The Abandoned Son Ch.52

Chapter 52 – Villa Decoration

On the way back, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help peeking at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Why do you look at me like that? I already have someone I like, and I won’t look at you.”

Zhang Xuan’s corner of the mouth twitched and said, “You think too much. I like big breasts and big butts, I don’t like you.”

Ye Fan shook his head and said with disdain: “Your preference is really vulgar!”

Zhang Xuan: “…” Like it’s not vulgar to like men like you.

“Where did your flag come from?” Zhang Xuan asked.

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Xuan contemptuously, and said, “This is my secret. Why should I tell you, you are not my taste, ah.”

Zhang Xuan pouted and said, “If you don’t say it, don’t say it! Stingy!”

Ye Fan and Zhang Xuan got out of the taxi, and Zhang Wentao sighed in relief as he watched the two come over.

After Bai Momo’s accident, Zhang Wentao and Zhang Xuan took care of Bai Momo in shifts. However, when Zhang Wentao came over, Zhang Xuan was gone. Zhang Wentao asked Bai Momo and found out that Zhang Xuan and Ye Fan had gone out to hunt ghosts. After knowing it, Zhang Wentao almost died of worry. Since Zhang Xuan was defeated by Ye Fan, he was thinking about finding revenge. Zhang Wentao was afraid that the two would fight if they bumped into each other.

Seeing that Zhang Xuan and Ye Fan had a good relationship at this moment, Zhang Wentao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Junior Brother, did you fight with Young Master Ye?” Zhang Wentao asked in a low voice.

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Wentao lightly, and said, “No, this guy is not my opponent. If we really fight, he will only be beaten.”

Zhang Wentao looked at Ye Fan helplessly, for fear that Zhang Xuan would get angry, but unexpectedly, Zhang Xuan did not get angry, but scolded lowly, “Bastard!”

“You guys talk, I’ll go in and have a look,” Ye Fan said.

“Where have you been? Nothing happened, right?” Zhang Wentao asked Zhang Xuan hurriedly after seeing Ye Fan’s disappearance.

Zhang Xuan shook his head and said, “No big deal, senior brother, where did you meet Ye Fan? Who did he learn his skills from?”

Zhang Wentao was startled, Zhang Xuan was a direct descendant of the sect, and he was usually very defiant, and the elders in the sect couldn’t control him, but now, this guy seems to be completely convinced by Ye Fan.

Zhang Wentao said strangely: “This, in fact, I don’t know very well.”

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When Ye Fan returned to the hospital, he did not see Bai Yunxi, but Xiao Chi.

“Grandpa, where is Yunxi?” Ye Fan asked, looking around.

Xiao Chi snorted lightly and said, “He’s gone back.”


Xiao Chi coughed twice and said reluctantly, “Thank you for Momo’s matter.”

Ye Fan patted his chest and said boldly: “No, no, we will be a family in the future, this is what I should do.”

Xiao Chi: “…”

“Momo just said you went out to hunt ghosts, I wonder how the situation is?” Xiao Chi asked.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It has been solved, I went out, what do you have to worry about?”

Xiao Chi nodded and said with relief, “It’s good that it’s solved, it’s good that it’s solved.”

Xiao Chi was also a little surprised. Although Xiao Chi knew that Ye Fan had some skills, he didn’t know what level he had reached. The problem that the two masters in Longhu Mountain could not solve, Ye Fan actually solved it easily, this guy Ye Fan is more extraordinary than he imagined!

“Grandpa, you look flushed red, is it because the Shiquan Dabu pills are working?” Ye Fan asked with blinking eyes.

When Xiao Chi was asked this by Ye Fan, his face suddenly became hot! “That pill works pretty well.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Of course, that’s what I gave. It’s definitely not bad.”

Xiao Chi said a little embarrassedly: “My wife also took it, and the dose is not enough…”

Ye Fan sighed and said, “I don’t have it now. I’ll make a bottle for you another day. Grandpa, you are old, and it’s not easy to have old arms and legs.”

Xiao Chi smiled dryly and gritted his teeth: “Who said it’s not, it’s really not easy!”

“Since Yunxi is not here, I’ll go first,” Ye Fan said.


Not long after Ye Fan left, a person walked out of the ward, “This bastard doesn’t even know how to say hello to me.” Bai Shiyuan put his hands on his back with a look of resentment.

Xiao Chi looked at Bai Shiyuan and said, “He doesn’t know you are here.”

Bai Shiyuan said sullenly, “This bastard is filial to you, even calling you grandfather.” But not to him! Not even a greeting.

“If he knew your identity, he would be happy to call you grandpa,” Xiao Chi said.

Bai Shiyuan waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I don’t want to have another grandson so soon.”


Ye Fan was sitting in Bai Yunxi’s office, holding his chin, thoughtfully, with a faint look of worry on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“The people here are too timid. When they heard that my house was a haunted house, they didn’t dare to go there. A bunch of useless people,” Ye Fan said in a depressed tone.

Bai Yunxi said somewhat puzzled: “Why do you want to invite someone to your villa?”

Ye Fan glanced at Bai Yunxi and said, “I want to decorate it. It’s a mess inside, and the sofa can’t be used anymore. I can’t sleep on the floor every day!”

“Alright, I’ll contact a decoration team for you,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “That’s great!”

Bai Yunxi thought: Under the heavy reward, there must be brave men. Ordinary people dare not go to haunted houses. If they get paid two or three times their salary, naturally, some people will be willing to accept them.

Ye Fan shook his legs and said with a bright face, “Yunxi, you know that it’s actually fine for me to lay on the floor every day. But in case you want to stay there at any time, it’s not good for it to be dirty.”

Bai Yunxi put down his pen, looked at Ye Fan, and said solemnly, “Why should I live with you?”

“Because I’m so popular. Whenever you worry about someone kidnapping me, you have to keep an eye on me all the time,” Ye Fan said as a matter of course.

Bai Yunxi smiled coldly and said, “Where did you see that you were popular?”

“Because of the rate of turning heads! There are always people looking back at me, especially people from your company,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi: “…” The people in his company didn’t look back at Ye Fan because he was popular. “You think too much.”

Ye Fan said sullenly, “You always say that.”

“Did you see my paternal grandfather in the hospital yesterday?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“Grandpa?” Ye Fan asked.

“Yes, yesterday, my paternal grandfather was in the hospital yesterday.”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “When I went to the hospital, I didn’t see him!”

“Really? He scolded you yesterday.” Bai Yunxi thought that it might be Bai Shiyuan acting aloof, so when Ye Fan went to see him, Ye Fan didn’t know that Bai Shiyuan was there, so he just left, and maybe he felt jealous. These days, Ye Fan only made Shiquan Dabu pills for his maternal grandfather, on the contrary, his paternal grandfather didn’t receive any.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Your grandfather is very small-minded, your grandfather’s presence is also not big.”

Bai Yunxi: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, really dares to say anything! He, a member of the Bai family, would not dare to be so insolent, no wonder grandpa wanted to scold this guy.

Bai Yunxi was astonishingly efficient, and quickly contacted Ye Fan with a decoration team.

The renovation was on the right track, and Ye Fan finally let go.


Xinyue Community.

“Brother, you’re back,” Cai Zhenjun greeted Ye Fan enthusiastically when he saw Ye Fan.

Since Ye Fan bought the villa, Cai Zhenjun has been eyeing Ye Fan, always wanting to know when this guy, Ye Fan, will be scared away. However, Ye Fan is alive and well every day. And in the past few days, there were even more workers in Ye Fan’s house, which made Cai Zhenjun very surprised.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

“I see the door of your house! The windows are open, what are you doing here?” Cai Zhenjun asked.

“Me? I want to renovate! The house is so smelly that I can’t live in it,” Ye Fan said.

Cai Zhenjun blinked and said, “Someone is willing to redecorate your house?”

“Why no one wants to?”

“Little brother, your house is haunted! Who dares to come?” Cai Zhenjun said.

“Look at your young age, don’t be so superstitious! What a god! What a ghost! Those are all rumors. Your parents didn’t raise you so much to spread superstitions,” Ye Fan put his hands on his back and said with an old-fashioned air.

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan, and secretly said: Ye Fan’s luck is also very good, just when this idiot came over, the ghosts have all moved! Let this guy see a ghost, then he will know the magnitude.

“Little brother, can I go in and have a look?” Cai Zhenjun asked.

After he almost wet his pants in the haunted house last time, Cai Zhenjun has been looking for an opportunity to visit the haunted house again, but he never found the opportunity.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

Cai Zhenjun followed Ye Fan into the house. The house has been renovated. It can be seen that all the materials used are good, and many of the furnishings are famous brands and are of great value.

“Young Master Ye, look at this style, how is it?” A designer came over and asked respectfully.

Ye Fan nodded calmly and said, “It’s okay, but isn’t it too plain? I heard that everyone’s toilets are made of gold, look at this TV background made of gold, isn’t it better?”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” He didn’t see it, this is a nouveau riche!

“Young Master Ye, this background was chosen by Third Young Master Bai,” the designer twitched the corner of his mouth.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Really?”

The designer nodded and said solemnly, “Yes!”

“Since he chose it, then just do this,” Ye Fan said.

The designer secretly breathed a sigh of relief, if he really designed a rustic style with gold everywhere according to Ye Fan’s idea, it’ll definitely leave a stain on his design career!

“Third Young Master Bai?” Cai Zhenjun was stunned for a moment, then shook his head, and thought: It’s definitely not that Third Young Master Bai, how can that Third Young Master Bai have anything to do with this weirdo Ye Fan?


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