Chapter 226 — Filming of Captain Magnolia Completed

Captain Magnolia’s social attention is very high, all the people are watching its shooting progress, one because it is the first film after the war, and two because of the previous incident of props destruction, Hill took the opportunity to make a hype. Fans of the movie were taken aback, they didn’t want to wait nearly two months for the filming schedule to continue again like it did with “The Evil Monarch”. However, Hill did not intend to play that kind of trick, once or twice is enough, more than that will have the opposite effect.

The main plot of “Captain Magnolia” is very simple, set seventy years ago during the war between the Magnolia Empire and the Dijon tribe. Steve Rogers was originally a small man with asthma, he wanted to join the army but failed because of physical reasons, and at this time, he was noticed by the Ghost Professor, Binns. Professor Binns used demon blood to transform his body, making him very powerful. He destroyed the Dijon’s villain plot to rule the world and helped the Magnolia Empire win in one fell swoop, while preparing himself for sacrifice. As a result, he did not die after the airship crash, but slept for seventy years, and finally, he woke up in Magnolia City, and was invited to join the Avengers.

Among them, Tony Stark’s father, Baron Howard Stark, has an important role in the film. He is one of the advisers of the Magnolia military. He made a full set of clothes for the Magnolia Captain, Steve, including the famous shield. In previous movies, Howard Stark has appeared many times in both the Hulk and Iron Man, and in this movie, he is finally going to make an official appearance. And his character is also set by Hill to be very similar to his son Tony Stark, but obviously, Tony is more flirty. Howard is a serious person, making it a bit different from Tony.

“Stark is the best airship pilot I’ve ever seen,” the heroine, Carter, said to the hero Steve.

“No kidding, I’m the best in all aspects,” said Howard, who was driving the airship.

If it was Tony, he would probably add, “Would you like to try it, Miss Agent?” Then he would look at Steve and say, “Oh, are you together? I will apologize if you are.” And then show the classic expression of smiling but not smiling. ——Hill made up his own mind when sorting out the script. Wow, this is so visually appealing.

“Just do it again,” Hill said with a stop gesture.

The Paladin Grantham, who played Captain Magnolia, got up from the ground and said, “Is there something wrong, My King?”

“There’s nothing right, exactly, Grantham,” Hill said. “The way you posed made me think you wanted to f*ck that magic crystal bomb.”

Paladin Grantham: “Cough cough…”

The dark elf Albrecht next to him saw an opportunity: “As expected of My King! To be able to come up with such an accurate metaphor!”

Grantham’s cough became worse.

Seeing that the actor was about to be choked to death, Hill shook his head and explained: “This scene is like this, you are undoubtedly a weak person physically now, you have never experienced the feeling of being a strong person, you understand, right? The doctor threw a magic crystal bomb directly to you guys for the test, and everyone fled immediately, but only you rushed up and held the magic crystal bomb in your arms, using your flesh and blood as a shield, and let them run first. You understand the plot?”

“I can understand.” Seeing the serious business, Grantham nodded.

“Then, in the filming just now, you crushed the magic crystal bomb directly with holy light for the first time. I understand, this is your subconscious reaction.” Hill said, “So I forgive you.”

“Er, I’m sorry, My King,” Grantham said shamefully.

“The second time you didn’t act nervous enough, your expression seemed to say, ‘It’s just a small bomb. I can actually solve it casually, but because the director won’t let me solve it, I’ll just pretend to be worried about it’…”

“My expression is so rich, My King, does this mean that I am good at acting?” Grantham asked fascinatedly.

“…Not bad.” Hill rolled his eyes, “I was being sarcastic.”

“I’m sorry, My King,” Grantham said again, ashamed.

“The reasons for the next few retakes are weird.” Hill shook his head, “I don’t even want to talk about you.”

“I’m sorry, My King,” Grantham continued with shame, and then he said earnestly, “but you’ve said a lot.”

Hill was choked by this,”…Don’t talk back, paladin, be careful or this king will crush your head.” This guy is also very



“Do you know what you are supposed to show? First of all, you subconsciously know that you will die if you jump on it, but all you think about at that moment is saving people. Your actions should not be professional, nor should they be good-looking, or even a little funny, because you were really weak at the time. You may have tried to show it, but no, as I just said, you just topped that magic crystal bomb with your body, and the hideous expression made me think you wanted to f*ck it.” Hill rolled the script into a tube and patted Grantham’s head several times: “If you’re sorry, just shoot it well!”

“Okay, I’ll try to find the feeling.” Grantham let Hill tap his head, and he bowed his head and said in shame.

Such a big man of 1.8 meters looks strangely cute to let him knock obediently.

Then Hill saw the dark elf Albrecht stick out his head yearningly: “My King, My King, I don’t think I can act well in movies.”

“Huh?” Hill looked at the dark elf.

Albrecht smiled brightly: “So you can knock me on the head too!”

…Hill has the illusion of a dog wagging its tail.

This is really… Hill’s mouth twitched, and he tapped Albrecht on the head twice perfunctorily with a paper tube… Well, he is also very cute.

But it’s also really good. With such a group of people around, he can always keep his mood in a happy state.

In fact, life can be like this. There are magnificent waves, peaks, and brilliance. Of course, there must be such relaxed and comfortable times. Hill hummed “I’ve had it all / All in a flash”, then raised his hand and said, “Everyone, on your mark, let’s go again. Ready Grantham? You’re not ready? I’m ready anyway, let’s go!”

And the shooting continued.

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The life during filming is mainly divided into three parts: one is normal shooting, the other is the script and research together in the evening, and the third is a small party in leisure time. The crew meal has always been a very desirable existence, completely banquet-standard, meat, vegetables, and desserts piled up like a mountain, drinks are also very rich, there are only some with low percentage of alcohol. Of course, there can’t be a high percentage of alcohol, Hill forbids drinking that kind of alcohol during the filming.

Today’s main drink is raspberry coconut milk, which is a wonderful combination. The wonderful feeling brought to the tip of the tongue when raspberries and coconuts collide is indescribable. The smooth and mellow taste, the softness of coconut milk neutralizes the sweet and sour of raspberries. It brought a very delicate feeling when it slid across the throat, and the faint fragrance left between the lips and teeth made people couldn’t help exclaiming what a delicious drink this was. Paladin Grantham took a sip and thought, ah, he didn’t like drinking this kind of sweet drink at first, but now he almost fell in love with this kind of fragrance and sweetness.

Hill used a fork to fork the dripping meat, and the lamb shank grilled with onions and peppers was delicious. He didn’t like eating onions in the past, but after eating onions from the Demon Realm, he realized that it wasn’t that he didn’t like eating onions, but that the onions he ate before were not tasty enough.

The dishes this time are mainly Chinese, and on the left is a large plate of sweet and sour crispy tofu. The trouble with this dish is mainly to cut the tofu. Irvine was originally using a kitchen knife, but he thought it was too troublesome to use so he mobilized the wind blade and it was done. Then roll the tofu slices into the cornstarch and fry them in the pan. At the same time, add sugar, cornstarch, oyster sauce, vinegar, soy sauce and other ingredients together to make a sauce. After frying the tofu until golden on both sides, pour it into the sauce. For the sauce, let the fire cook to taste, collect the juice, sprinkle chopped green onion before serving, the color and flavor are complete. Deep-fried golden tofu, sweet and sour sauce. Pick up a piece and put it in your mouth, bite it down, it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the heat gushes out with the deliciousness, it is full of happiness ah.

Apart from bread and rice, the staple food is soup dumplings. The shape of soup dumplings caught the attention of a Dijon actor. Dijon’s Demon Realm Restaurant has not yet provided this food. The Dijon actor stretched out his chopsticks to pick one, but found that he couldn’t handle the chopsticks a bit, so he simply took a spoon and scooped one directly into the plate in front of him.

“Is this a pastry?” he asked the Magnolia man next to him in common language.

“Oh, it’s a soup dumpling,” the Magnolia man said, “There’s stuffing in it, by the way, be careful…”

The Dijon actor took a bite and almost jumped up.

“…of being burned.” The Magnolia man continued, “But it looks like I said it too late, ahem, you should spit it out first.”

As a result, the Dijon actor fanned his mouth with his hand, while showing a very intoxicated expression.

What did it feel like just now, biting through the crystal-clear soft and tender skin, the hot soup with a strong fragrance was wrapped in sesame oil and the common taste of the filling burst out. But he was totally reluctant to spit it out! The expression on the Dijon actor’s face at this time is both pain and enjoyment, and people who don’t know think, what the hell happened to him?

That delicious soup, crispy and fragrant stuffing… A soup dumpling is relatively small, eat one, and all the greedy worms can be hooked immediately.

The Magnolia man next to him wanted to laugh at the other party’s miserable state, but after seeing the expression of him eating the soup dumpling for a few seconds, the Magnolia man couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, then picked up his chopsticks and stretched it out to the pot of soup dumplings over there…

Well, the body is still very honest.

The relaxed shooting atmosphere, delicious crew meals, weekly parties… Under such circumstances, the filming of “Captain Magnolia” was quickly completed.

Fifteen days later, it was officially released.


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