event right now. Buy a gramophone and get a record free.”

Qingertai nodded heavily: “Okay.”

Five minutes later, he returned to a friend’s house with a gramophone and a record. When he came to Golden Court, he was temporarily staying at his friend Yate’s house. When he came in, Yate was about to go out in a hurry, “You’re back, I’m going to the Demon Mall.”

“What are you doing there?” Qingertai asked.

“I heard that the new “Prairie” album has been released… Wow, you bought it!” Yate’s eyes widened.

It was only then that Qingertai realized that Yate had long liked music. He complained, “Why didn’t you tell me that the music of the demon race was so good…”

“I said it last time, and I invited you to listen to it, but you left after listening to the prelude,” Yate said.

“Because that prelude was soft…” Qingertai made a weak rebuttal, and then he shook his head: “Forget it, I’m too stupid, let’s listen quickly and stop arguing.”

“Okay, okay.”

Yate put the record into the gramophone, and the moving prairie music suddenly rang.

At the same time, the two of them showed bubbling expressions of happiness.

“I want to ride a horse and run on the grassland, and then listen to this song.”

“I think it’s definitely a good feeling to sit on the top of the mountain and watch the sunset on the grassland while listening to this song.”

The two listened to the record three times while talking, and then Qingertai suddenly realized that he was very hungry, and then he realized, ah, didn’t he go there to eat? He forgot because he heard the music. But he doesn’t want to move his body now and wants to continue listening…

After he told Yate what he thought, Yate said, “What’s the matter, just order takeaway!”

“Takeaway?” Qingertai didn’t know much about everything outside the Demon Mall.

“Well, takeaway.” Yate took out the magic phone, and from there, he quickly found the takeaway app, and threw it to Qingertai: “You bought the record, I’ll buy the takeaway, and you can order what you want.”

Qingertai stared at the dazzling array of delicacies on the phone screen and was stunned.

Half an hour later, Qingertai was stunned again when he looked at the undead who delivered the food. This undead was controlled by the great necromancer. Did the necromancer actually control the undead to deliver food…?

Demons working in the Demon Mall are so powerful…

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Filming of “Captain Magnolia” begins.

The actor of Captain Magnolia is a paladin named Grantham. He is handsome and full of sense of justice. Hill has examined the acting skills of several paladins, and he is the best among them. So, he got the role of Captain Magnolia, Steve Rogers.

The first scene is a clip of the Magnolia Empire finding Captain Magnolia, who has been frozen for many years, in the ice and snow. This scene was shot in the north of Mülheim. The crew waited for two days for the blizzard but it never came. Hill was already impatient so he let Lich Aligeli control the weather. Hill intends to show all kinds of grand scenes in this film. Anyway, special effects do not require money. He wants to make the “Avengers” series as shocking as possible, and an absolute blockbuster.

In the first few seconds, Hill filmed for an entire afternoon. He conceived various special effects in his mind, and also communicated with the crew, and everyone brainstormed.

Not long after, the crew left the extreme north, which made the actors breathe a sigh of relief. Although Hill prepared them well, they still felt a lot of pressure in that icy world. The next filming process was much more comfortable. On this day, Hill was exchanging lines with Grantham when a ghost came in and reported: “My King, some of our props have been damaged.”

“Damaged?” Hill raised his eyebrows, “What happened?”

“The other party is a believer of light,” said the ghost.

“Oh, it seems that the Pope still retained some people’s hearts after breaking wrists. But if the wrist is broken, it can’t be connected again ah.” Hill snapped his fingers, “Okay, let’s go and have a look.”

When Hill walked out of the tent, it was raining outside, the rain was clattering, and there was already a small pool next to it, and a series of ripples were splashed on it. Hill couldn’t help but stop and look at the sky. He likes rain very much, and he likes the feeling of moist air surrounding his body.

“My King?” the paladin asked in a low voice.

“It’s okay, let’s go.” Hill raised his legs and followed the ghost and continued to walk forward.

The believer of the light was tied to a post, and the rain wet his body, making him look very embarrassed. A paladin stood beside him, frowning at him.

“Did the other party say anything?” Hill asked, looking at the paladin over there.

“It’s all said.” The paladin responded: “He said that he hates the demons, so he wants to destroy the things of the demons. What he said should be true.”

“This is difficult.” Hill shook his head, and then he approached the believer of light, “What do you think I should do… It doesn’t seem good to kill someone because of this kind of thing.”

“You demon! Demon, the God of Light will not let you go! Demon!” the believer of light shouted at him.

“Oh, then I thank you for reminding me of the fact that I’m a demon, and maybe I shouldn’t have been so easygoing from the beginning,” Hill said lightly, his voice was quite low, maybe it was a coincidence, the rain suddenly became sharper, and the wind also increased. The raindrops wrapped diagonally and hit the face of the believer of light, making him unable to open his eyes for a while. Then just as he closed his eyes, he felt his jaw being pinched: “You are overestimating yourself. Go back to the shore, kid. Or I’ll rip your head off.” The voice was casual, but the coldness contained in it distorted the expression of the believer in light.

Then Hill grabbed his head and knocked it against the pillar, causing the other party to faint.

Hill whistled and turned around, stretched out his hands, and used magic to draw the rainwater down to wash his hands. “Okay, we should go to the next shooting location, just leave him here.”

The paladin asked, “Then My King, you’re just gonna let him go?”

“This kind of small shrimp ah. The big fish is slaughtered directly, and the small shrimp is put back to continue fishing. Send someone to follow him to see if there is any organization behind him.” Hill retracted his hand, shook his fingers clean, and then brushed off the scattered hair in front of his forehead, “Don’t let me teach you all the time, use your brains.”

“Sorry, My King.” The paladin said, and after two seconds, he blurted out: “So you didn’t spare him… And you didn’t spare the Church of Light…either.”

Hill turned around and stared at him for a few seconds, then his lips curled up into a smile: “Do you think I am that generous?”

Rolling thunder came from the gray clouds, and the heavy rain became more and more majestic.

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