The Abandoned Son Ch.51

Chapter 51 — Young Master Ye’s Follower

A few security guards looked at Zhang Siliang’s sincere and frightened expression, each with a distorted face, but fortunately, Ye Fan ignored them, and several security guards felt secretly lucky.

Ye Fan walked into the factory and quickly found his destination. Zhang Siliang followed Ye Fan to the timber raw material area.

“Young Master Ye, is that thing here?” Zhang Siliang asked cautiously.

Ever since he took out a Gu worm from his body, Zhang Siliang would go to the temple to worship when he was free, and he became obsessed with worshipping Buddha. Zhang Siliang didn’t quite understand why he, who was so sincere in worshipping Buddha, always provokes these unclean stuff.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

The worker on the side said cautiously, “Boss, those workers who fell ill all arranged to move the wood from here!”

Zhang Siliang’s face straightened, looked at Ye Fan, and said, “Young Master Ye, what do you think?”

Ye Fan squinted, his eyes fixed on a piece of wood in the warehouse, “Actually… tell your workers to go out, don’t leave so many people behind.”

Hearing this, Zhang Siliang immediately waved his hand and told the workers to leave, “A Shuang, you also go out first.”

Ning Shuang gave Zhang Siliang a worried look, hesitated for a while, and left.

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Xuan and said, “We will fight in a while, you protect this guy.”

Zhang Xuan looked at Ye Fan, and said feeling uneasy: “Should you think about it first? This place is full of ghost energy, there are more than one ghost!”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “There are indeed more than one, there are eight ghosts, but the age is not too old, so it is not to be feared. There is actually a thousand-year-old bloody yin tree in this place, this thing is a great supplement to the yin ghosts. If you drag it on, more and more ghosts will be attracted, and it will be even more difficult to handle at that time.”

“Eight?” Zhang Xuan’s brows jumped, he only saw three, and there were five hidden, he actually didn’t find it?

Ye Fan looked at Zhang Xuan’s expression, flickered his eyes, and said, “Boy, are you afraid?”

Zhang Xuan was like a cat whose tail was stomped on, and his hair suddenly exploded, “What nonsense are you talking about, you are afraid!”

“It’s good not to be afraid! A manly man is not afraid of ghosts!” Ye Fan raised his head and raised his chest.

Zhang Siliang: “…”

Ye Fan took out eight Lightning Talismans and waved them, and the eight talismans flew out in eight directions, blocking the warehouse.

Ye Fan took out the ghost flag, the palm-sized ghost flag soared hundreds of times in the blink of an eye.

Zhang Siliang stared at this scene and widened his eyes in surprise. If Ye Fan was not the one who took out the ghost flag, Zhang Siliang would probably treat the ghost flag as a magic prop.

Ye Fan waved the ghost flag, and all the ghosts hiding in the thousand-year-old bloody yin tree flew out.

The surrounding temperature dropped a few degrees all of a sudden, Zhang Siliang couldn’t help wrapping his clothes tightly.

When Ye Fan waved the ghost flag, Zhang Siliang only felt the darkness around him, and the sound of ghosts crying and wolf howling.

“Sinister, look at this trick.” Ye Fan snorted softly.

“Boy, watch out for a ghost running to you,” Ye Fan raised his voice and said to Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan wasn’t doing much, but the hiding Zhang Siliang was so frightened that he almost passed out.

Zhang Xuan took out a magic talisman and read out, “Break!”

Zhang Xuan’s heart vomited to death, he was obviously here to watch the fun, but as a result, this guy, Ye Fan, actually pulled him to work as a coolie!

“This little brother, you are really amazing, no wonder you can be Young Master Ye’s follower!” Zhang Siliang complimented him with a pale face.

Zhang Xuan: “…” He is the descendant of Longhu Mountain, not the follower of a fool like Ye Fan.

“Ahhhh!” A ghostly cry entered Zhang Xuan’s ears.

Ye Fan suppressed the seven little ghosts with the ghost flag. The ghosts probably found that Ye Fan was not easy to mess with and wanted to run away. The ghosts who wanted to escape bumped into the talisman arranged by Ye Fan and were immediately bounced back.

Inside the warehouse, the gloomy wind blows, and ghosts linger.

Zhang Siliang felt the darkness in front of him, and couldn’t help but close his eyes.

After hearing nothing for a long time, Zhang Siliang opened his eyes cautiously. As soon as Zhang Siliang opened his eyes, he saw a blue-faced sinister ghost coming towards him, and his legs trembled like wheat stalks.

“Lightning, break!”

The sinister ghost who planned to attack Zhang Siliang was suddenly dispersed by Ye Fan.

After a while, all the ghosts were collected by Ye Fan.

Zhang Siliang hid behind Zhang Xuan timidly, and when he saw that there was no movement at all, he stuck his head out, “Are they gone?”

“It’s done, all the ghosts have been taken away,” Zhang Xuan said.

Zhang Xuan looked at the high-spirited Ye Fan, his face changed, he also has the ability to collect ghosts, but it is impossible to collect as many as Ye Fan at once.

Seeing that the matter was resolved, Zhang Siliang immediately ran to Ye Fan’s side, “Young Master Ye, you are really amazing!”

Zhang Siliang’s heart was a little sad. When Ye Fan took out the Gu worm for him last time, he said that the next time he was in trouble, he could give him a discount, but he didn’t expect to be in trouble again so soon.

Ye Fan turned his eyes and said a little embarrassedly: “Give me this wood, and treat it as the reward this time.”

Zhang Siliang’s eyes lit up, as if he was afraid that Ye Fan would regret it, he agreed immediately. “Young Master Ye, if you want, I’ll send it to you immediately. Which piece of wood do you fancy? Pick another one and I’ll have someone send it to you together.”

Zhang Siliang secretly thought that he was lucky! What Ye Fan offered this time was really a conscientious price! Zhang Siliang was almost moved to tears.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Another one? The others are ordinary stuff, I’m not interested.”

Ye Fan took out a hidden talisman and stuck it on the wood, “During the transportation process, don’t take off the talisman, lest it leak out the breath and attract bad things.”

Zhang Si nodded brightly and said, “Okay, okay, I will tell my subordinates to be careful.”

Zhang Siliang secretly said: The wood that Ye Fan liked should be a good thing, but this thing is a bit evil, and it is useless to hold it in his hands. It would be better if he took it out to give Ye Fan a favor.

Zhang Siliang couldn’t help but asked curiously, “Young Master Ye, can this wood attract ghosts?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Why was it all right before then?” Zhang Siliang asked.

“The wood has not been cut off before. As long as it is not cut off, the breath will not leak. If the breath does not leak, the ghost will naturally not feel it.” Before Ye Fan could speak, Zhang Xuan hurriedly replied.

Zhang Si nodded brightly, and said, “So that’s it!”

Zhang Xuan is also a little interested in this bloody yin wood, but this is what Ye Fan likes, and Ye Fan is the main force in this matter, so Zhang Xuan is naturally not good to fight with Ye Fan.

“Young Master Ye, if you don’t dislike it, why don’t you come to my office and sit for a while? My wife has always wanted to see you and thank you,” Zhang Siliang said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Alright.”

Ye Fan walked into the office and chatted with Ning Shuang.

Ning Shuang and Ye Fan chatted for a while, and finally couldn’t help but say, “Young Master Ye, you see that A Liang has been stared at by strange things, is there something wrong with him?”

Ye Fan shrugged and said, “I don’t know this very well. Maybe his fate is not very good. He likes to recruit ghosts, but it may just be an accident.” He didn’t know much about fate.

“Is there any way Young Master Ye can prevent it from happening?” Ning Shuang asked eagerly.

“There is! I happen to have a few jade pendants here that can prevent disasters, if you want them, one million a piece, I can sell you two,” Ye Fan said.

Ning Shang was overjoyed at his words and said, “Yes, yes, do you think you can sell them for five million for three?”

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up and said, “Yes!” If you want to be slaughtered at the door, you can’t be slaughtered for nothing.

Ye Fan took out three jade pendants from his backpack and handed them to Ning Shuang. Ning Shuang looked at the large string of jade pendants, and suddenly felt cheated.

Although Ye Fan took out a bunch of jade pendants and made Ning Shuang feel cheated, Ning Shuang still spent five million to buy the jade pendants.

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“Master Zhang, what are you doing?”

Zhang Siliang was talking with Ye Fan, but after a few words, he realized that Zhang Xuan didn’t follow, so he inquired with Ye Fan.

After inquiring, Zhang Siliang realized that Zhang Xuan was not Ye Fan’s follower, but an expert from Longhu Mountain. Knowing this, Zhang Siliang immediately found himself negligent.

The people of Longhu Mountain, the dragon sees the beginning but not the end, and has friendship with many upper echelons of the country, each of them has extraordinary skills, and they cannot be offended.

Zhang Siliang was originally worried that Zhang Xuan was gone, but when he came over, he found out that Zhang Xuan had not left, but was removing the talisman paper on the wall.

Zhang Siliang remembered that Ye Fan had pasted eight talismans on the wall before, but now all of them are gone.

Seeing Zhang Siliang, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

Zhang Wentao brought a few talismans back to Longhu Mountain before, which attracted the admiration of several seniors in Longhu Mountain. As soon as Ye Fan’s talisman was taken out, Zhang Xuan found that the lightning talisman was more powerful than the lightning talisman brought back by Zhang Wentao.

The eight talismans that Ye Fan threw out before were all lightning talismans. Except for the two weakened talismans that attacked the ghosts who were trying to escape, the other talismans’ auras were still intact.

Zhang Xuan was embarrassed to ask Ye Fan for a talisman, so he quietly stayed behind to do the recycling work. Unexpectedly, he was caught by Zhang Siliang.

“Ah! This talisman will attack people accidentally, so I will deal with it,” Zhang Xuan said.

Zhang Siliang nodded brightly and said, “Then please take them all Master Zhang!”


Zhang Siliang sent Ye Fan and Zhang Xuan out with great gratitude. Several security guards watched the boss send people away, all of them relieved.

“A master! Definitely a master.” Zhang Siliang couldn’t help sighing. “I’m really lucky to meet such a hidden person like Young Master Ye.”

Zhang Siliang smiled and was secretly glad that he took that flight. You must know that before Ye Fan, he also found several masters. However, those masters did not see that he had a problem that could not be solved, or they simply can’t even see that he has a problem.

The security guards looked at each other in dismay, and the security team captain sighed and said, “These days, security work is getting harder and harder to do, people who look like lunatics at first glance can’t be offended, maybe they are experts!”

“Captain, was our boss fooled by a liar? That guy is wearing casual clothes and a pair of slippers, how can he be an expert?”

“Even if the boss is blind, there is still the boss’s wife, isn’t there? The boss’s wife thinks the other side is extraordinary, that must be extraordinary.”


Ning Shuang looked at the excited Zhang Siliang and said, “You seem very happy!”

“Well, Young Master Ye has helped a lot this time, and the price is not high,” Zhang Siliang said.

“I just received the news that several workers in the hospital are awake.” Ning Shuang originally had some doubts about Ye Fan, but when she received the call, all doubts disappeared.

Zhang Siliang’s eyes widened, and he said in amazement, “Young Master Ye is really amazing. As soon as he makes a move, you will see immediate results!”

Ning Shuang nodded and said, “Yes! Experts are just different from ordinary people.”


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