Chapter 231 — “I am the sky”

Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City.

Magnolia City is located in the center of the continent, and now summer has fully arrived here. It rained heavily the day before, and the next morning was very clear and the sun was bright. The white clouds in the sky looked like they had been washed. The large white clouds had dark shadows in the center, and white and bright edges.

The front door of the Demon Realm Magazine is sprinkled with flower petals and fallen leaves, and the stagnant water floating with the fallen petals flows out from the cracks in the rocks, meandering.

Now Magnolia City, Dijon Golden Court, Winter City, and the Plague Islands all have Demon Realm Magazines. Theodore is in charge of these magazines as a whole. He has also been serving as the deputy editor of the “Demon Realm Magazine”. At present, the magazines in the major cities are gradually sharing administrative functions, which is a bit like a demon realm embassy?

Hill had a lot of tasks to do in Magnolia City this time. When he came out of the Magnolia Palace, he sat in the carriage of King Magnolia. The carriage was made of precious black walnut, the purple light brown color and that natural big mountain pattern let anyone feel fascinated. The car is tall and spacious, the interior is decorated with gold and splendor, the outside of the car is carved with the family crest of the Lewis family, the word Lewis originally means related to the warrior, so the family crest of the Lewis clan consists of crossed swords and a crown placed on top, under which golden vines spread out to twist the two swords.

This carriage was naturally surrounded by onlookers when it appeared on the road. Hill could hear people calling out “Your Majesty Grindelwald, I love you” from time to time. It’s really a bit like a star going out… Oh, these voices are from males and females.

That said, on the night of the black seven days, Hill mentioned his current relationship with Monroe by the way. At that time, it really hurt the hearts of a large number of girls. If the gender is wrong, there is absolutely nothing they can do.

After Hill got off the carriage, there were still a lot of photos taken. He wondered whether it was time to introduce a relevant policy. At this moment, a man dressed as a poor noble rushed over, and the Magnolia soldiers behind Hill directly pulled out their swords. Hill raised his hand to stop them.

Isn’t it a joke to let human soldiers protect him? Can it be said that the real role of King Magnolia’s assignment of these human soldiers is to ask him to protect these soldiers… Cough thinking about it, it is really possible.

The desolate noble shouted at Hill: “Why didn’t you reply to my letter? Why didn’t you publish my letter?”

Hill looked at him up and down. The other party was still wearing a silver-gray rat skin cloak in the summer. The vest inside was also very old, and the outer cover was washed white. ——He is a noble who pays great attention to family honor, and most likely belongs to the very vain type. He had a basic idea of ​​his purpose, so he felt rather uninterested and continued to walk towards the door of the magazine.

Seeing that Hill didn’t speak, he looked even more angry: “Aren’t you doing charity? Don’t you listen to the opinions of all kinds of people? You liar, I have written so many letters and you didn’t reply! Is the glory of the fallen nobles important or are the pariahs more important?”

Hill still ignored him, he was almost at the door of the magazine.

“Do you think you can blind everyone? Do you think you can cover the sky with one hand?” the other party roared.

Hill stopped, “I didn’t intend to cover the sky with one hand.” He gave him a nonchalant look, “I am the sky.”

The fallen nobleman at this time only felt a cold rain hit him, the ensuing touch spread directly on the brain so that his thinking also stalled, he froze there, losing all courage.

As soon as Hill walked into the magazine office, a group of people gathered around him. He handed the jacket to the first person, took a sip from the iced drink from the second person’s tray, and then used the napkin handed by the third person to wipe the corners of his lips, and declined a fourth person’s tray.

“Has he made an appeal to the Birds of Dawn before?” Hill asked.

“It was proposed, but he just said that he needed gold coins to maintain the normal operation of their family, so Viscount Jefferson rejected him,” someone replied.

“What about the magazine’s letter?” Hill asked.

“He should have written a letter to the magazine.” Theodore replied, “I often receive some similar letters here. I will handle and reply to the valuable letters, and I will ignore the worthless ones.”

Hill nodded and walked into the hall inside the magazine. He took the gloves from the attendant at the entrance of the hall, put on the gloves, and the people following him were a little less. Someone wanted to speak, but saw that Theodore, who was closest to Hill, seemed to want to speak first, so he shut up first.

“Lord Grindelwald,” Theodore called out.

“It’s okay, you’ve been handling it well.” Hill walked over to the desk and casually flipped through the documents above, “You can judge these matters by yourself.”

“What if I missed something?” Theodore asked.

Hill opened a letter and said with a smile, “Then I’ll kill you.”

Theodore: “Uh.” Then he subconsciously touched his neck.

Hill was really entertained when he noticed his actions: “Are you playing along or am I too scary?”

“Cough…” Theodore also understood, “because you often give orders with a smile, and then sometimes I don’t know if you are joking or serious…”

“Hahaha, okay. You still have some privileges.” Hill said, “For something like today, if there is a problem, you can solve it yourself. If you can’t solve it, report it. Next time there’s something like this I won’t help you deal with it.”

Theodore: “Uh, how did you help?”

Hill said as a matter of course: “Speak some pretentious words and put a little momentum to scare them.”

Theodore: “I thought you would convince people.”

Hill opened another letter, and his tone was quite indifferent: “In this world, you cannot convince people with reason, but only with force.”

Theodore responded and stepped aside.

“Focus on the matter of the Birds of Dawn and report to me, and also, hand over this document to King Magnolia.”

Hill blew the cuffs embellished with gold thread embroidered with intricate patterns, holding a thin page of documents with his fingers and handing it to the side, someone immediately came forward to take it.

His eyes were downcast as he flipped through a document, his ruddy pupils not glowing under the daylight, “The front line’s report is too messy, sort it out and tell me.”

Immediately another person stepped forward to take the document.

Hill’s gaze swept across the words at the end of the document: “The people of the church and the soldiers of the Oitin Empire are not in sync. I personally think that even within the church, there seems to be a lot of disagreement…” Seeing this, he let out a chuckle. “Also, call the person who wrote the document. I’ll listen to his report later.”

Someone else had to go.

Hill walked over to Theodore’s selected magazine letters, opened one of them, glanced at random, and then shook his head: “Don’t joke with me, don’t show me this kind of flattering stuff in the future, I don’t have that much time.”

“Uh…but you seemed to be…”

“That was back then. Back then when I was young and frivolous, I needed to be fawned over by others… I don’t need it now.” Hill scanned the letter quickly, “I am a person who likes the new and hates the old, so you should hurry up and make good progress for me, lest I love the new and hate the old and abandon you.”

“Yes, My King.” Everyone in the hall knelt on one knee and said at the same time.

Hill finally looked at the words on the letter and sighed: “Tsk tsk, ‘controlling the clouds in one hand and controlling the rain on the other’, this is really embarrassing to use to praise me, after all, I have no big ambition now, I just want to have some clouds and rain with Monroe.”

Saying such an unscrupulous joke, Hill seems to be not the same person as the man who was calm and scheming just now, but it is such contradictions and contrasts that makes him Hill.

The jokes and curses are all words of murder.

Hill put down the document in his hand and looked at the people who were kneeling on the ground – both humans and demons, and suddenly felt a little emotional. He remembered the line “I am the sky” when he pretended to be God before entering the magazine office.

The sunlight filled the courtyard, just as conjested as the crowds on the street.

“It’s already summer,” Hill muttered to himself.

Now that the early summer has passed, it will be midsummer in a while, and soon it will be the fireworks festival.

Let’s have a big fireworks show.

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Up to now, the first season of “A Bite of The Demon Realm” has been shown, and the last episode is in the tauren’s territory. One of the tasks given by the tauren is to exchange black wild boar with the succubus for herbs that are only available in the ground. This is also the first time that the succubus appeared in “A Bite of the Demon Realm”.

The succubus is one of the most well-known demon races, but almost all humans are still curious about the succubus. In a modern phrase, the succubus comes with its own flow. For the first time, the audience saw the huge black palace of the succubus race underground, but the camera showed only a glimpse of it, which made the audience feel very disappointed.

In order to show the effect of the show and show the charm of the succubus, the two hosts in the show stammered and could not speak in the face of the succubus, so the mission failed, they only got the most common food, pork cutlet with rice.

The two hosts sighed and complained to each other.

“How come you, as a demon, are fascinated by the succubus?”

“At least Laozi talked, how about you? You were drooling while staring!”

These interactions made the audience more imaginative about the succubus race.

It’s just… for hype.

The fact that only the most common food was served next made the host and the audience a little disappointed, but the so-called most common food… “Wow, audience friends, I am shocked. How the most common rice bowl is so delicious. Let me tell you that this fried meat is really crispy and fragrant… I’ll eat it for you. Did you hear the crunch when I bit it? This meat is very delicious… Ah, you didn’t think so? Let me eat these pieces of meat.”

The camera zoomed in, and the audience saw the wild boar meat that was coated in starch and fried to golden brown, as well as the delicious sauce on it… Wow, how can you bear it?

“This rice is produced in the rice fields under the Blackrock Tower, where it is fully moistened by magic power, the sun and rain. The rice grains are full, the taste is very good, and the nutrition is much higher than that of ordinary rice. Even if you eat it dry, you can feel the sweet taste, the fragrance of rice is strong… Of course, you can’t eat it in ordinary Demon Realm Restaurants. The Demon Realm Playground will also supply it in limited quantities. In addition, if you want to eat this delicious rice, you have to travel to the Demon Realm.” The bard scooped out a spoonful of it and put it In the entrance: “Come and let me give you a taste first.”

He began to chew, chewing and tasting with a very intoxicated expression, “Ah, this taste, come and let me describe it to you. The tender gravy, accompanied by the warm and full-flavored rice, swept my senses. It’s so delicious, I can’t bear to chew it… Okay, I can’t bear to chew it but I can’t stop after I start eating it. I won’t say it, I’ll eat it first.”

The audience in front of the magic phone just watched helplessly as the two hosts started to eat a lot…

White plump rice, golden oil, fried pork smeared with sauce, and some chopped green onion and green vegetables sprinkled on top. Just the appearance makes people salivate, not to mention those descriptions.

Okay fine. Drop everything. Let’s go to the Demon Realm Restaurant to eat delicious food. The audience accepted their fate…

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