Chapter 230 – …he has always respected him and loved him.

“Captain Magnolia” firmly occupied the center of the topic of the three kingdoms and one island this month.

Another movie ended, and after seeing Captain Magnolia arrive 70 years later, many people exclaimed ‘wow’.

After watching the Easter egg where Bucky was found by Hydra, many people exclaimed ‘f*ck’.

Diane swallowed, feeling that there were still images of wars, explosions, and heroes rushing toward the enemy with their shields high.

After watching “Captain Magnolia” five times, Diane finally picked up a pen for the first time and started writing her first film review.

“The previous movies were very rich in connotations, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, there were nobles who adhered to honor, the pursuit of freedom, the resistance to traditional systems, love, family, friendship… These movies with rich connotations can always make everyone find something in it that can move them. But I think “Captain Magnolia” is different. This movie only tells one concept from beginning to end, one kind of thought, and that is what a hero is.

When Steve hasn’t gained power, he has already shown his heroic essence, he said to the bully ‘I can spend the whole day with you’, even though he was in the last position during special training, he still never gave up, he rushed forward and hugged the magic crystal bomb when everyone was running away; many people were shocked by what he did after gaining power, but in fact, if they understood his character without power, then everyone will feel justified in everything that happened afterward.

His Majesty the Demon King spent nearly two hours showing us the epic of traditional heroes.

Here, the mage and the general have an argument, the general thinks that kindness cannot win wars, but bravery is, and he finally told us that bravery plus kindness can win everything.

I think of St. Everdeen, I think of the dark elf who fought alongside him at that time, I think of the Dark Pope who was forced to become a demon, and I think of many people. We, humans, need this kind of hero, the demons also need this kind of hero, and the world needs this kind of hero. They are like a ray of light, always guiding the confused us how to move forward. “

The review was published on the front page of the magazine.

In fact, in theory, the development of movies should be from traditional hero movies to non-traditional hero movies, but Hill was engaged in non-traditional movies from the very beginning, so the sensation caused by this “Captain Magnolia” after the broadcast was something not even Hill expected.

Countless compliments, none of the situation that Hill was worried about when someone criticized Captain Magnolia for being too old-fashioned and preachy – you must know that Hill has seen a lot of criticism of Captain America on Earth. It seems that the people of this era are still relatively simple.

Thinking of the back of this era, Hill was suddenly stunned. This world has never been very peaceful. The bloody Plague Islands, the persecuted Mortonians, the continuous wars of various countries, the demons fighting humans, humans fighting humans, and the great lack of material and spiritual sustenance, all these gave Hill the opportunity to carry out this invasion from the inside out. The world has longed for heroes for far too long. Hill thought.

“Captain Magnolia” in the movie “Captain Magnolia” is still the Magnolia Empire’s Captain Magnolia, but I hope the next “Avengers: Alien Invasion” Captain Magnolia has become the Magnolia Continent’s Captain Magnolia.”

“Captain Magnolia is the character that touches me the most on the screen so far. I can see a lot of unfinished things in the movie. He has made himself a symbol with his great actions. I am very much looking forward to the next movie. I’m looking forward to it too… for such a person to exist on the Magnolia Continent.”

Under such circumstances, the three consecutive magazine covers were all about “Captain Magnolia”, while the fourth issue’s cover was meaningful, or unkind. However, Hill’s meaning is generally ill-intentioned towards some people.

The cover of the fourth issue of the magazine is a map of the world, the Magnolia Empire, Mülheim, the Dijon tribe and the Plague Islands are dyed the color of magnolia flowers, and the clouds above vaguely form the appearance of Captain Magnolia’s shield. Oh, of course, the supporting countries of the Church of Light were abandoned.

This far-reaching cover provoked widespread discussion, some of which went beyond Hill’s original intent, so Hill simply did not give a final explanation and let everyone go on discussing it.

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When Joan Baker walked into the council hall of the Plague Islands, it was in chaos. Since this year, the contradictions between the locals and pirates have been increasing day by day, which finally broke out in the form of three consecutive large-scale bloodshed.

The original native elders of the Plague Islands obviously had no experience in solving these problems, so Joan Baker, who was just passing by, was forcibly pulled over. And next to him is Jacob, who has been complaining all the time: “That group of pirates is really going too far, and the Deathbird doesn’t care. Well, I know this is not directly related to the Deathbird, but indirectly, it is because Captain Rod’s status is growing with each passing day, and the entire group of pirates are elevated, and then there are some wicked bastards mixed in… not right pirates seem to have been mostly the same wicked bastard as you. Did you hear what I said? Okay, you did not hear, I mean…”

“I think you should really shut up now, for the love of Sea God,” Joan Baker really wanted to gag Jacob’s mouth with his purse or something.

“Oh, looks like you heard it,” Jacob said.

Joan Baker rolled his eyes and decided to ignore Jacob completely. After pushing open the door of the office, Joan looked at the pile of documents with a bit of a headache: “…I obviously started out as just a businessman.”

“You can leave this to me if you don’t want to,” Jacob offered his opinion.

“Then I’ll see you close my shop while you’re done with these things,” Joan said.

“You’re wrong,” Jacob said. “It’s taking care of these things while tearing down your store.”

Joan tutted, “Don’t let you fall into my hands, Jacob.”

Jacob also smiled at Joan Baker, “It’s you who should be vigilant, my dear Joan, the Plague Islands are my home turf.”

“If you really think like this, you’re not far from death,” Joan Baker walked to the desk and flipped through the top document, “I suggest you put down your prejudice against me, and let’s quickly discuss the latest things together. After finishing it, it’s best not to bother His Majesty with these little things.”

Seeing Joan getting serious, Jacob murmured, “Is even this kind of thing a trivial matter… What is that person focusing on normally?”

Joan Baker looked at the sky outside. The turn of spring and summer was the dry season of the Plague Islands. The sky was a dry blue. Only some small clouds were stuck in the air like confetti. It looked dehydrated, dry white leaves.

“He can make it rain on a clear sky, and he can make it clear after a rain,” Joan Baker said.

“I see what you mean, but it’s not strong enough,” Jacob said.

“He changed the world and changed the situation,” Joan Baker continued.

“This sentence is not literary enough,” Jacob commented.

Joan Baker glanced at him and said, “He can crush you to death.”

“Oh, hmm, this sentence sounds powerful. Well… let’s just work together on how to fix this,” Jacob touched his nose and said.

Joan Baker nodded with satisfaction: “You finally said a human word.”

Jacob: ………

Joan Baker, your motherf*cker!

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Coincidentally, when Jacob was chatting, the dark elf Albrecht next to Hill was also babbling.

The elders of the demon realm these days, Demon Dragon Gormund is busy in the army and is often dragged out by Hill to sell meat; Death Knight Goldnia has done more work, which is equivalent to the former prime minister among humans; Ghost Binns has become a bridge between human mages and demons; Lich Aligeli, in addition to serving as a special effects artist for Hill’s movies, has also started shooting MVs, short plays, etc. Next, Hill plans to let him shoot movies independently, and even said that he will be responsible for this part of the work in the future.

Hill was slowly withdrawing from all kinds of things now—that’s why he didn’t ask about the unrest in the Plague Islands before.

But only the dark elf Albrecht always seemed to be out of work, which made him feel unappreciated.

When Hill opened the most recent document in the capital city, Albrecht came over and said, “My King, My King, have you considered giving me something, so that I could help you?”

“Considered.” Hill said, “Just as you were babbling, I dismissed the idea.”

Albrecht almost burst into tears.

After temporarily assigning him to the army, Hill nestled into the reclining chair, a reclining chair that looked very comfortable. The dusk gradually cooled and dimmed. Twilight and shadows covered the wasteland outside in turn. There was no moon tonight, so there was no bloody moonlight.

“It feels like you’ve been getting more anxious lately,” Hill said.

“Me?” said Albrecht.

“Yeah.” Hill nodded.

“It may be that I feel that you are speeding up a lot of things, and then finishing a lot of things… So, if I still don’t work at this time, I don’t think I will be of great use in the future,” Albrecht said.

Twilight and darkness seep into the room

“Ah, you were the one who noticed it first.” Hill was a little surprised, “Oh yes, your intuition has always been accurate. You are obviously an elegant and noble elf, but you actually have the intuition of a beast. You seem to be more charming like this.”

“Ah, my gut tells me that My King is sincere,” Albrecht said.

“I speak my heart to most people,” Hill said.

Irvine was not here today, and the courtyard also darkened after the sky darkened. Albrecht walked over and lit the bronze candlestick in the house with magic, and then took the candlestick to light all the light sources in the house one by one: “Actually, I’ve always been curious,” Albrecht tilted the candlestick and watched the wax drop, bit by bit, “My King really always speaks the truth, even to the lowly ones.”

“Is your next sentence going to say ‘My King is really kind’?” Hill asked.

“I’m not taking the liberty of guessing what My King is thinking… I’m just a little curious,” Albrecht said.

“If I want to kill an equal opponent, I will tell him that I am a friend, and such a lie has value; if I want to kill a person you call lowly, and I tell him that I am going to kill him, then what can he do?” Hill said as he nestled comfortably in his recliner.

“My King… is really condescending.”

“I thought you should feel relieved about this, and kneel down and say ‘as expected of My King’.”

“Is this what you want?”

“I think that’s what you want,” Hill said, eyes closed.

“Ah…that seems to be true,” said Albrecht.

Hill still closed his eyes, he asked Albrecht to open the window, feeling the comfortable wind of early summer, and the pores of his body opened: “Recently, it has indeed entered some finishing stages.” He did not intend to continue talking to Albrecht about those things.

Hill said, although he knew that to some extent, he was betraying his intentions: “I have discussed this issue with Monroe before, and now I am more passively acting by chance, which has no effect on our current situation, this kind has advantages for our current situation, but also obvious disadvantages, such as the sacrificed paladins, such as the ruined villages. Of course, I could argue that those cards are in the hands of the Church and they may have to play them sooner or later, but what I know better is that if I had been more proactive in messing up the situation, then maybe these things wouldn’t have come to that point even if they had happened.”

“So you do have some finishing touches, and you’re playing all the cards in your hand in the meantime,” Albrecht said.

“Yes. It’s a good thing to have a long-term vision, but ten birds in the woods are better than one bird in the hand, so let’s play them out first.” Hill changed his position and nestled in the seat, and also took the pillow into his arms, “Besides, I have one bird is enough, ten birds will be NP.”

Albrecht: “Uh, My King, you…cough…then I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear anything. What did I want to say, your words were so powerful that I forgot…”

“You’re talking about the finishing touches,” Hill reminded.

“Yes…I meant to say, then what if you run out of cards in your hand?”

“Find new cards, or, let them have no future,” Hill said terrifying words in a chatting tone.

The room was quiet for a while, the early summer wind blew the leaves, the leaves rustled, and the wasteland in the distance was gradually blooming with vitality.

Lord Demon King. Your Majesty the Demon King. Venerable Lord of the Demon Realm. Your Majesty Grindelwald.

The man in front of him had many names, but to Albrecht, he has always been just ‘My King’.

Even Monroe’s address to him has changed, only Albrecht’s attitude toward him has not changed. No matter what he was like, whether he was bloodthirsty and warlike, presumptuous, or now so with the ability to turn his hand into clouds and rain, he has always respected him and loved him just the same.

He was willing to be more human for him because he knew he liked humans. He also knew that he had the habit of lighting up candles at night. The Demon King in the past did not have this habit. Most demons could see things at night. After the defeat, the Demon King has changed a lot, and Albrecht also knows that others may say that the Demon King may change gradually, but Albrecht, who has been watching him seriously, knows that the Demon King has changed all at once, just like becoming another person. But Albrecht felt that it didn’t matter, as long as he was still the Demon King, as long as he still smelled like that, then he would offer his loyalty as always and let him do whatever he wanted, even if he wanted him to die immediately, it didn’t matter.

At this moment, the Lord Demon King, whom he highly respects, said to him: “Actually, what I did was not obvious. I thought you could see only a few things. It seems that your observation and intuition are really powerful.”

“Hmm.” The wax oil began to drip from the tipped candlestick, it dripped drop by drop onto the back of Albrecht’s hand, he stared for a moment at the condensed white solid, and he heard his own calm voice: “Just as I was able to detect that you did not intend to develop a relationship with me beyond the demon king and his subordinate.”

“I thought about it for two seconds, should I say ‘so you know it’ or ‘then what kind of answer do you want to hear?’ or ‘otherwise’…” Hill said seriously.

His attitude made Albrecht’s mouth twitch involuntarily, and the original sadness disappeared: “…I said, My King, what’s the difference between these words?”

“The degree of feeling scum is not quite the same, but in short, it makes you smile, that’s enough.” Hill raised the corner of his lips.

“Actually, I was twitching the corners of my mouth, not smiling… Forget it, what you say is what you say…”

“As one of the five elders, you should have the principle that what the demon king says is what he says,” Hill said.

“Okay, My King,” said Albrecht.

After the dark elf left, Hill brewed a pot of tea and spent more than an hour sorting out the recent schedule and filling in some details. After arranging these things, he put the plan book next to the candlestick and burned it, then blew the ashes in the palm of his hand, and said with emotion: “Really scum.”

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NP meaning is N-Partner, CP is a couple, NO-CP is no romance, NP is a harem

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