Chapter 227.1 — “My emotions and desires follow you.”

When Hill entered the room, he smelled the fragrance of wood tar from the dried distillation of broadleaf trees, a scent that made him feel relaxed. This is one of the most widespread trees around Dijon’s Golden Court, and it’s so versatile that Dijon’s love for them is catching up with the grasslands. This courtyard was given to Hill by the Dijon Chief, at the time when Hill said, “I have a set of courtyards in Winter City and Magnolia City, but not in Golden Court.”

The Golden Court is the city where the chiefs of the Dijon tribes are located. It can also be called the Dijon Royal Court. The Dijon call it Najai Sotu, which directly translates to the place where gold is piled up, and in common language it is directly referred to as the Golden Court.

The attendant took Hill on a tour of the entire estate, which was very Dijon in character, with blue, white, and gold as the main colors, mostly domes, and the symbols of national characteristics everywhere. Hill lay down on the bed and thought about the latest thing, and fell asleep after thinking about it.

“Captain Magnolia” will be released in two days. Hill intends to watch the premiere at the cinema of the Demon Mall in Dijon’s Golden Court, and by the way to see how Dijon people react to it. Captain Magnolia, Iron Man, and Hulk are all from Magnolia, Thor is from the Demon Realm, Black Widow is from Mulheim, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye are from Dijon, and Black Panther is from Morton, let the Mortonians build a nation in the movie, and Doctor Strange is from the Plague Islands… Hill made a nationality division in his mind.

This also means that many superhero stories need to be greatly adjusted. If it is Hill who has just crossed over, he may feel a little guilty, but now he is completely confident to film them well.

And apart from the Avengers series, other movies should also be put on the agenda. Hill thought.

It was nearly dusk when he woke up, he rang the bell by the bedside, and the attendant immediately brought refreshments and told him that Monroe had arrived.

“When did he arrive?” Hill asked after drinking a sip of black tea and straightening his clothes in front of the mirror.

“As soon as you fell asleep,” said the attendant.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Hill asked.

“His Holiness the Pope won’t let us wake you up, he said…” the attendant said halfway through and Hill walked out of the room.

Although the attendant didn’t say where Monroe was, Hill could sense all the breath in the entire manor with his concentration, so he found Monroe’s position in less than two seconds, and then raised his legs and walked towards him.

Pushing open the door, he was greeted by a fragrant scene.

Monroe gave Hill a look and snapped his fingers, and his pale, naked body was instantly entangled in a black mist: “I thought you would at least knock.”

Hill in turn whistled, “I thought you were at least used to me not knocking.”

Monroe: “…you.”

Hill: “Me.”

Monroe glanced at Hill helplessly. He was just reshaping his physical body. Although he felt Hill approaching, he still did not have time to wrap up when Hill came straight in.

Monroe’s helpless look made Hill’s heart flutter: “You treat me better,” Hill threatened, “Otherwise, I will blow away the black mist from your body with one breath.”

“Although your words are close to picking a fight, since you are my Lord, I still accept it,” Monroe lowered his eyes and said.

Seeing Monroe like this, Hill felt greatly satisfied. He smiled and sat on the couch over there, then crossed his legs and said, “Wake me up next time when this happens.”

“It’s more important that you sleep,” Monroe said.

“I think it’s more important to sleep with you,” Hill said.

Monroe blinked slowly.

Hill raised his chin to look at him.

Monroe raised his hand, the magic stirred, slap, this was the sound of the door being locked by magic.

That sound is easy to breed tension when it rings out in a silence.

He raised his head to see his gaze, and the room seemed to narrow as a result.

Like an ancient Roman colosseum, gladiators and prey were dropped in, the bars fell heavily, everything around them faded away, and they saw only each other. But not because of romance, but because of the brutal plundering and lustful indulgence that was to come.

It was dark outside the window.

The moon was already bright when they came out of the house again.

Hill lay lazily on the couch while Monroe peeled fruit for him.

The moonlight outside is very good. The moonlight on the grassland is very beautiful, clear and translucent, like a drop of dew condensed in the whole night sky.

There is only one lamp burning in the house, placed in front of the window, and when the wind blows, the light and shadow of the whole house sway.

The lack of light brings a very subtle and beautiful feeling.

Hill licked Monroe’s fingertips after eating a grape, “If we continue to develop, we will win sooner or later, and the Church of Light also understands this. In terms of the spirit shown by the Pope of Light earlier, they won’t let us go.”

“So, there are only two choices in front of us next, to take the initiative or to plan,” Monroe brought another grape to Hill’s lips.

Hill opened his mouth to catch the grape, and with the same old trick, he wanted to eat Monroe’s tofu again, unexpectedly, when Hill bit the grape, Monroe’s whole hand turned into a black mist, so Hill licked a mouthful of black mist, and resentfully withdrew his tongue. “You’re so bad,” he complained.

“I thought I’d been good in bed just now,” Monroe said.

He was caught off guard by the crooked sentence that just slammed into his face, and the corner of Hill’s mouth twitched. Oh, but this aspect of good is sometimes a little…how to say it. For example, if Hill said “hard”, the other party may really exert that kind of force. Fortunately, Hill was not in the habit of talking crookedly at that time, otherwise, it would always feel like something very subtle and over the top would happen. “Okay, then let’s continue to talk about the business just now… Where were we, oh yes, attack or just plan.”

“Well, I get the feeling you like to play tricks and strike afterwards,” Monroe said, “but you’re pretty good at both.”

“Thank you for the compliment,” Hill said happily.

“I thought we were talking about business,” Monroe said.

“It’s business to compliment me,” Hill said.

Monroe thought for a moment and nodded, “That’s true.”

“You’re actually…” Hill laughed, “Okay, let’s get down to business. I prefer to play tricks, mainly because we have too few cards in our hands, and I have to make sure that every card is played in the right position. .”

“Other people, including the Church of Light, will probably be mad at you when they hear your words.” Monroe put a strawberry to Hill’s lips and said, “You have bullied them like this, and in the end you still say you have less cards.”

Hill was amused by Monroe’s statement. He put his hand on Monroe’s lap and reached out and touched his waist twice. Monroe continued to put a strawberry in his mouth without changing his expression.

“You’re so calm,” Hill murmured.

“Because you’re calm,” Monroe said. “If you’re not calm, I’ll follow you. My emotions and desires follow you.”

“It’s good.” Hill turned his face and put his face on Monroe’s body, closed his eyes and enjoyed it for a while.

After a while, he whispered: “There are not many cards that can be used for attacks, so many times, we need to make the opponent make mistakes at the expense of others, and then defuse the opponent’s attack and stab the opponent with a backhand.”

“It’s not your fault,” Monroe said.

“Well, I know.” Hill took Monroe’s hand that was reaching for the fruit, dragged his hand to his face, and whispered, “I blame it all on the church.”


The two enjoyed such tenderness for a while, and Monroe asked, “Do you still want to eat fruit?”

“Don’t eat.” Hill sat up, “The moon is dark and the wind kills the night, let’s go, let’s go eat people.”

Monroe raised the corner of his lower lip, “Okay, let’s eat people.”

——This time, they met in the Golden Court of Dijon, mainly to deal with the Oitin spy who was exposed inside the Golden Court of Dijon.

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