The Abandoned Son Ch.53

Chapter 53 – Delivering the Book

Ye Fan’s phone rang, Ye Fan picked it up and found that the caller was the security guard at the door.

“Yes, he is my friend!”

“Okay, I see, let him in.”

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan and asked, “Who is it?”

“Someone is delivering something to me and was accidentally blocked at the gate,” Ye Fan said.

A truck drove in, Zhang Siliang got off the truck, and Cai Zhenjun was shocked when he saw Zhang Siliang, it was actually this big shot.

“Young Master Ye, I’ve sent you the things you want,” Zhang Siliang said respectfully.

Ye Fan nodded lightly and said, “Thank you for your trouble.”

Cai Zhenjun blinked and couldn’t help admiring Ye Fan, a piece of wood was actually personally delivered to him by the big boss Zhang, which shows Young Master Ye’s position in the boss’s mind.

“Hello, Boss Zhang,” Cai Zhenjun said respectfully.

“It’s Young Master Cai! What a coincidence!” Zhang Siliang nodded lightly at Cai Zhenjun.

“Boss Zhang, what’s on this wood?” Cai Zhenjun was attracted by the talisman on the wood, and reached out to uncover it.

Zhang Siliang took Cai Zhenjun’s hand and said solemnly, “You can’t touch it. This is a talisman posted by Young Master Ye himself. It can prevent ghosts. If you take it off, you will attract ghosts.”

“Young Master Ye posted it?” Cai Zhenjun asked.

Zhang Siliang nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master Ye is an expert in this area!”

Cai Zhenjun suddenly had the urge to vomit blood. The guy who just told him righteously not to be a feudal superstitious person was actually, in fact, an expert. He still has the face to tell him not to engage in feudal superstition! What’s wrong with this world? You don’t have to be responsible for talking!

Zhang Siliang looked at the drastically changed villa and said with admiration, “Young Master Ye, your house is well designed!”

“The designer invited by Yunxi! It was redecorated according to his taste,” Ye Fan said proudly.

“It turned out to be the decoration team invited by the Third Young Master Bai. As I thought, the decoration team is extraordinary in their craftsmanship, and they can’t seem to be invited casually,” Zhang Siliang sighed.

When Cai Zhenjun heard Zhang Siliang’s words, he had the urge to vomit blood again. Third Young Master Bai, is he really the Third Young Master Bai? Is it really just not the same name?

“I don’t know either! It’s all arranged by Yun Xi.” Ye Fan raised the corner of his mouth, and couldn’t help showing off a bit on his face.

Zhang Siliang couldn’t help but said, “Third Young Master Bai really cares about your house!”

Zhang Si Liang secretly said: Bai Yunxi is busy with his daily business, but he still has the leisure to care about Ye Fan’s house. Ye Fan, this guy, he doesn’t not know if he is bold, he actually bought a haunted house. And Bai Yunxi went to trouble to invite the decoration team, which should not be easy to hire ah! The two of them really have a close relationship.

” Well, he is really attentive, maybe he wants to live here with me in the future,” Ye Fan said.

Zhang Siliang: “…” Letting the third young master of the Bai family live in a haunted house is something that only a strange person like Ye Fan can think of. The idea of a strange man is to be different from ordinary people. Young Master Ye, does Old Master Bai know that you say such things? Are you not afraid that Old Master Bai will break your leg?

Zhang Siliang and Ye Fan talked for a while and then left.

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan with admiration and said, “Young Master Ye, are you planning to live with the Third Young Master Bai in this house?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s what I planned.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” What did he hear? He seemed to have heard something remarkable.

“Young Master Ye, how did you and Young Master Bai know each other?” Cai Zhenjun asked curiously.

“He’s so good-looking, so I chased him,” Ye Fan said as a matter of course.

“Then, Young Master Bai didn’t kick you?” Cai Zhenjun asked.

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun puzzled and said, “Why would he kick me?”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

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“Young Master Ye, you’re here.” The front desk of Chaoxi Company was already very familiar with Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded, and found that there was a man at the front desk with a bag in a suit and leather shoes. Ye Fan didn’t pay much attention and went upstairs directly.

The man in the suit watched Ye Fan get on the elevator, and a look of anger flashed across his face.

“Why can such a stunned young college student see Young Master Bai, but I can’t?” the man in the suit said with dissatisfaction.

The front desk lady looked at the man in the suit with the eyes of looking at an idiot, and said, “Young Master Ye is not an ordinary person. He has a good relationship with Young Master Bai.”

There has never been a person who dared to eat durian in Young Master Bai’s place. What is even more rare is that Young Master Bai hasn’t bombarded him out yet. Young Master Ye, in Chaoxi Company, has an alias called “Miracle Boy”. Where did this idiot come from, actually wanted to compare with Young Master Ye?

The man in the suit came to pull sponsors for the project at hand. The front desk lady often encounters such a person. Bai Yunxi is too busy with the project in his hand and has no time to deal with it.

The man in the suit glanced in the direction of the elevator a little unwillingly and left in a sullen manner.

The front desk lady watched Ye Fan disappear and couldn’t help but whisper.

“Did you know? Ye Fan bought a villa nearby, and Boss Bai actually arranged for someone to decorate it?”

“Are these two going to live together?”

“I heard that the villa that Young Master Ye bought was only three million yuan. It was a haunted house!”

“Even if it’s a haunted house, it’s nothing, there is Young Master Ye there to ward off evil!”

“Boss Bai will not really want to move in and live with Young Master Ye, right?”


Ye Fan walked into Bai Yunxi’s office with several picture books in his arms.

“What did you bring here?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“Books!” Ye Fan said.

“You actually know how to read?” Bai Yunxi said in surprise.

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and said with some dissatisfaction, “Yunxi, you said I am so uneducated and unskilled, I don’t read books because I can’t forget them, those books, I can remember them after reading them once, so there is no need to read them many times.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Ye Fan’s words sounded like a joke, but Bai Yunxi knew that Ye Fan was not joking. This seemingly brainless guy actually has a head that is beyond the reach of others. Unfortunately, this guy has a high IQ, but his EQ is too low. If it wasn’t for Ye Fan’s strength, he would have already been beaten into a pig-head in minutes.

“Can you do me a favor?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Don’t say one, a hundred is no problem.”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “I have an ancient book here, a rare book from the Song Dynasty, which I have recently found with great difficulty, my grandfather should be interested in it, you can help me send it to him.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, it just so happens that grandpa asked me for Shiquan Dabu pills, I didn’t have them at that time, but now that I have them, I can send them to him.”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan’s expression and warned, “Leave after delivering the stuff, don’t cause any trouble!”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and said with displeasure, “You make it sound like I’m a thorn who specializes in picking fights, don’t worry, I love peace and won’t pick fights at will.”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “You are much scarier than thorns.”

Those thorns are all incompetent, but Ye Fan is different. Although Bai Yunxi has never seen Ye Fan fight, it is estimated that he should be good at fighting. Zhou Jinzhi said that this guy, Ye Fan, immediately knocked down several big men who used to pick a fight.


Not long after Ye Fan entered the academy, he saw several people fighting in the avenue of the academy.

“Boss Ye, help!” When Cai Zhenjun saw Ye Fan, he immediately rushed over as if he saw a savior.

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun’s pig-headed face, and immediately laughed, “This time, you don’t need to call yourself Cai Zhenjun (talented) anymore, just call yourself Cai Zhencuo (failure).”

Cai Zhenjun, who was full of expectations, was almost choked to death by Ye Fan’s words!

“What’s going on?” Ye Fan asked.

Just as Cai Zhenjun was about to open his mouth to explain, a yellow-haired man next to them had already spoken first, “Boy, get out of the way for me if you don’t know each other, or else, even you will be in trouble!”

“I know him, so what?” Ye Fan frowned and said unhappily.

“You’re looking for a fight! Come on, brothers!” Yellow Hair said arrogantly. Yellow Hair greeted a few of his subordinates and attacked Ye Fan.

Ye Fan kicked one, kicked another one, and soon, the people who surrounded Ye Fan fell to the ground.

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan with admiration and said, “Young Master Ye, you are really amazing!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, why did these people beat you?”

“He stole my girl!” Yellow Hair pointed at Cai Zhenjun with righteous indignation.

Ye Fan turned his head to look at Cai Zhenjun and said, “It’s not good for you to steal someone’s girlfriend!”

Cai Zhenjun hurriedly shook his head, “Boss, I didn’t even know that the woman belonged to this guy, and I didn’t steal her. It was the woman who came to me herself. The meat that came to the door, of course, I had to eat it. Let’s talk about it, I didn’t eat it for nothing, I spent a lot on that woman.”

Ye Fan touched his chin and said, “Oh, that’s not your fault, you can only blame yourself for being too charming. If you are too charming, you will have a lot of trouble, just like me.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

Yellow Hair said angrily: “Nonsense, obviously, it’s taking by force!”

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun’s pig-headed face and felt that what Cai Zhenjun said about the face seemed a bit forced.


“Don’t move!” a soft shout came.

Cai Zhenjun looked at the few people walking by, his brows jumped, and he secretly said: Trouble is coming. If this group of people came earlier, Cai Zhenjun would be happy, but things are already resolved when these people appeared, Cai Zhenjun only felt annoyed.


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