Chapter 225 – “Look at how kind I am…”

“Captain Magnolia” filming is in full swing, “Fate/Zero” has reached the last episode, the Holy Grail War is over, the epilogue begins, all clues have been recovered. Matou Kariya who has always wanted to rescue Matou Sakura from Matou Zouken, dragged his body to find Sakura, but in the end lost all his vitality and died. Looking at Uncle Kariya, whose body was devoured by insects, Sakura was a little puzzled, why did this man come back? How could he still be alive? And there was such a satisfied smile on his face when he died?

Here, the original F/Z novel is different from the animation. In the animation, Sakura directly said “what a fool, who told you to rebel against grandpa”, while the psychological activities in the novel are more, which can better reflect the tragedy of Kariya.

Everyone knows that you can’t disobey grandfather, how come this person is the only one who does not comply with it? He’s obviously an adult, but why is he so stupid? Sakura continued to think.

—Many people are already full of sadness when they see this, ah, yes, in such a world, everyone knows what justice and kindness will lead to. If they are in harmony, it is the performance of ‘smart’. You obviously want to save the other side, but the other side thinks it is stupid. This is the most disturbing part.

But why did this person choose such a meaningless way of dying? Sakura thought about it, and finally realized, ah, this must be Grandpa’s lesson tonight, let her see with her own eyes the fate of those who go against Grandpa’s wishes. Sakura nodded meekly and said, “I understand, Grandpa.” Then she looked at the corpse devoured by insects seriously, and took this scene in her heart.

Seeing this, the audience’s resentment towards Sakura disappeared a lot, and they only felt that she was also very sad.

“It’s a terrifying world, to let such a small child suffer.”

“We are not qualified to criticize the world either, right.”

“I’ve never liked Kariya very much, but in the end…sigh.”

“Everyone in this anime has their own shining point.”

After that, there are two more clips, Tohsaka Tokiomi’s funeral, Kotomine Kirei deliberately gave Tohsaka Rin the sword of Azoth that killed Tohsaka Tokiomi, telling her that it was her father’s relic, and since then, the girl would store the weapon that killed her father as a precious treasure… This twisted pleasure made Kotomine Kirei smile.

The audience saw that it was too twisted. Kotomine Kirei, how can he always break the lower limit of human beings like this, he is really a complete and pure villain.

The last scene, of course, is the inheritance of the next generation. Emiya Shirou and his adoptive father, Emiya Kiritsugu, were enjoying the moon together, and then the following conversation took place.

Emiya Kiritsugu: “When I was a child, I longed for the incarnation of justice, but now, I know that heroes also have a time limit, and once they become adults, it will be difficult to achieve.”

Emiya Shirou: “Dad, you are already an adult, so there may be nothing you can do, but I’m still a child, so it’s no problem. Then leave father’s dream to me, I will become the incarnation of justice in the future.”

Emiya Kiritsugu closed his eyes and finally said something: “Ah, then I can rest assured.”

Then he recalled his childhood conversation and said, “Xiaoqi, what kind of adult do you want to be?”

“Me. I want to be a partner of justice.”

The animation then officially ends with the death of Emiya Kiritsugu.

In the end, no one was saved, but after all the deaths, there was still a ray of light left.

When Hill engages in cultural invasion, the sequence of his thoughts is very clear. First, use a series of movies and animations such as “Daughter of the Sea” and “He is a Dragon” to rudely tell human beings that “there are also good people in the demon race”. In fact, although this is true, the point of view expressed in the first batch of movies and animations at that time was “Demons are all good people, and there are many bad people among humans.” This view is undoubtedly one-sided and extreme, but in such an ideological background, only extreme thoughts can stand firm.

After the public accepted this setting, Hill began to instill some slightly complicated ideas: Demons are like humans, there are good people and bad people. This point of view is actually the real equality. Only after this point of view is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people can the demons and humans achieve equality in the true sense. Specifically, movies such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Iron Man”, so far, these are the ones that the public can accept. The third step, not everyone will accept it wholeheartedly, and there will be a threshold – that is, good and evil are relatively switching. In F/Z, many people are both good and evil, but Hill also doesn’t need everyone to accept all of these, just have such a concept in their hearts. In fact, this also leaves a way out for himself.

“Did you really have a clear conscience about everything along the way?”

Later, Hill caught the paladin Wilkins in a friction. The other party was old friends with Monroe, and he was a good person in the general sense, so Hill just captured him instead of killing him. Occasionally, Hill also came to chat with this typical paladin, and the other party asked this question once.

“Yeah. I don’t begrudge my attitude in this regard, I have a clear conscience for everything I do,” Hill said.

“I don’t believe it,” Wilkins said. “You must have hurt innocent people too.”

“Oh, I have hurt the interests of innocent people, but I still have a clear conscience,” Hill said. “My heart itself is immodest.”

Paladin Wilkins almost vomited blood by this sentence, and he finally understood why the Pope couldn’t beat Hill, because Hill really had no lower limit.

Hill then continued: “But generally speaking, I still think I’m a good person.”

“So, you actually think you are a good person?” asked Paladin Wilkins.

“Yeah.” Hill glanced at the sky over there and said in a flat tone, “If a person doesn’t even have the courage to admit that he is kind, then he is really not kind.”

Paladin Wilkins was stunned.

Then Hill got up, “It’s going to rain, you should go back to the dungeon, be careful of getting wet.”

“Oh, okay,” said Paladin Wilkins, and then returned to the dungeon obediently.

At present, he is imprisoned in the Dark Church. He tried to escape once before, but he returned halfway after escaping. Monroe went to ask him why he didn’t run away, and he replied: “I actually know what the Church of Light has done now, especially after your… propaganda, well, it should be propaganda. But let me give up the once glory and stand with the demons together, I cannot do it. And with my status, the church is not likely to let me go back to the field, so I am in a very awkward situation, and with that bastard Teresa watching, I suspect I will be killed by that ungrateful little kid one day.”

Monroe almost coughed out loud when he heard this.

Teresa was really innocent too.

“It’s a good thing that you guys caught me… at this exact moment,” Paladin Wilkins said so.

There are all kinds of people in this world, and Hill thinks it’s very interesting to meet all kinds of people, talk to them, and learn what they were thinking.

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After the F/Z animation ended, Hill immediately started serializing the original novel in “Demon Realm Magazine”. Currently, the three novels serialized in “Demon Realm Magazine” are “Wolf Totem” by Jiang Rong and “Fate/Zero” by Gen Urobuchi, and the long novel of the alien invasion of the Magnolia continent written by Bard Eric under Hill’s arrangement.

Gen Urobuchi tortured the public again. Now, everyone agrees that Gen Urobuchi is a demon among demons. They have never seen such an evil man before.

Hill released the fourth season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” for everyone to heal, and then began to broadcast “Girls’ Last Tour”, he hopes they can hold on. When Hill watched the ending of “Girl’s Last Tour”, his first reaction was: what the hell is this, what kind of ab*se is this, shit. – This is the real psychological activity at that time.

Hill used to promote and trick people into watching anime that had ab*sed people’s emotions, and he felt so relieved when he saw the other party being ab*sed. Now that the scope of his MLM has expanded to the whole world, and seeing how people all over the world dare not speak out against him, Hill is really happy. But then, Hill overturned, at that time, he tricked Irvine to watch. Irvine actually did it unintentionally, but the next day, he accidentally brought Hill an unforgettable breakfast…

If we talk about ab*se… “Journey to the West” has been serialized last year, and Hill thinks that “Wukong Biography”, “Big Splashing Monkey”, oh, and “Yang Jian – Growing hatred for the East”, some myths science has been carried, so the preconditions have been completed. Hahaha, let them feel what it means to be t*rtured and heart-wrenching… Hill wrote a line of words on the parchment, and Irvine next to him looked at him with a chill in his heart. Lord Demon King looks really excited, don’t know who will be unlucky.

Hill is excited over here, while the audience is almost full of wailing. The magazine’s submissions were full of resentment in those days. Tragedy is good, tragedy can make a deeper impression.


The filming of “Captain Magnolia” is more than halfway through. Hill gave everyone a two-day vacation, and everyone in the crew was excited to go out to play. Hill took Monroe, who came to visit the class, to deal with the light believer who destroyed the props some time ago.

There is indeed an organization behind the other party, but it is not affiliated with the Church of Light, but a group of believers spontaneously organized. Hill finds it boring, hoping he’ll have some extra fun in this fake peace that’s going to last for a while.

“Let me give you some advice, don’t take recklessness as bravery, and don’t take bravery as cleverness,” Hill said casually to them, then looked at the paladins who were watching them, and said, “These are all left to you, I think you are more professional than me in dealing with heretics.”

The paladin nodded: “Tie them to the stake and burn them to death?”

Hill: “…Huh?”

The paladin continued, “Er, but not burn them, but light a fire underneath and let them choke to death slowly in the smoke?”

Hill: “…Huh?”

The paladin was stunned for a moment: “Tie them up and dig out their internal organs one by one?”

Hill: “…Huuuhhh?”

The paladin asked in bewilderment, “That’s the common practice for dealing with heretics, is that not enough?”

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, “Must it be so brutal to kill?”

It dawned on the paladin, “Oh, you want to punish them by eating the flesh of their own sons and daughters, right? I see.”

Hill hesitated for a few seconds, then turned to look at Monroe: “You, you punish them like this?”

Monroe said, “Yes.”

“You did too?” Hill asked.

“No,” Monroe said. “I’m not in charge of that. I’m not in the same order as them.”

“Oh yes, you’re the kind who goes to war on all sides,” Hill said.

“Yes, they are for internal security. Their jobs are more popular and respected, and their future development prospects are also good.” Monroe said: “My previous team belong to the no future development.”

“…That’s true.” Hill twitched the corners of his mouth, “But you are paladins, don’t you think this is too cruel?”

“Well… in the past, “Church Ceremony” taught us that heretics kill human souls, and by t*rturing their bodies, we are saving them,” the paladin explained.

“Then why do you treat heretics this way when your all-knowing, all-powerful, great God of Light has allowed them to exist?”

“This is also limited to within the Oitin Empire, there are still heretics who have improved the Church.” The paladin said, “As to why the Church of Light allows the heretics to exist, the Pope said that it is because good contrasts evil. And to get rid of evil is to sustain good, just as a lion sustains life by eating sheep, evil is the sustenance of good, and the Church of Light should treat all heretics as sustenance in order to save the faithful.”

“Wow, And I don’t know which one is the demon by comparison.” Hill shook his head, and then he waved his hand: “Lock up those people, squeeze their value, and send someone to tell the Church of Light that their believers destroyed our important movie props and then demand a compensation.”

After Hill finished speaking, the paladins froze for a few seconds, and Monroe asked calmly, “How much is the compensation?”

“Ten thousand magic crystals,” Hill said.

“As expected of you,” Monroe said.

“Yeah, as expected of me.” Hill said, “Look at how kind I am, I didn’t kill them, but exchanged them for money.”

“Yeah, you’re so kind.” Monroe laughed.

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A day later, border negotiations.

At the turn of spring and summer, the frontier of the Oitin Empire has been drizzling in the past few days.

The new bishop, Harrington, suddenly stood up and said angrily, “You are extorting!”

Monroe looked at the drizzle outside, turned to look at him after hearing it, and said indifferently after a few seconds, “You think so?”

There was no expression on his face.

The cold rain intensified.

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