Chapter 232 — “…what I am after has never been greatness.”

“A Bite of The Demon Realm”.

At first, the audience was undoubtedly disappointed to hear that only the most basic food was available, but then the exaggerated expressions and hard work of the two hosts (but most of it was actually true, but some of it was for effect) brought the audience back to the realm of the hungry and disoriented.

Before, the audience’s thoughts were full of succubus, the food successfully diverted the audience’s attention. At the end of the season, the two hosts did a commercial for the next season.

“This season is over here. Please allow us to rest for a while, during this time we traveled through mountains and rivers every day to find food. Although the process was painful, the result was beautiful.

There are a lot of regrets left at the end of this episode. For example, we only ate one bowl of rice in this episode. Originally, Copper Tooth wanted us to shoot another episode to end the season with a beautiful meal, but I think this season is good enough. A little imperfect ending will make this episode more real. That’s what storytelling is all about.

In the end, Copper Tooth was persuaded by me — but I tempted him with the fact that he can rest now. He didn’t understand the literary and artistic things I told him…

The next season will start airing in the fall. By the way, I will make a small preview. The first episode of the next season will be the Succubus episode.

So audience friends, see you in the fall!”

Next, at the end is the light music of the Fallen Angels Light Orchestra + this season’s clips, silhouettes of various foods, the bard and the black dwarf walking through the mountains and rivers together. The bard slipped while climbing the mountain, and the black dwarf timely grabbed his hand. The black dwarf’s hand was clumsy and couldn’t use the goblin’s small cutlery. In the end, the bard used his ingenuity to sharpen a pair of chopsticks for him temporarily with a knife… This editing is even more touching.

See you next time. Many people are following along with the thought.

With the original food attraction, the attraction of succubus, and this clip that can be called aesthetic and touching, the audience’s expectations for the next season of “A Bite of the Demon Realm” have reached their peak.

At present, the overall design concept of “A Bite of the Demon Realm” is proposed by Hill. The specific shooting and lines are handed over to the two hosts. The editing at the end is done by Hill himself. He wants to add more connotation to this variety show. Now it seems that the production team is doing very well, and it feels good to be a hands-off shopkeeper.

The embarrassing thing is that Hill originally wanted to show the friendship between demons and humans through the clip at the end, but he received a BL fanfic of the Bard X Black Dwarf… This fanfiction… is a bit spicy.

After the end of the first season of “A Bite of the Devil Realm”, under the full control of Hill, the next stage entered a period of cultural explosion.

On May 21st, the Mülheim Demon Realm Amusement Park was officially opened to the public, and was full of visitors that day. At the same time, the construction of the Demon Realm Amusement Park of the Dijon tribe and the Magnolia Empire also began. Every Demon Realm Amusement Park has a large theater. Hill plans to let the stars hold concerts here in the future, and other festival parties will also be held here. Of course, live broadcasts are also indispensable.

On May 22nd, the fourth season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” began to air.

On May 23rd, Siren singer Artixian released the album “Bubble”.

This flourished until the beginning of June, when the humans finally realized they couldn’t catch up with these trends.

At the same time, Hill began to encourage humans and demons to make their own movies. He spent a few days arranging some books for filming and selling them at high prices. Films that have been filmed can be submitted for review, and after the review, they can be released in the Demon Realm Cinema, and the filmmaker can take a portion of the box office.

In this case, the three foreign countries have been completely invaded by culture. Of course, they also combined the foreign culture with the original culture in the invasion of these foreign cultures, and gradually developed a new culture – Hill is also encouraging this.

Since then, Hill has completed the Thor script and is ready to start filming “Peter Pan”.

Yes, this is the next film in Hill’s plan. It’s a fantasy children’s movie, but it’s probably more emotional for adults if they watch it. A pure land that will forever live in the bottom of their hearts… that kind of feeling.

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While Hill was carrying out vigorous actions, the Oitin Empire was in an eerie calm. At least on the surface.

Apart from the fact that the Pope of Light was really angry at the beginning, he seemed very calm and composed afterwards, but it was calm that could not be called calm.

The Pope of Light completely abandoned the places outside the Oitin Empire. He directly let those humans stand on the side of the Demon Race, and he didn’t seem to intend to do anything to retain it. This alone made Teresa feel impressed. So this is the real brave man who has a strong wrist. The Pope was angry at the time not because of the more than a dozen or so dead church higher-ups — it was because he saw this step coming, that’s why he was so angry.

The Pope can also directly understand that the people of the three kingdoms cannot be recovered, or it is best not to recover, because it will take too much effort, and most likely it will be in vain.

At present, the Pope is calmly weeding out the restless elements of the Oitin Empire one by one. Rows and rows of people were sent to the stake, and many were sent to churches to be brainwashed by magic. In addition, the Pope also created a lot of puppet human soldiers.

The Pope’s thinking is very clear, and one has to admit that it is also the correct choice at this time.

Teresa has been forced to take part in many of these actions, and he has become numb to the “evil” that the church shows. He tried his best to do these things in a natural way, but he also understood that his dissatisfaction with these actions can certainly be seen by the Pope — it was too hard to hide, these things were too shocking. It couldn’t be helped, those things were really too much against his faith.

After dealing with the puppet human soldiers that day, Teresa dragged his tired body back to the church. The sky was blue and the sun gave color to everything, but Teresa’s heart was filled with haze. He felt that his hands were covered with blood, and he didn’t know how long he could hold on. Although he understood that the Pope made him do these dirty things because he really trusted him.

This haze is even more after hearing that the Pope is looking for him. —Every time the Pope looks for him, there is nothing good.

But this time the Pope asked him just to talk, not to arrange other tasks.

All the decorations in the magnificent hall are bright, and the gems inlaid on the walls are surrounded by stars, supporting the God of Light in the middle. Teresa stood in front of the God of Light involuntarily and almost forgot his purpose. He has done a lot of dirty things recently. Every time he sees the taller statue of the God of Light, he can’t help but be in a daze. He feels that if things go on like this, he will have psychological problems.

The Pope’s voice came from behind: “I know you’re unhappy with what you’ve been doing lately.”

Teresa did not look back, he still looked at the statue. Now, his relationship with the Pope has become a lot more casual: “Actually, I don’t know how to describe my mood, but this is not a simple and ordinary dissatisfaction,” he said .

The Pope walked behind Teresa and put his hand on Teresa’s shoulder, “My child, we have different understandings of doctrine. I have known this for a long time, but we are all on the side of the God of Light.”

Teresa almost wanted to blurt out why the holy knight in the demon realm can also use the Holy Light? But he restrained his impulse in time.

The Pope saw that he was hesitating to speak, so he said: “Maybe you would like to communicate your thoughts with me, child. After all, you are the number two person in the Church of Light.”

Teresa immediately understood the meaning of the Pope’s words, you are the number two person in the Church of Light, but you are still a child in my opinion, so you have to tell me what you think, and your status is given by me.

The sound of cicadas came from outside the window, which was a bit harsh, foretelling the fact that it was going to rain soon.

Teresa took a deep breath, he felt that he was really startled now.

Something had to be said today.

So Teresa’s brain turned quickly and began by saying, “Actually, in theory, I agree more with what Monroe once advocated.”

This sentence is a bit risky, but now Teresa’s life has been a big gamble, so it doesn’t matter whether it is a risk or not.

“Well.” The Pope nodded, “I have already guessed your idea by now.”

Sure enough, this step is correct. So Teresa continued, “I think the church needs more sincere people like Monroe. Yes, I think he was very sincere in the past.” He didn’t just pull this one out of nowhere about how he was now agreeing with Monroe; he no longer needed to be a f*cking persona in that regard.

The Pope still nodded, not surprised, just asked lightly: “Do you know why I didn’t care about Monroe?”

“Because there are fewer people like him?” Teresa guessed.

“This is one of them, and you can continue to speculate,” the Pope said.

“But even if there are few people like him, the whole church can find some. We don’t have many bishops.” Teresa’s statement was more simple and brutal than meaningful; he thought it was right to make a person like Monroe a bishop.

“What would happen if Monroe was made bishop?” the Pope asked.

The pope’s attitude was now somewhat compliant, which made Teresa feel more annoyed: “The church would gradually clear up.” He said as less stiffly as possible.

“Yes, gradually, but how long is that ‘gradually’? What about the unrest during this period? Those villains killed by Archbishop Monroe will all be vacant, can we replenish those people in time? How many believers will we lose as a result?” The Pope sent out a series of questions.

“I understand that these are problems, but I also understand that some things will never begin without starting.” Teresa said seriously: “We can make up for the lost believers, and we can persuade those who betrayed the church to turn back, or find them and kill them.”

The Pope stared at him for a while, and said with emotion: “You are really still a young man.”

Teresa asked, “Am I being too naive?”

“No.” The Pope shook his head, “It’s too aggressive and courageous.” Having said that, the Pope continued to shake his head: “To be honest, I wouldn’t dare to make that bet.”

Teresa was a little surprised. This was the first time the Pope had said such a weak word in front of him since he knew the Pope.

“When I took over the church, the church already had a lot of defects. I have been patching the church all these years, until now.” The Pope said with emotion, “Maybe the church would have changed its appearance if I had taken over when I was younger, but who knows.”

Facing the Pope’s words, Teresa was silent for a while, and said sincerely: “Actually, you are a very powerful man, but not great.”

His words could be described as straightforward.

Unexpectedly, the Pope looked at him directly, and then laughed out loud: “You are right, Teresa, what I am after has never been greatness.”

The Pope seldom called him by his first name, but generally called him ‘child’, and this was the first time he had called him by his first name on a private occasion.

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