Chapter 227.2 – Tomorrow, “Captain Magnolia” is officially released

“Captain Magnolia”, finished.

The last scene was filmed in Magnolia City and Demon City. The plot is that Captain Magnolia woke up seventy years later and ran from the hospital to the street, and then saw a completely different scene from seventy years ago. When he was very at a loss, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. found him, and he joined them after that. The relationship between Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. is well understood. S.H.I.E.L.D. is an official organization under the Human Alliance, and it pays wages. The first-generation Avengers was an organization under the jurisdiction of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was led by Captain Steve.

Hill originally planned to make Captain Magnolia look blank when he saw the changes in the seventy years, but he found out that Magnolia City had not changed significantly in the past seventy years, which was embarrassing. Sure enough, only a human society with technological explosions and rapid development has such characteristics. In order to achieve the desired effect, Hill and the art team in the crew—including members of the Skeleton Construction Team, bards, and painters—conducted a whole day of discussions, based on the original Magnolia City, and further develop the magic crystal technology, mixed with the architectural style of the demons, and together they completed a pile of concept sketches.

Hill gave a copy of the concept sketch to King Magnolia, who was salivating: “Can this really be the case in the future?”

“Not necessarily, it just represents a possibility for development,” Hill said.

“Then how can we approach this possibility?” King Magnolia was very interested in the Magnolia City in the sketch.

Hill pondered for a few seconds, then answered sincerely, “By pleasing me.”

King Magnolia didn’t respond, but Old Jackson next to him sprayed water directly.

“You can retire Old Jackson, quit your job and go home to retire,” Hill said as he cleaned up the sketches.

This time it was King Magnolia’s turn to spray water.

When Hill looked over, King Magnolia subconsciously blurted out: “Please don’t let me retire!”

Hill didn’t react for a while, and Old Jackson over there covered his eyes with his hands, looking like he couldn’t bear to see it, Hill saw the corners of his mouth twitched under his hands.

Well, it is possible that such a misunderstanding will occur when the former and latter are connected together… But after all, he used to be a minister and a good friend, so Old Jackson was still a little depressed when he saw the appearance of the King Magnolia. But for rulers, the hidden meaning behind their retirement is far greater than that of ordinary people. King Magnolia’s reaction like a frightened bird is normal.

“Okay,” Hill said, “let me explain what I just said. Although I like to say some pretentious nonsense and useless talk a lot, but that sentence is really answering Henry’s problem. Unless the ruler is willful, the development of the city should be carried out on demand in general. The Magnolia City in the conceptual map does not meet the needs of today’s human life, in other words, there is not much benefits in building the city this way.”

King Magnolia was at a loss: “What are you talking about?”

Old Jackson explained: “Grindelwald means that humans don’t need to develop into what they look like on the concept map, so we can’t rely on natural development, we can only rely on demons to help.”

In fact, this is the reason, but Hill’s reply made Old Jackson disturbed.

The Magnolia City in the final movie is the Demon City of the Demon Realm plus the original Magnolia City, and then constructed with post-production special effects, the effect is absolutely shocking.

The last stop of the filming is the Demon City. As the central city of the Demon Realm, the Demon City is responsible for all aspects of important tasks, so the scale is also very large, even if Hill made every effort to carry out full construction, it’ll take a couple of months to complete.

But even if it is not completed, the human beings in the crew have been deeply shocked by the Demon City itself.

The design style of Demon City is a mixture of overall steampunk and partial cyberpunk.

At the very center of the city is a towering black tower, which is a mechanical tower with violent aesthetics. The huge metal structure shell is spliced ​​with metal plates and rivets, and some parts also reveal the precise and cold-looking gears inside, deliberately exposed pipes and transmission lines, plus some forcibly decorated classical patterns, together build this very typical steampunk tower.

Standing at the bottom of the tower and looking up at the black tower so high that you can’t see the top, you will naturally feel a sense of shock and awe in your heart.

The human actors returned to the human world after the production was completed. As a rule, these actors would publish their shooting thoughts and promote the movie in the “Demon Realm Magazine”. As a result, this time, they all used a lot of space to describe what they saw and heard in the demon capital, and spared no effort to praise it, which made the readers feel surprised and curious.

It was the first time these humans were exposed to a new aesthetic, and it was to be expected that these actors were shocked.

To be precise, it’s shocking to the point of straying from the topic, right?

“It’s really shocking! My impression of the Demon Realm in the past was just beautiful and magical scenery, but this trip let me see such a cool city, my mind was greatly impacted! And the Lord Demon King gave us a general introduction to the divided areas of the city, there are also human areas, I can’t help but have a bold idea…”

“It turns out that this is how the movie was shot! By participating in the filming, I once again confirmed how powerful Lord Demon King is. The Demon City is really too shocking, and it cannot be simply described as ‘beautiful’. Beauty in the traditional sense is completely different, how to describe it, in short, shocking, very shocking.”

“I originally had a lot of things to say, but after seeing the demon capital, I forgot all about it.”

Of course, there are also people who said something other than the demon capital during the interview.

“I enjoyed the filming! His Majesty is sometimes stern, but that sternness has greatly improved the efficiency of the entire crew. In fact, he was very friendly to us most of the time, and he was very funny and humorous. I was completely intoxicated under his charisma.”

“The movie must be great, it’s a completely different kind of hero movie than the previous ones, I think everyone should like the protagonist of this movie.”

“Captain Magnolia is waiting for you at the cinema on May 5th.”

Accompanying the publication is the solo posters of “Captain Magnolia”. The protagonist holding the magnolia flower shield had a resolute expression and handsome features. Behind him was the monstrous fire of war. He stared firmly ahead. Just looking at his figure, a sense of security would emerge in your heart. Then came the heroine, Agent Carter, who was wearing an improved military uniform of the Magnolia Empire, a top hat, elegant dark blonde curly hair, and full and charming red lips. She held the magic crystal gun in her hand and pointed directly at the camera. The combination of sexy and domineering made people’s eyes shine. Then there is the male No. 2 Bucky. The other party is in a full military uniform. He is holding a goblet and toasting to the camera. He looks like a typical military handsome man… After these groups of posters came down, the public’s expectations to “Captain Magnolia” suddenly went up to a higher level.

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Caribbean Sea. Deathbird.

After the night, the humidity on the ship was very heavy, and the sailors came to the cabin to breathe and exercise. There were a lot of flying fish that jumped up last night on the deck. The sailors would collect these flying fish and hand them over to the kitchen, and then they could eat flying fish sashimi or flying fish soup or grilled flying fish in the morning. Flying fish sashimi tastes very fresh, the taste is very light, but when it is cooked, the taste becomes strong, and the freshness is improved by a level.

Now that the popularity of Captain Rod and the Deathbird has reached an unbelievable level, if the Deathbird did not have a special significance, Captain Rod would have wanted to change ships. Every so often, merchant ships took the initiative to chase them, and after catching up, there were fans who wanted to see their idols with bright eyes, and there were many people who volunteered to be robbed by them. Some noble women even shyly said ‘I don’t mind if you take me’. Later, when Captain Rod saw the merchant ship taking the initiative to come, he immediately ordered to flee. God, have you ever seen a pirate ship that was chased by a merchant ship running around the sea…

During this time, the pirates of the Deathbird were in a good mood, because they had not seen the merchant ship for a long time. While in a good mood, they also feel a bit ridiculous and amused. If other pirate ships have not seen a merchant ship for a long time, they will probably be very depressed. No robbery means they have no harvest or even starve to death. The pirates of the Deathbird pray every day not to encounter a merchant ship. It’s too funny.

The Deathbird, which had been floating at sea for a long time, turned its bow and aimed directly at Josh Kenny.

“Why did you return early?” Some pirates didn’t understand.

Another pirate gave him a jab with his elbow, “Stupid, you can even forget this, “Captain Magnolia” is about to be released.”

The pirate who was attacked by the elbow didn’t get angry at all: “Oh, oh, I’m really an idiot, how could I forget this!”

“Wow! Back to land again!”

“I don’t know what new fun things have come out of the Demon Realm Mall!”

“Has the projection stone for the fourth season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” come out? Let’s get the captain to give us the whole thing.”

“I’m really looking forward to the new record, I’m getting tired of listening to the old one.”

“Movie! Movie! Movie!”

“Go back to Josh Kenny and watch “Captain Magnolia”~”

Tomorrow, “Captain Magnolia” is officially released.

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