The Abandoned Son Ch.55

Chapter 55 – The Child Wants to Jump

Bai Yunxi sent Ye Fan back to the villa, and then went to Xiao Chi’s apartment to deliver things in person.

“Did you pick up Ye Fan from the police station?” Xiao Chi asked.

“Yes,” Bai Yunxi replied lightly.

“Just find someone to bail him out, why do you need to go there yourself?” Xiao Chi said indifferently.

As the third young master of the Bai family, so many people are watching Bai Yunxi’s every word and deed! Bai Yunxi went to the police station, someone will probably be watching this guy Ye Fan.

“That mouth of Ye Fan’s! Can’t tell what to say and what not to say at all, if I hadn’t gone to pick him up, that guy would have said a lot of nonsense.”

Bai Yunxi shook his head. When he went to bail Ye Fan, he released Cai Zhenjun by the way. Bai Yunxi said a few words to Cai Zhenjun casually, and Cai Zhenjun confessed everything.

Bai Yunxi secretly said: Ye Fan is also narcissistic enough, Chen Kelan just made a record for this guy, Ye Fan actually felt that the other party was interested in him. This guy dresses like a fish seller all day, he doesn’t know where his confidence is coming from.

“In your company, it seems to be rumored that you and he are living together, the news are not even a few days old, you also went to bail him out, this time, I’m afraid you will be rumored as a married couple,” Xiao Chi sullenly said.

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “The rumors, whether they are true or false, those guys are willing to spread it, just let them spread it.”

Xiao Chi looked at Bai Yunxi, and his mood was a little complicated. There was an actress who used Bai Yunxi’s name to become popular, but she disappeared from the circle the next day. Ye Fan, this guy, made such a mess, but Bai Yunxi did not take any excessive action, his temper is really good ah!

“Grandpa, don’t mention Ye Fan. In fact, I originally asked Ye Fan to send you the book, but this guy fought on the way and didn’t deliver it, so I brought it here,” Bai Yunxi said.

Xiao Chi shook his head and said, “This guy can’t even do such a thing well, and he always looks like he’s the number one in the world every day.”

Xiao Chi was secretly glad that Ye Fan didn’t deliver the things. Ye Fan was so carefree, he was afraid that he would call him grandpa again. Then, how would he explain to people how this grandson came out!

“And Ye Fan’s medicine pill,” Bai Yunxi said.

Xiao Chi nodded and said, “This kid has a conscience, after your grandmother took this pill, her body got a lot better, this guy still has some tricks up his sleeve.”

Xiao Chi took the pills, rolled his eyes, and said, “Yunxi, on your grandfather’s side, did that kid deliver anything?”

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “Not yet.”

Xiao Chi was a little amused immediately. If ordinary people want to chase Bai Yunxi, they will definitely try to please Bai Shiyuan first, but this guy Ye Fan is missing a screw in his head. He likes Bai Yunxi and doesn’t take Bai Shiyuan seriously, it has been so long, and he still did not go to Bai Shiyuan to report.

Bai Shiyuan probably had wanted to meet Ye Fan for a long time, but the Old Man Bai liked to put on airs. This guy, Ye Fan, never cared about Old Man Bai, Ye Fan is so unenlightened, Old Man Bai is probably already angry with Ye Fan to death.

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The thousand-year-old blood yin wood was dealt with. Ye Fan stayed in the villa. When Zhang Siliang and Ning Shuang came, Ye Fan had just finished processing the thousand-year-old blood yin wood. The thousand-year-old blood yin wood was more than six meters high, and the quenched blood yin beads were only four or five.

“Sorry, Young Master Ye, I’m here to disturb you again,” Zhang Siliang said politely.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “No need to be polite, is there something you came to see me about? Is there business.”

Ye Fan thought about it, it’s not a good for him to spend all day in Bai Yunxi’s office. He’s a man! He should have his own business, and he has to work hard to make money.

“Young Master Ye, the jade pendant you gave is very useful, thank you,” Ning Shuang said.

Ye Fan said nonchalantly, waving his hand, “You spent money, you don’t need to thank me.”

Ning Shuang originally bought the jade pendant and was dubious, but when someone wanted to kill her that day, that person was bounced far away by the jade pendant, and Ning Shuang was immediately shocked.

The person who attacked her was from the Yuan family. Yuan Yi followed Zhang Siliang, and several of Yuan Yi’s brothers were like finding a big backer. After resigning, the family does not do anything, when it comes to things, they only know how to ask for money with Zhang Siliang. They let Zhang Siliang clean up their mess, use the name of Zhang Siliang to make a show of authority, offending people everywhere, and giving Zhang Siliang a lot of trouble.

After Ning Shuang returned to China, Yuan Yi was dealt with. The Yuan family, who was accustomed to good clothes and food, had no backers, and their quality of life plummeted.

Yuan Yi’s younger brother determined that Ning Shuang was the one who caused this result, and tried to kill Ning Shuang. After failing, he was thrown into the police station by Ning Shuang.

Ning Shuang was about to be angry to death by the Yuan family’s brain circuit. Back then, Yuan Yi used such a method to kick her out, but now, the Yuan family thinks that she caused everything and that she destroyed the harmony between Yuan Yi and Zhang Siliang. Ning Shuang wants to vomit whenever she thinks of Yuan Yi.

“I came here this time to ask Young Master Ye to help me with some things. Our timber factory has cooperated with Dingfeng Real Estate Company. Dingfeng recently built a real estate project, but it was not very smooth. There were no major accidents on the construction site, but small accidents continued, at this rate, the construction period will be seriously delayed,” Zhang Siliang said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Really? Then I’ll go take a look, there’s nothing to do anyway.”

Ye Fan followed Zhang Siliang to Dingfeng Garden. Dingfeng Garden has built two phases, and the third phase is under construction. However, the construction of the third phase was not very smooth. First, the excavator failed inexplicably, and then a migrant worker accidentally fell from the building and broke his leg, and since the start of construction, there have been more than a dozen large and small incidents.

Ye Fan followed Zhang Siliang around the building and understood.

Ye Fan walked around the construction site for a while before meeting the boss of the construction site.

Next to the boss of the construction site stood a master wearing a robe, and the master was detecting something with a compass.

“Boss Wang, there is evil spirit in this place, but it’s not very serious. When I do a ritual, I can use a magic weapon to suppress the evil spirit,” the master said.

Wang Jingshi nodded, facing the master beside him, “Then I’ll be grateful to the master for his trouble.”

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Siliang and said, “It seems that there is already someone. I wonder if it is a great dancer from Longhu Mountain.”

Zhang Siliang’s complexion changed, and he said, “Master Ye, people from Longhu Mountain are not so easy to invite.” Many masters pay attention to fate. It is good to invite people from Longhu Mountain, but people from Longhu Mountain are not so easy to invite.

“Not from Longhu Mountain?” Ye Fan said with some doubts.

Zhang Siliang frowned, and his face was not very good. Before, Wang Jingshi asked him to invite someone. He took it to heart and invited Ye Fan over. As a result, Wang Jingshi actually found someone else to solve this problem. Obviously, Wang Jingshi didn’t have too much trust him.

Seeing Zhang Siliang, Wang Jingshi walked over with a smile, “Brother Zhang, are you here?”

Zhang Siliang glanced coldly at Wang Jingshi, and said sullenly, “If brother Wang had told me earlier that he had invited a master, I wouldn’t have invited Young Master Ye.”

When Zhang Siliang spoke, Wang Jingshi knew that Ye Fan was also a master who came to help solve the problem.

Wang Jingshi swept a glance at Ye Fan and said with a normal expression, “Brother Zhang taught me a lesson, it was my fault, I will be the host some day and make amends to both of you.”

Wang Jingshi said politely, but there was not much apology in his words, obviously he didn’t take Ye Fan seriously!

Zhang Siliang’s face was sullen, and he probably understood what was going on. Ye Fan was dressed in hip-hop style clothes, and no matter how you look at it, he didn’t match with the word ‘master’.

Ye Fan rolled his eyes, but did not speak.

Bai Yunxi has always warned Ye Fan to talk less, and told Ye Fan that silence is gold, and that he will look like a man by talking less. Ye Fan felt that a good man should listen to his wife, so he shut up.

Ye Fan didn’t speak, but Master Zhou next to Wang Jingshi said, “Little brother is also a Feng Shui Master? Feng Shui is a broad and profound discipline. You are young, don’t show off after learning a little, it’s easy to mislead others.”

Ye Fan put his hands on his back and said proudly: “There are some people in this world who are born to stand above others, some people are too old to get in, and some people, at a young age, already know astronomy and geography, and know everything, the talent difference ah! This is born destined!”

“Little brother, do you mean that you are a person born to stand above others?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “You still have some vision. That’s right, I am such a person. This young master is full of talent and charm.”

Zhang Siliang took a deep breath and said secretly: Young Master Ye is Young Master Ye! Just so confident! However, in the eyes of people who do not know, such self-confidence is very stupid!

Wang Jingshi looked at Zhang Siliang in confusion, and Zhang Siliang couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.

“Since you are so powerful, tell me what’s going on here?” Master Zhou said coldly.

Ye Fan said unhappily: ” If you let me say I’ll say it, won’t I be losing?”

Master Zhou smiled coldly and said, “Sure enough, it’s revealed.”

“Boss, it’s not good!” a person in charge hurried over and said.

Wang Jingshi’s face was cold and he said, “What happened again?”

“Someone is going to jump off the building, it’s a small child,” the person in charge said.

Wang Jingshi was full of depression and said: “Really, how can one be so thoughtless!”

Zhang Siliang shook his head, sighed, and said, “Nowadays, children are under too much pressure to study. After school, there are all kinds of interest classes and cram schools. The academic burden is heavy enough to drive these children crazy oh.”

Ye Fan: “…”

When Ye Fan arrived at the accident site, there were already many people watching, and rescuers were helping with psychological guidance.

Wang Jingshi looked at the child upstairs with a headache and said, “Which child is this? Why don’t the parents keep a closer eye on the child ah?! What is this kid doing to jump off a building? Hurry up to find a psychologist to persuade ah! Whoever can solve the matter, I will give him a million!”

“Young Master Ye, what’s wrong?” Zhang Siliang asked.

Ye Fan squinted his eyes and said to Zhang Siliang, “Go find someone who knows him and ask if this kid has a twin.”

Zhang Siliang glanced at Ye Fan suspiciously, and went straight to inquire without asking anything more.

After a while, Zhang Siliang came back with a strange expression on his face, “Young Master Ye, you guessed right, that child has a younger brother, and the two brothers’ relationship are good. Why, is there something wrong with his younger brother?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “It’s not his brother’s problem, it’s other people’s brother’s problem.”

Zhang Siliang: “…”

Wang Jingshi felt a chill in his heart when he heard the words of Zhang Siliang and Ye Fan. How did Ye Fan know that this child had a brother?


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