Chapter 233 — Fireworks Festival

After the conversation just now, the church was silent. After a long time, the rain finally started to fall outside. The dark sky was decorated with gray threads of rain, not much rain, but it made the whole environment look more cold.

Teresa understood that he couldn’t keep silent, so he took the lead and said, “So, how do you feel about the communication today?”

“I understand your attitude better,” the Pope said. “You can also talk about your current thoughts.”

“I thought I was done,” Teresa said.

“Then you can tell me what you want to do now, I know you don’t want to do the task I set for you,” the Pope said.

“What I want to do now…” Teresa repeated gently. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, it was close to the usual summer rain. The whole rainy weather began to become violent, and the raindrops directly smashed into the ground and broke into thousands of water droplets. These water droplets were intertwined, making the entire surface hazy. Teresa said slowly: “I still think I should do those things, someone has to do it. If I do it, I can at least ensure that no more innocent people will be hurt.”

He understands what he says, and he understands what his choices will make him choose to carry.

The Pope nodded, “You have a good idea.”

“The other thing is,” Teresa hesitated and then said, “I, I want to talk to the Dark Pope or the Demon King himself.”

This made the Pope curious: “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Uh,” Teresa didn’t know what attitude she should use to say this, which was actually a bit embarrassing: “I don’t think they will kill me.”

“That’s true.” The Pope nodded, “Then you can’t hurt them in a moment of excitement.”

Teresa felt even weirder, but he could only answer “Okay”, after which he mourned for his modesty, and then said: “Then I’ll ask you to make a request with them, Your Holiness. I also have to give my name before making a communication request.”


Teresa made an excuse for herself: “Because my reputation should be very bad among the demons, it’s better to let them know in advance, otherwise they will get excited and kill me when they see me… That’s it.” Well, in fact, he was worried that His Majesty Grindelwald and His Excellency Monroe would refuse to meet with people who “do not know the details”, so he asked the Pope to propose his name…

This feeling of openly collaborating with the enemy in front of the Pope is still a bit exciting, but there is no way. Teresa has not been in contact with them for too long. The current situation is too dangerous to meet in private. It is better to meet directly.

When Teresa left the church, he saw that the Pope was holding a scepter and looking at the statue of the God of Light, and the shadow of the statue covered his back… Teresa walked directly into the majestic rain, he remembered what the Pope said just now – what I am after has never been greatness.

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Soon, Monroe received a request for a meeting from the Pope of Light. When he heard it was the request of ‘Bishop Shelley’, he immediately understood what Teresa was thinking. He couldn’t help but want to laugh a little, Teresa is really getting more and more resourceful.

However, the superficial work still needs to be done. Monroe made replies such as “that traitor”, “the so-called bishop closest to the real devil”, “actually I have nothing to say with him, but the Demon King is very interested in him”, and then agreed to meet. The meeting place is in Magnolia City, which is the absolute home for the demons. Teresa’s side pretended to hesitate again and again, and finally agreed.

Next is the Magnolia Continent’s Fireworks Festival. This year, the festival is unprecedentedly grand. Originally, the fireworks festival was only a festival in Magnolia City, but with the increasing cultural exchanges, and with the help of the demons, many festivals have spread from regional festivals to the whole continent. Hill intends to hold the fireworks festival as a typical grand event.

With such a big wave of his hand, all countries began to prepare, gunpowder fireworks, magic fireworks, various performances… Hill evenly distributed the celebrities launched by the demon realm to the countries, so that the fireworks festivals in those regions would all have celebrities. Then there was a one-day martial arts competition in the fireworks festival. The winner could get 1000 magic crystals, and had the qualification to visit the demon army for free, and they could directly choose to become a commander in the human or demon race.

1000 magic crystals is a huge sum of money for most people, and that choice to become a commander… Let’s say, if the winner is not a warrior directly related to the interests of the imperial family, then it is estimated that most of the winners will choose to command a part of the demon race.

Wow, that’s becoming a demon commander! Exciting just thinking about it!

Of course, this move made by Hill is actually a bit shameless in the eyes of the human rulers. You just poached our human warriors like this… If they said so, Hill will answer with dignity: “That is their own choice.”

It’s a pity that no one asked, which made Hill a little disappointed.

The specific plan for the fireworks festival was lazily brainstormed by Hill. He directly solicited proposals in the magazine. Many of the submitted proposals were really good, so Hill put them together and put together a complete plan. He is now hoping that in these areas, he can use his brain less and less.

Campfire night, cart snacks, all kinds of barbecue, poultry meat, roasted marshmallows and such fresh and delicious stuff. Coffee and pineapple fried rice, rich coffee flavor, sweet and sour pineapple flavor, mixed together is enough to make any sweet foodie’s soul fly; crispy skin and tender delicious grilled fish, far away you can smell the fragrance of char and sauce mixed together; with a wooden stick through the roasted sausage, a bite is full of meat flavor; various flavors of fairy bean cake, meat pies, mung beans, pearl milk tea, each flavor is a New World… Such a feast of food, both adults and children are very satisfied

The most important thing about the fireworks festival is of course the various kinds of fireworks. Hill took out half of the fireworks researched by the black dwarves. The sky is full, and the people on the ground are holding firework sticks which are also very interesting, and not inferior to the fireworks in the sky. All the shops had their windows wide open, and the hillside outside was crowded with people. Everyone wears all kinds of beautiful clothes and dresses up carefully, which has become a new landscape in itself.


Mulheim. Winterfell Palace.

Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia stood on the terrace, the sky was full of brilliance, and their pupils were also smudged by various rays of light. Ice Emperor Claude looked up at the night sky and asked, “Are these really the traditions of the demon race?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore whether it is or not,” Olivia also looked at the fireworks in the sky, “because these things are happening here now, and they will all belong to our country in the future as well.”

“You’re right, Ollie,” Claude said.

There was a burst of cheers from below, a man and a woman began to dance in the middle of the bonfire in the square, the people around clapped, the bard played the lute, and everyone began to dance.

Olivia glanced at the Ice Emperor and found that the other party was eager to try, she smiled: “Oh Claude.”

Ice Emperor Claude also smiled, he took a slight step back, then gave Olivia a gentleman’s salute, and then stretched out his hand: “May I have the honor to dance with you, My Queen .”

Olivia put her hand in his palm, “Of course, My King.”

The people below danced merrily to the music of the bard.

Olivia and Ice Emperor Claude danced quietly on the palace terrace.

There was no music or accompaniment, only brilliant fireworks blooming and blossoming in the air one after another.


Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City.

King Magnolia said with emotion: “This is really beautiful.”

Old Jackson said on the side: “Now that the temperature is quite high, we should pay attention to fire prevention when holding this kind of fireworks festival.”

“Hahahaha, Old Jackson, you’re talking nonsense again. You’re always such a wet blanket,” said King Magnolia.

Old Jackson smiled and said nothing, but left the palace and went out to arrange fire prevention tasks.

After a while, Theodore caught up with him in the corridor: “You seem to have a good temper today, Lord Duke.”

“After all, it’s a holiday. If he wants to be happy, let him be happy.” Old Jackson said, “I recalled some things from the past.”

“So that’s the case.” Theodore nodded, and Old Jackson noticed that he was pinning the Assistant Grand Chancellor badge to his body, which meant that he was going to work.

“Aren’t you going to accompany your princess?” Old Jackson asked.

“I already did. I told her I’d better get out and get busy with my business now. I have my business, and she has hers,” Theodore replied.

“You are a good couple, very independent,” Old Jackson admired.

Theodore pinned the badge, then nodded, “Well, we have each other’s worlds, and our worlds have overlapping parts, and I feel like this is a good relationship.”

Old Jackson said a few words of praise and encouragement. Then he looked at the fireworks outside and said, “You go to the outer city and dispatch the mages and soldiers to monitor the fire in time. I will check on the inner city.”

“Yes, Lord Duke.”


Caribbean Sea. Death Bird.

Alice has been on the Death Bird for a while now, and the pirates know that she is the adopted daughter of the Demon King, so she is quite happy here.

Hill wanted her to be exposed to all kinds of things, so every once in a while, he sent her to different places for her to feel.

Jack, who had been promoted to senior sailor this day, carried a pile of things on the deck after dark.

“What is this?”

“What are you going to do?”

“A new thing in the demon realm?”

Jack stood in front of the pile of things and announced to everyone: “Today is the fireworks festival, we don’t have time to go back to the mainland recently, so the chief mate decided that we will find a small island for the fireworks festival tonight, and we will also take most of the canned food left. Take it out and share it together.”

“Wow! Long live the chief mate! Long live the captain!”

“Long live!”

The pirates who were drunk suddenly cheered.

The Death Bird soon found an island, which was really small, about the size of a football field. They raised a fire, lit fireworks, and the reflection of the fireworks on the sea was really beautiful. Alice stood on the beach and looked up at the fireworks, all of which came to her mind.

A pirate walked over and said lovingly, “If I had a daughter, she would be this big.”

“Bullshit, you can’t even get a wife,” another pirate said without mercy.

“I told you that ten years ago that girl really wanted to marry me! She’s still a noble lady!” The pirate tried to save his face.

“Just dream on, hahaha…” The pirate just now said with a big laugh, and the other pirates also laughed.

“Hahaha yes, I’ll just dream about it!” The pirate also laughed, his laughter was somewhat relieved, but no one noticed, even if they did, it didn’t matter, everyone was a pirate, dashing and unrestrained.


Plague Islands.

When Joan Baker was reviewing the accounts, he found that there was a problem with one of the numbers. He was about to go to the people under him to settle the accounts with the documents, but as soon as he arrived in the backyard, he saw the other party and his lover standing there watching the fireworks.

Joan Baker glanced at the fireworks blooming in the sky, and for the first time, he did not walk in so coldly and forcibly pull the other party out.

Forget it, Joan Baker thought. Although he didn’t know what was so good about these flashy things, he should try to understand it. He should take care of it by himself. Thinking of this, he went to the study. After hesitating for a moment, he opened the window and sat down at the desk to start working.

Fireworks sounded outside, the room also turned bright and dark.

Joan Baker turned the accounts page by page, occasionally glanced up at the fireworks, and found that some restless emotions were immediately calmed down.

Such a feeling.

He lowered his head and continued to look at the account, with an invisible smile on his lips.


Dijon tribe.

Hill took the red wine and watched the carnival below on the top floor of the courtyard. He took a sip of the red wine and said to Lich Aligeli next to him, “They look very happy.”

“Because you made these humans see too many things in a short period of time that they would never see in a lifetime,” said Lich Aligeli.

“Well.” Hill continued, “Monroe didn’t come to accompany me today.”

Lich Aligeli considered for a moment and said, “After all, Lord Monroe is the Dark Pope, and the Dark Pope still has more things to do.”

“I think my affairs are more important,” Hill said.

“Uh, you can take it this way,” said Lich Aligeli a little nervously.

“Haha, just kidding. After all, these people look so happy,” Hill said. “I think the next anime can start tomorrow.”

After finally refraining from talking about that dangerous topic, Lich Aligeli breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “What are you going to play?”

Hill smiled and said, “Girls’ Last Tour.”

Lich Aligeli: …

Lich Aligeli: “You, as long as you are happy.”

“Girls’ Last Tour” ah… what a depressing damn thing that is… Let’s lit a candle for these humans…

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