Chapter 229 – Children’s Day

N years later.

Tomorrow is Children’s Day. Before going to bed, Hill thought about taking Alice out for shopping tomorrow. After all, it was Children’s Day, so it would be good to accompany each other.

Early the next morning, the first thing Hill saw when he woke up was the three elders who were lying on the window sill outside looking at him…

This is too creepy, letting Hill directly think of those one-sentence horror stories:

“You heard someone calling your name by the window at midnight. You were about to go over to take a look when you suddenly remembered that you lived on the sixth floor.”

The top floor of the Blackrock Tower is much higher than the sixth floor.

Hill got up from the bed and opened the window, and asked blankly, “What are you doing?”

The three elders looked at each other in dismay, and the demon dragon, Gormund, took the lead to climb up, cleared his throat and said, “My King, Happy June 1st.”

“…This is not the point, please explain your current behavior,” Hill continued to say expressionlessly.

Ghost Binns said seriously: “I wanted to be the first person My King sees today, so that I can be the first to say Happy June 1st to My King. Then I saw Gormund outside the Blackrock Tower, flapping his wings.”

Gormund said: “It was Aligeli who used the levitation technique to fly first.”

Aligeli held up the monocle: “I just floated myself, I didn’t use the projection stone to try to peep at the sleeping face of My King.”

This time, the other two elders looked at him.

Aligeli felt a little fluctuated in his heart, and his face became serious: “…that projection stone exploded as soon as it flew up.”

Hill: “…”

Hill looked at Aligeli silently, and he said, so that’s why he felt something wrong in his sleep and then subconsciously used magic, it turned out that someone was trying to take pictures secretly.

A look of guilt appeared on Aligeli’s face.

“…So you guys are huddled together at the window in order to be the first to say Happy June 1st to me?” Hill squinted at them.

“Uh, yes, that’s it.” Gormund said righteously after finishing speaking: “No, they are the only ones who are like this. As the general of the demon realm, I am responsible for protecting our king. I am afraid that this evil lich and sinister ghost will do something to you, so I also reluctantly laid in front of your window.”

Hill didn’t know what to say anymore, he shook his head and sighed: “You guys, can you do something normal people would do, don’t all be so stupid, okay? You see how conscious Al is now, he used to be the most stupid one, now he is calmly doing his own thing, did not come early in the morning to mix with you…”

“Uh, My King, please allow me to interrupt,” Irvine floated over there and said.

“What?” Hill asked.

“The Dark Elf Lord Albrecht tried to hide under your bed last night, crawled out after midnight to say Happy June 1st to you, and was dragged out and brutally beaten after being discovered by His Holiness Monroe. So, he didn’t show up this morning,” Irvine said.

Hill: “…”

How can every one of them be so crazy?!

The other three elders immediately showed admiration, and the muscular man Gormund said bluntly: “Wow, it is indeed Al…”

Hill: “…”

You guys, enough!

However, he really deserves to be the most idiotic Albrecht…

The beginning of this wonderful Children’s Day, why is it so scary?

In the end, everyone had breakfast together. Albrecht arrived at the end of the breakfast dragging his sick body, and said to Hill excitedly, “Happy June 1st, My King!”

Hill felt a little compassion: “It’s not easy for you.”

Albrecht immediately took off his shirt: “Yes, look at me My King, this is my injury for you!”

Hill: “…”

Monroe’s attack was quite ruthless, but Hill’s compassion was gone.

Heh. Heh heh heh.

The so-called self-inflicted, probably this is the meaning.

After eating, Albrecht asked, “What are your plans today, My King?”

“I’m going to go shopping with Alice.” Hill said, “It’s Children’s Day after all.”

Albrecht: “My King, I want to…”

“No,” Hill said.

Albrecht thought for a while, then turned around and turned into a child: “My King~ I’m smaller now ~”

Hill looked at him blankly.

The dark elf Albrecht pondered for a while: “My King, if I have children in the future, can you take my children shopping?”

“Okay,” Hill said.

“And can you bring the child’s father along?” Albrecht asked.

Hill looked at him speechlessly.

Albrecht was already excited: “Then, I will have a baby now, and I will be able to be with My King next year…”

Hill took a deep breath and put his hand on the sword by his waist.

Gormund next to him said heavily: “My King, let’s do it, I can’t listen anymore.”

Crackling and sparring.

Just the right amount of exercise after breakfast.

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Monroe has something to do temporarily, otherwise, it would be good to go shopping with him.

Alice’s legs had been healed, and she was walking beside Hill in her little dress and a lace parasol on the central street of the Plague Islands. The Plague Islands are now known as the “Little Demon World”, and Hill has carried out a comprehensive transformation here. The origin of the name of the Plague Islands in those days was very sad, but now, the word ‘plague’ in the Plague Islands is a bit more cool with the style of this city.

Humans, indigenous people, demons, and pirates can be seen everywhere on the streets, living in harmony and friendship. Hill walked a few steps and saw a 3D image of a shark in front of him rushing towards him, opening his mouth and biting at his head, and then the image turned into an advertisement in the moment of the bite: “Watch the Dawn Shark Sea Sightseeing Tour! Take you to experience sharks up close! Sign up now for 20% off!”

Hill touched the top of his head, feeling that the advertisement was really scary.

In other words, is it possible to introduce laws to control these advertisements? If the three-dimensional images are flying around, it is easy to scare the children.

Next to it was a dance hall run by the demons, but it was not very lively, which surprised Hill, because the general demon race dance hall was quite popular. Hill took a closer look, oh, well, the people standing at the door are the tauren beauties, no wonder there are no customers…

Alice hasn’t been to the Plague Islands for a while, and things are really changing here. She couldn’t help but show a bit of childish innocence, which made Hill a little emotional. Although he has been devoted to educating Alice over the years, Hill is still a little embarrassed after the latter has gradually grown into a qualified and ruthless superior. He has not seen Alice with such a sincere smile for a long time. They are all pretending to be innocent or showing a cold smile. In the past, many people were afraid of her because of Hill, but now many people are afraid of her because she is who she is.

Hill bought Alice a box of magic chocolates that can change its tastes according to her mood changes, and then bought a mechanical bird and a baby shark. The little shark is contained in a magic bubble, suspended in the air, and can swim around in the air. The owner needs to hold a magic device to control the bubble, and change the magic crystal and the seawater in the bubble every once in a while. And of course, you have to feed it. The price of this little shark pet is 1000 magic crystals, and the design concept was proposed by Hill at the time, but Hill did not expect it to be so expensive.

They went shopping happily together, and then went to the Demon Realm’s Restaurant for lunch. Of course, they ordered a children’s set meal.

In the afternoon, they went to the Deathbird, which is currently moored in the Plague Islands. Captain Rod and the chief mate greeted them warmly, and everyone held a banquet on the deck together, singing the songs of pirates and feeling very happy.

In the evening, there were parties held by demons and humans in major cities. Monroe and Teresa arrived together, Alice and Teresa ran away, while Hill and Monroe watched the June 1st party in the Plague Islands together.

“Moderate, not bad.” Hill said, “But it’s enough to deal with small human children.”

“After all, you didn’t do it.” Monroe said, “The June 1 party you prepared a few years ago, let alone the children, even the adults screamed with excitement.”

“Then let me hear you,” Hill said.

Monroe glanced at him with a smile, “It’s not good now, I’ll call you somewhere else later.”


After saying such a crooked remark, Monroe said solemnly: “Watch the party.”

“It’s boring, don’t watch it,” Hill said.

Monroe shook his head helplessly. “Okay. Shall we go outside to get some air?”

“Okay,” Hill nodded.

Both were disguised so others wouldn’t recognize them. On the night of June 1, the streets were very lively, with all kinds of toys, street snacks, fireworks in the sky, lively music, and clowns running around, giving out free balloons to children.

Hill also shamelessly took a balloon, and then saw the balloon printed with the words Baker Commercial.

Hill almost died laughing, okay, this is the handwriting of Joan Baker ah, he is really sparing no effort to advertise himself.

“I went to the Deathbird in the afternoon. Captain Rod really has aged a lot,” Hill said.

“The bodies of necromancers age more quickly than ordinary people.” Monroe said, “It’s a normal thing, but if they want, they can plunder the living to renew their lives.”

“Well, that’s why Leona remains as youthful as ever,” Hill said.

“Yes,” Monroe nodded.

While chatting, they bought spark sticks, commonly known as cold fireworks.

“But Captain Rod probably won’t do that. He will accept the fact that he is aging and that he will die soon,” Hill said.

“With Captain Rod’s character…that’s indeed the case,” Monroe said.

The two walked into the woods at night with spark sticks. Hill sat down on a stone and sighed slowly: “He has nothing special to miss, his lover is dead, his comrade-in-arms, the chief mate, is also old. Leona, who has some ambiguous feelings with him, is still very dashing, she will not be so sad about his death, she will only drink an extra glass of wine for it. He himself understands things, and now his successor Carl has grown into a qualified pirate captain, so he can leave this world naturally.”

“You’re a little sad to give him up,” Monroe said.

“I’m a bit sad, but there’s nothing we can do. Who told us to be this kind of long-lived species?” Hill ignited the spark stick with magic and said.

The spark stick started to burn, and the spark stick in the dark was beautiful.

“There’s no need to talk about this kind of thing on June 1,” Monroe said.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a fact.” Hill smiled at Monroe and said, “Others keep leaving, but there are always people who are always by their side. The comparison between the two proves each other’s preciousness and beauty. “

The spark stick burned in the dark night, and the beautiful glowing dandelions were constantly scattered. The slight rustling sound mixed with the smell of gunpowder, let the heart tickled.

The surrounding night is too deep, the wind blowing through the trees issued a rustling sound.

“Happy June 1, Monroe. We are all children today, so we can make the childish promise of a child – pinky promise, to be together forever.”

“Well, pinky promise, to be together forever.”

Touching fingers.

A slightly cool touch spreads over the heart.

Sparkling sticks rustle.

Scattering a million brightly diverging little stars in the air.

A slight clamor that was beautiful.


Monroe’s hand went straight over the only source of light, followed by a deep kiss.

“Well, twelve o’clock has passed, Children’s Day is over, and it’s time for us to do some adult things.”

Five fingers close and the spark goes out

—but a blazing fire erupted from the bottom of his heart.

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