The Abandoned Son Ch.47

Chapter 47 — Gloomy Wood

Ye Fan followed Zhang Wentao to a warehouse in the military region. After Ye Fan went, he learned that Longhu Mountain and the military region had a certain cooperation.

There are several masters in Longhu Mountain who work in special departments of the military to help the military solve some special cases, and the military regularly collects and provides some special materials for the people of Longhu Mountain.

“Gloomy wood!” Ye Fan nodded with satisfaction, holding a piece of wood.

Zhang Wentao looked at Ye Fan’s expression and asked, “Does Young Master Ye fancy something?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Indeed, there is.” Gloomy wood is the favorite material of ghost cultivators. Every year, the ghost sect will collect this material at a large price. Gloomy wood can also be used to refine ghost banners. With this gloomy wood, refining the ghost banner is almost certain.

“This is?”

“This is spider silk. It is the silk spit out by a special spider in Miaojiang. It is highly poisonous. However, if it is used well, it can be regarded as a weapon.”

Ye Fan blinked, stretched out his hand and touched a mass of black filaments, and as soon as Ye Fan’s hand touched the filaments, a cold chill poured into Ye Fan’s body.

Ye Fan secretly said: This should be the ghost silk on the Cultivation Continent, the ghost silk is produced by the ghost spider. In the realm of self-cultivation, a small ball of ghost silk can sell hundreds of spirit stones, and this place actually has them!

Ye Fan thought: Although the spiritual energy in this world is thin, there are many useful things. What is even more rare is that there are not many cultivators in this world, and the competition pressure is low. From this point of view, maybe he can still hope to go back to the cultivation continent.

Ye Fan just thinks about it this way, he doesn’t dare to expect too much. After all, Ye Fan found that his body is a strange one, with the five elements and three mutated ones, a complete gamut.

In the realm of self-cultivation, the fewer spiritual roots, the higher the aptitude for cultivation. However, Ye Fan’s body is the body of the eight-line spiritual roots of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, and ice. If you put it in the realm of self-cultivation, you will be called the waste of all wastes! Eight spiritual roots still have advantages, under the same level, his aura will be much thicker than the same class cultivators.

In fact, Ye Fan didn’t care much about his spiritual roots, Ye Fan was born with a vision.

No one knew that when Ye Fan was first born, he was handed down a Nine-Heavens Ten Thousand Things by the Heavenly Dao. The so-called Nine-Heavens Ten Thousand Things, which is to refine all things, is just suitable for cultivators with eight-line mixed spiritual roots to cultivate.

When he was in the Blue Cloud Sect, Ye Fan also thought about passing on this technique, but unfortunately, the Blue Cloud Sect did not have a practitioner with the eight-line mixed spiritual root. It is very difficult to draw Qi into the body in one step, and it is basically impossible to step into the threshold of self-cultivation, so no sect will accept such a person.

Ye Fan found a few things in the warehouse and left happily.

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Inside the hospital.

Bai Momo sat on the bed, her face a little ugly.

“You’re really good, playing that kind of ghost game.”

Bai Momo said depressedly: “It’s not my fault! Playing pen fairy is no problem, but Zhao Yu, that idiot, insists on asking how the ghost fairy died. This idiot, everyone knows you can’t ask that question! However, this ghost is also quite strange, it did not look for Zhao Yu, but actually possessed me.”

“That monster looks like a starving ghost. Maybe the other party saw that you were raised white and fat and knew that you usually had a good meal, so it possessed you,” Bai Yunxi said.

Bai Momo’s face changed, and she said, “Little Uncle, you are so annoying, where am I fat?”

“You’re not fat, why is that thing staring at you?” Bai Yunxi said indifferently.

Bai Momo pouted and said sullenly, “Little Uncle, I heard that you have a boyfriend?”

Bai Yunxi frowned and said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Bai Momo smiled and said, “I’m not talking nonsense. I heard that you have been hiding a delicate beauty in your golden house recently, little uncle!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” Is Bai Momo talking about Ye Fan? This guy, Ye Fan, looks good, but he’s not really delicate. “You have a good rest.”

“Little Uncle, that thing won’t come to me again?” Bai Momo asked cautiously.

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Bai Momo said in frustration: “Then… what should I do then?”

“You know how to be scared, why did you play it?” Bai Yunxi said displeasedly.

Bai Momo: “…”


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Born with a vision — when he was born, the sky showed an abnormality, maybe thunder and lighting, or snow, or an aurora, just the way of heaven telling everyone that he was special.

Ghost banner — looks like a small flag used to collect or attract souls

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